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Scott Galloway on Why America Is Adrift and How to Fix It

Today I talk to Scott Galloway (@profgalloway), a NYU Stern School of Business Professor and Serial entrepreneur. While the current economic and social crisis in America seems complex, Galloway and I discuss how it can be fixed and examine the country’s future in his new NY Times bestselling book “Adrift: America in 100 Charts.” 

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Right now, a man or woman at 30 years old isn’t doing as well as his or her mom was at 30. And that’s the first time that’s happened in our nation’s history.

Scott Galloway

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In This Episode, Scott Galloway And I Discuss His New Book, Adrift: America in 100 Charts.

We are now coming to grips with our post-pandemic hereafter. We are faced with heightened political extremism, quiet quitting, the great resignation affecting organizations everywhere, and supply chain problems crushing company profits. This raises some daunting questions: is American democracy under attack? How will Technology continue to alter our lives? What does the future of work look like for me?

America and the world overall are on the cusp of enormous transformation. This shift will not only disrupt the world economy as we see playing out around us, but it is also destroying the financial backbone of our nation: the middle class. But how did we get to this precipice, where are we headed, and what will we become? Our guest today, Scott Galloway, tackles this and so much more in our interview.

  • The shocking statistics on the state of America
  • The elements after WW2 that created the middle class and why was that so important.
  • How did Wall Street become our Church, the Dow Jones, and Nasdaq our liturgy?
  • What happened in the early 1980s when then-President Reagan ripped out liberalism and replaced it with individualism?
  • In 1966, the US committed 2.5% of its GDP to infrastructure development, but today it is only 1.3%. How has that declining infrastructure impacted the country?
  • Why has income inequality grown as the nation has evolved from a manufacturing economy to an information one?
  • What is the significance of billions of people working their way out of poverty, and what does it mean for the future?
  • What constitutes the attention economy, and what have been its ramifications?
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
218 | Why America Is Adrift and How We Got Here | Scott Galloway | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
218 | Why America Is Adrift and How We Got Here | Scott Galloway | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With Scott Galloway On Why America is Adrift

During our interview, I asked Scott what he hopes readers take away from Adrift.

Scott explains, “the most patriotic Americans are veterans like yourself the surveys show that because they’ve invested so much in their country, they’re invested in their country, and anyone with kids can relate to this. By the time your kids and adults you’ve just invested so much in this thing, you can’t help but not love it and really be pulling for your son or daughter’s success. And that’s how veterans feel about our country.

Adrift by Scott Galloway for the Passion Struck podcast book list.

I find the least patriotic or the most blessed. And that is our tech innovators. I find that these are the most fortunate people. And they’re the first ones to be critical of our government and say profane things about our elected leaders. Basically, the kind of general Gestalt or message from tech leaders to the government is you should just stay out of the way you’re incompetent. And it all started with this Reagan scourge against the government.

So I think just generally taking a pause and just realizing how wonderful and prosperous America is that America is the worst country in the world, except for all the rest, if that’s what you need to believe. So I think there needs to be a renewed appreciation for our government. And then, when I first wrote the for about big tech, it started out as a love letter and turned into a cautionary tale. The more I learned about these companies, this was the opposite experience.

I’m a glass-half-empty kind of guy. I know the problems, I can write about them. But what I found is, as you look at any one of these problems, teen depression at the hands of social media polarization, because of our media and raging US income inequality, because of a regressive tax structure, whatever it might be, these are all problems of our own making, and they can absolutely be unmade.

And that is in summary, there’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed with what’s right with it, the incumbents and the people who have benefited from income inequality will have us believe that the more significant factors of play and these are intractable unfixable problems we have faced.

You’re a veteran. There’s a photojournalist, I think her name is Maria AMILO, who’s been colorized in world war two photos, and she has this amazing colorized photo showing a landing craft coming up on Omaha Beach. The front gate has just been dropped into the water, and 16 G is average age 26 average monthly salary of $800 on an inflation-adjusted basis wading through the water.

Thinking about what awaited them on the beach, two or three of those men would not make it off. And I imagined them turning around. And just as we can go back in history through photographs, some sort of suspension of the space-time continuum, and they can see us, and they see our problems, income inequality, teen depression, the polarization of media.

And I imagine they would look at us and say, Look what I’m facing. You can’t fix that. You’re safe. You have massive productivity, you have the technology that’s incredible. You can cure diseases. And you can deal with that. Look at what waits for me on the beach. So I came out of this really hopeful that we’ve faced much bigger problems and the ones we face now, and it’s just more a matter of will if you will.”

Thanks, Scott Galloway!

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About Today’s Guest, Scott Galloway

Passion Struck podcast album cover episode 218 with Scott Galloway on Why America is Adrift

Scott Galloway is an NYU Stern School of Business Professor of Marketing and a serial entrepreneur. He is the bestselling author of Post Corona, The Four, and The Algebra of Happiness. He was a member of the boards of directors of the New York Times Company, Urban Outfitters, and Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. His Prof G and Pivot podcasts, No Mercy No Malice blog, and Prof G YouTube channel reach millions.

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