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The Importance in Life of Being Present | Chris Cassidy | Passion Struck Podcast

In this powerful episode of the Passion Struck podcast, John R. Miles interviews Navy SEAL and NASA Astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy on the importance in life of being present and his journey from Midshipmen to highly decorated Navy SEAL and Chief Astronaut. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

26 | Astronaut Chris Cassidy | The Importance in Life of Being Present
26 | Astronaut Chris Cassidy | The Importance in Life of Being Present

In our discussion, Chris gives a unique perspective on how a single pivotal event changed his life and made him who he is today.

We discuss why sometimes an extra year of maturity when we are young can be the make or break to helping us achieve our goals, whether it is SEAL BUDs training, combat, spacewalks, or being a leader, why the thing you are doing in your life right now is so important – actually being present.

In BUDs training, he learned that he could either positively influence others or take energy away from them by his attitude, energy, and motivation.

Training is vital to success, whether in the military, an astronaut, or a leader in an organization—his leadership lessons from winning two Bronze Stars (with Valor) during his time in combat.

The significance of SpaceX to the space program and where Chris sees the future heading.

And so much more……


What You Will Learn In Today’s Episode About Being Present In Life’s Critical Moments

  • The Critical Event That Altered His Life
  • The Importance of Camaraderie in Tough Times
  • Why There Is Nothing More Important Than What You are Doing Now
  • The Most Important Thing He Learned At The Naval Academy
  • The Mindset Of “Trying Times End”
  • No Matter How Bad You Have It, Someone Has It Worse
  • His Path From Navy SEAL to Astronaut
  • What is the Evolution of Space Flight Going Forward
  • Significance of His Last Deployment On The ISS
  • Lessons Learned From His Famous Spacewalk and NASA Career
  • His Tips on Overcoming Adversity 

Quotes From NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy

“The lesson I learned that was really hammered home at the Academy is how much energy you can give each other when you’re in it together.”

“Figuring out that your time horizon of the future is like an elastic band, right? Like the more available bandwidth you have, you can have that rubber band stretched out further and further, and you can look deeper ahead of you.”

“Being able to be the person who gives support and gives energy, at the same time where you can take it from others, is something that I learned in SEAL training.”

“When I was applying to NASA, I didn’t really know what the job involved. When you just see astronauts you think of like spacewalks you think of people sitting in the cockpit of a spacecraft. But that’s just only a very small fraction of the number of days. I mean, I’ve been an astronaut for 17 years, and just total accumulation of a year of that has been in space.”

“Just inherently understanding that every member of the organization has value to add and listen and incorporate because you never know who’s going to have the best idea on any given day. And that’s true in the SEAL teams is true in the cockpit of a spacecraft. And, it’s true in a boardroom or your office place.”

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Combat veteran, multi-industry CEO, and Author John R. Miles is on a mission to make passion go viral by helping growth seekers to overcome their fear, self-doubt, and adversity. He loves taking his own life experiences, lessons from his time as a CEO and Fortune 50 C-Level Executive, and the truths he has learned to help make other’s lives better. His new podcast Passion Struck provides inspirational interviews and powerful guidance for people to take their lives to the next level. Watch as these high achievers weigh in on life’s biggest questions and challenges as we journey on the path to becoming passion-struck.

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