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Mastering the Deliberate Action Process

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s all too common to slip into reactive decision-making, often overlooking the long-term consequences of our choices. Passion Struck stands for a proactive, deliberate way of life. We champion the idea of consciously shaping your life’s path, not leaving it to the mercy of external circumstances.

Introducing the Deliberate Action Process, Passion Struck’s exclusive method designed to enhance your productivity by 10x.

This powerful process is anchored in six essential phases: Align – Prioritize – Ignite – Execute – Measure – Renew.

Central to our philosophy is the principle of Mattering – an authentic sense of significance and influence.

We believe that recognizing your intrinsic value is the cornerstone of genuine personal development and the catalyst for forging meaningful connections and relationships.


One of the most overlooked opportunities for growth seekers is to analyze their current situation in order to understand how they should best move forward and create their future vision.


We help future leaders break free from their daily ceiling of complexity so they can step into the visionary they are meant.


We inspire a mindset shift that will get you to step into your sharp edges, face your fears, and commence your passion journey


Commitment is one of the key ingredients for goal-success. We focus on helping you ensure you are committed to your goals, measure them, and succeed in achieving deeper-level results.


Measurement is critical because it accelerates the passion journey. It gets you into momentum and shows you that you can verify your perspective that you are actually creating results.


When you're done doing all of this, there's data, there's progress, and then there's results. And so, you take this data, this progress, this result, and you go back and you start the analysis again.

Deliberate Action Process

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