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Why Your Micro Choices Determine Your Life | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
Stephen Duneier is proof that you can change your life by changing your daily actions

John R. Miles – why your micro choices determine your life. | Brought to you by Masterworks – Go to and use code passion to start your journey.

If you found this podcast episode, you are likely searching for how to make changes to how you are living your life. And, you may wonder if it is even possible to change. As I explain on the podcast, yes—creating positive change is always possible if you are intentional about it.

What are micro choices?

Micro choices are any of the decisions that you make every second of every day that you are often unaware of but shape the course of your life and, therefore, your reality most strongly. It is the tiny actions we undertake from a starting point to reach our immediate objective, and it is these day-to-day micro choices that ultimately shape our lives.

To illustrate the micro choice concept more clearly, I will use the story of investment manager, speaker, lecturer, and Guinness World Record holder Stephen Duneier and how he applied intentionality and the power of micro choices to alter his decision-making approach.

Little drops of water, they say, make a mighty ocean. In like manner, micro choices made consistently over time have massive impacts that determine the course of our lives.

John R. Miles

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In This Week’s Episode, John R. Miles Explores Why Your Micro Choices Determine Your Life

  • Why habits are the sum total of our daily choices
  • How Stephen Duneier discovered micro choices and their power
  • The importance of micro choices to living an intentional life
  • Hindrances to the effectiveness of micro choices and how to tackle them
  • Why do micro choices determine the course of our lives?
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Discussion Questions Your Friends and Family Members Can Address Concerning Today’s Episode

  • Why today is a lot of emphases placed on big decisions but not the choices that determine our reality?
  • Are you in the habit of having trouble pursuing your goals? Why?
  • What did you find most inspiring about the story of Stephen Duneier?
  • What can you learn about the power of micro choices?
  • What is the most fascinating thing about them?
  • What are hindrances that get in the way of your daily choices?
  • What are three things you can do to alter your daily choices?
  • What steps will you take after hearing today’s episode to change your approach to going after your most significant goals?

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145| Change Your Life by Changing Your Micro Choices | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
145| Change Your Life by Changing Your Micro Choices | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Quote by John R. Miles on the importance of micro choices

About John R. Miles

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John R. Miles is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Passion Struck. This full-service media company helps people live intentionally by creating best-in-class educational and entertainment content. John is the host of the highly popular podcast Passion Struck with John R. Miles.

John is also a prolific public speaker and author. John is the host of the PassionStruckPodcast, a show focused on exploring the mindset and philosophy of the world’s highest achievers to learn the lessons of living intentionally.

Passion Struck aspires to speak to the humanity of people in a way that makes them want to live better, be better and impact. Stay tuned for John’s latest project, his upcoming book, which will be published in the summer of 2022.


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