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Becoming the First Female Blue Angels Pilot | Katie (Higgins) Cook | Passion Struck Podcast
The Path to Reinvention After the Leaving the Marine Corps

In this powerful interview, John R. Miles interviews Major Katie (Higgins) Cook, the first female Blue Angels pilot about her journey into the famed flying squadron. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

20 | Katie (Higgins) Cook | Becoming the First Blue Angels Female Pilot and the Path to Reinvention After the Leaving the Marine Corps
20 | Katie (Higgins) Cook | Becoming the First Blue Angels Female Pilot and the Path to Reinvention After the Leaving the Marine Corps

Ever wondered what it was like to not only be a Blue Angels pilot but to become the first female in the famed flying squadron?

In today’s exciting interview, Katie Higgins Cook discusses many topics, including the background in her deciding to attend the Naval Academy, why she chose the Marine Corps over Navy Aviation, and the ramifications from that decision, becoming the first female Blue Angel’s Pilot, and the most critical decision she faced in her life – leaving the Marine Corps

Katie discusses her path to the Blues, including her two combat tours. And how that time in combat accelerated her path to being eligible for auditioning for the Blue Angels. She provides advice for other females following in her footsteps, advice on making choices, the importance of mentors, and the important life lessons of overcoming adversity she learned along the way.

Katie ends the show discussing her difficult decision to leave the Marines and gives her advice to veterans who are contemplating or are on the path to their civilian career.


What You Will Learn In this Show About the First Female Blue Angels Pilot

  • Why Blue Angels say, “Glad to be here.”
  • Why she decided to attend the Naval Academy
  • Why she chose the Marine Corps over the Navy
  • Katie describes the obstacles she overcame to become a Marine
  • Overcoming the fears and obstacles that may blindside you
  • Her combat experience in Afghanistan
  • Her story of becoming the first female Blue Angels pilot
  • What it is like to train with the Blue Angels
  • The significance of “Glad to be here.”
  • Why her decision to leave the military was her scariest
  • Her advice to veterans who are transitioning
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Quotes From Major Katie (Higgins) Cook, First Female Blue Angels Pilot

  • “Glad to Be Here.”
  • “I was a 17-year-old kid making a 20 to a 25-year decision.”
  • “But I can tell you, I felt adversity, like right from the beginning. As soon as I selected Marine Corps, there were classmates of mine at the Academy telling me like there’s no way that I was going to do it.”
  • “Those fears that are the hardest are the ones that come out of nowhere.”
  • “Viewing things as a potential to learn is a mindset that you can change and is really critical, I think to overcome hardship or fear or obstacles.”
  • “I would say; obviously, the stakes are a little bit higher in combat because there’s obviously someone who doesn’t want you to be there.”
  • “I was relatively Junior. I had pinned on Captain maybe two years prior, while most people who went to the blues were very senior captains, if not majors already by the time that they went.”
  • “We debrief about two hours after every air show. And really, in this debrief, you’re calling yourself out on everything that you did wrong. And that’s really key here is you’re calling yourself out.”
  • “That decision to get out of the Marine Corps was the scariest one that I had done.” 

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