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"Passion Struck" epitomizes a profound state of being, exemplified by luminaries like Oprah Winfrey, Susan Cain, Seth Godin, Rachel Hollis, and Astronaut Chris Cassidy. It's a state where actions, intentions, and aspirations aren't just aligned, but are also deeply infused with an unwavering dedication to personal excellence and an enduring commitment to self-actualization.

At its core, being Passion Struck is about an intense, almost inexorable drive to mold one's life in the pursuit of becoming your ideal self. This drive stems from a deep-seated passion that goes beyond mere ambition; it's a relentless quest for growth, impact, and fulfillment. It's the kind of passion that transforms obstacles into stepping stones and challenges into opportunities for growth.

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who we are?

Passion Struck inspires, educates, and empowers individuals worldwide to embrace their best selves and live intentionally.

By melding compelling storytelling with expert insights and actionable strategies, we deliver a diverse range of content—including podcasts, videos, TV shows, educational materials, and live events—designed to spark the inner fire of passion and purpose. Our goal is to cultivate a global community dedicated to personal growth, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, empowering people to transform their existence into a reflection of their highest aspirations and deepest desires.

At the core of Passion Struck lies a Core Belief System committed to making intentionality a transformative force in every life. We envision a world where individuals lead profoundly meaningful lives, constantly evolving into their ideal selves. Driven by the desire to make a lasting impact, our mission extends beyond mere inspiration; it's about enabling everyone to discover and embrace their true, authentic selves. This, we believe, is the essence of truly mattering.

Passion Struck stands as a beacon for those on the journey to self-discovery, offering the tools and encouragement needed to navigate the path with intention, impact, and unyielding determination.

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Our Team

John R. Miles

Founder, CEO

Rupak Thapa

Website Developer

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Mickey Mikkelson

Public Relations

Sebastian Galarza

Digital Marketing

Victor Oladutemu

Content Specialist

M. Abu-Bakar Hashmi

Podcast and Video editor

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Who Do We Help?

At Passion Struck, our ultimate goal is to help everyone become their ideal self, including:

  • Aspiring Change-Makers: Those who want to leave a mark on the world but need a roadmap to start.
  • Lifelong Learners: Curious souls eager to expand their knowledge and capabilities.
  • Creative Minds: Artists and innovators looking to channel their creativity with purpose.
  • Career Professionals: Seeking fulfillment beyond the nine-to-five and eager for deeper meaning in their work.
  • Individuals Facing Transition: Those navigating life's changes in search of guidance and support.
  • Veterans: Dedicated to translating their military skills into successful civilian achievements.
  • Young Adults: Emerging into adulthood and desiring to shape a life that aligns with their true values.
  • Those Feeling Stuck: Ready to overcome inertia and chase a life of passion and purpose.


No matter where you are on your journey, Passion Struck is your compass to a life of intention, purpose, and authentic self-discovery. Join us in embracing your potential and living as the best version of yourself.


Nurturing Growth Fostering Community

At Passion Struck, we believe in the transformative power of self-discovery. Whether you're seeking personal growth or aiming to make a broader impact in the world, the journey to understanding and bettering yourself is a profound calling. We're here to guide you on this path, confident that you have the potential to reach new heights.

This journey isn't just about finding yourself; it's about crafting a life that aligns with your deepest values and aspirations. It requires a clear plan, daily dedication, and a nurturing environment where growth can thrive. That's why we offer a supportive community of fellow explorers and change-makers, walking alongside you at every step.

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