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Bill Potts on Beat Cancer by Being Your Own Best Advocate

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a daunting and life-altering experience for many individuals. Today, I’m interviewing my friend Bill Potts, who has been battling cancer for the past two decades. In his latest book, “Up for the Fight: How to Advocate for Yourself as You Battle Cancer,” he shares all the valuable lessons he has learned and highlights the importance of self-advocacy for those fighting cancer.

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A lot of people think that the cancer journey is owned by the medical care team, but it’s really owned by you. And so once you decide that it’s my journey, I’m going to own it, it changes your perspective, and so that you can come up with them with your plan, but it helps so much in the mental aspect of grounding yourself because now it’s mine, not anybody else’s

Bill Potts

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In This Episode, Bill Potts And I Discuss His Book “Up For the Fight.”

Every year, 18 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. Suppose you, or your loved one is one of them. In that case, you know exactly how overwhelming, scary, and confusing it is to navigate the journey through diagnosis, treatment, prognoses, and all their accompanying emotions. Entrepreneur, business leader, IRONMAN triathlete, and six-time cancer survivor Bill C. Potts has waged a 20-year battle against the disease. In today’s episode, we will discuss his book “Up for the Fight: How to Advocate for Yourself as You Battle Cancer.”

In our interview, Bill Potts shares his personal cancer story and those of others, outlining everything you need to know to take on this fight. With empathy and honesty, Potts explains precisely what to expect and shares lessons and essential tips you can put into action from diagnosis, and treatment, to remission to cure–and how to face setbacks on your road to recovery.

The interview with Bill Potts covers the following subjects:

  • How to advocate for yourself
  • How to pick and manage your care team
  • How to care for yourself emotionally and mentally
  • How to make your treatment days more comfortable, manage side effects, and understand test results.
  • You’ll also find important information on diet, exercise, wellness, and staying active
  • How treatment and disease affect your immune system.
  • And much, much more!
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
264 | Are You Up for the Fight? | Bill Potts | Passion Struck Podcast

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More From My Interview With Bill Potts

During our interview, I asked Bill how you ground yourself at the start of your cancer journey.

Up for the Fight by Bill Potts for the Passion Struck recommended book list.

Bill Potts explains, “It’s a great question. First of all, to help ground yourself, you must make sure you own your own journey. There’s nothing like reducing some of the anxiety; the stress is taking charge of it yourself. Many people think that the medical care team owns the cancer journey. But it’s really owned by you. And so once you decide that it’s my journey, I’m going to own it, it changes your perspective, and so that you can come up with them with your plan.

But it helps so much in the mental aspect of grounding yourself because now it’s mine, not anybody else’s. And I think this is analogous to many things in life, particularly for cancer patients. For me, faith has been an important part of grounding myself. For me, surrounding myself with the right group to support me becomes very important.

It’s pretty common in the cancer world. And you may have seen it firsthand. But many people disappear on you when you’re diagnosed with cancer, right or wrong. They can’t handle it. Most cancer patients have people that just disappear from their lives, but the ones that lean into you become super important also helps me to be grounded is to remember every day why I’m fighting so hard. Every day, I wake up, and I remind myself this is why I’m fighting for family and friends. God really helps ground me as well.”

Thanks, Bill Potts

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Resources From The Show With Bill Potts

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About Today’s Guest, Bill Potts

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BILL C. POTTS is a motivational speaker, creative business leader, energetic community builder, and dedicated father and husband. A five-time cancer survivor, he pursues life and all that accompanies it with the utmost passion and drive. While his kids call him “sometimes slightly embarrassing,” they also admit he’s the “toughest man we have ever met.” He loves his job and wakes up each morning expecting an A+ day—because every day is an A+ day, no matter the circumstances. He has held executive positions at the IRONMAN Group and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and lectured on marketing at Tulane University, where he earned his MBA.

He is the co-founder and was a managing director of a marketing agency and an IRONMAN triathlete. He is a proud Advisory Board Member of the Halo House Foundation, which provides affordable housing for cancer patients, and a long-time volunteer at his local homeless shelter. Bill and his wife Kim, who are the parents of three adult children and a sweet dog (Pippa), live in St. Petersburg, FL.

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