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Hilary Billings on the Psychology of Attention, Mastering Short-Form Video, and Personal Brand Building

In this episode of the Passion Struck podcast, John R. Miles interviews Hilary Billings, the CEO and co-founder of Attentioneers and an expert in short-form video content. They explore the psychology of attention, personal brand building, and the power of creating compelling videos that captivate viewers.

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Mastering Short-Form Video: The Psychology of Attention with Hilary Billings

In this episode of the Passion Struck podcast, host John R. Miles sits down with Hilary Billings, a personal brand strategist, and expert in content creation. Their conversation focuses on the power of short-form video content, the importance of personal branding, and the psychology of attention in content creation. Hilary shares her journey into content creation and the lessons she has learned along the way.

Hilary Billings, a former international travel blogger, was at a crossroads in her life when she suffered second and third-degree burns from a freak accident. This incident forced her to put her career and life on hold. She was at the height of her success but found herself grappling with self-esteem and body image issues. Then, a simple glance in the mirror sparked a turning point.

Tired of her self-pity, she put herself in the most uncomfortable situation she could imagine – a beauty pageant. Despite never having any interest in pageantry, she went on to win and became Miss Nevada. This triumphant journey forged a path for her to work with the Burn Institute and Southern Nevada Firefighters, significantly impacting her community. Hilary’s experience in the limelight ultimately led to her passion for helping others overcome their insecurities and build authentic confidence.

By listening to Hilary and John, you will be able to:

  • Embrace authentic confidence while dismissing self-doubt.
  • Wield the extraordinary power of focus and intentionality to up your success rate.
  • Uncover short-form video strategies to keep your content at the forefront of the captive audience’s mind.
  • Foster a resilient mindset as your ultimate tool for overcoming every bump in the journey of life.
  • Discover deliberate strategies to keep up with the dynamic digital world effectively and mindfully.
  • And much, much more!
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Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
312 | The Psychology of Attention, Mastering Short-Form Video, and Personal Brand Building | Hilary Billings | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Conversation With Hilary Billings on the Psychology of Attention

If you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of engagement and success in your short-form video content, despite your efforts to create and share it, then you are not alone! Many content creators and marketers on social media are experiencing this pain as their videos fail to grab and hold their audience’s attention. Despite investing time and resources into crafting and promoting their content, they find themselves wondering why their videos aren’t generating the desired results and leaving them questioning their strategies. It’s time to understand the psychology of attention and harness it to create captivating and successful short-form videos.

The Future of Attention and Short-Form Content

In the world of content creation, understanding how to captivate and hold attention is essential. With attention spans shortening in the digital age, it’s vital to know how to communicate a compelling message quickly and concisely. Short-form content is becoming a significant player in the digital world as more and more creators and marketers leverage this approach on platforms like TikTok. Focus on delivering quality rather than quantity and concentrate on creating an emotional impact to engage viewers in this fast-consuming environment.

Hilary Billings quote from the Passion Struck podcast: It used to be a lot easier [to earn attention], it’s not anymore. So now we have to earn the attention.”

During the podcast, Hilary Billings highlights the importance of short-form content and how it’s altering online behavior. She shares how an investment in understanding viewers’ decreasing attention spans led to the realization that every second of content must count. Her integrated approach of blending strategy with creativity has resulted in over a billion organic views, cementing her belief in the enduring nature of short-form video content.

The Power of Short-Form Video on TikTok
TikTok has become a hotbed of short-form content, primarily due to its unique format and user base. The platform hosts diverse content types, from entertainment to education and everything in between. TikTok’s emphasis on visual storytelling naturally promotes engagement, making it a highly effective platform for content marketers. However, potential success hinges on the quality of the creative rather than merely fitting into trends or using popular hashtags.

Discussing her successful strategies on TikTok, Hilary explains that a content creator’s priority should still lie in their video quality. Instead of overloading their content with hashtags and trends, they should aim to create visually rich, compelling narratives that naturally engage their audience.

Earning Attention and Cultivating Personal Brands

In the digital world, attention is a precious commodity. Earning it can elevate a brand’s visibility and establish them as thought leaders in their respective industries. Simultaneously, cultivating a personal brand is equally significant in this age. It allows individuals to showcase their unique talents, build a community, and garner opportunities that align with their goals and values.

During her chat with John, Hilary discussed how quality content never fails to capture attention, even in the face of billions of users and numerous brands. She elaborated on the power of compelling content and how it can earn the attention of your target audience. Speaking of personal brands, she conceded their growing importance in building reputations and how organizations can benefit from encouraging personal branding among their employees.

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Resources From The Show With Hilary Billings

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About Today’s Guest, Hilary Billings

Passion Struck podcast album cover with Hilary Billings episode 312 on the psychology of attention.

Hilary Billings is one of the world’s leading experts on the Psychology of Attention. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Attentioneers – an award-winning agency that helps entrepreneurs and personal brands drive reach and revenue through short-form video strategy. Hilary Billings is a viral video creator and strategist, renowned for her rapid rise to 400k followers on TikTok in just 40 days. She collaborates directly with TikTok as a member of their Advisory Board.

With a background as a former Miss Nevada, journalist, on-camera host, and TV producer, Hilary has worked with prominent entrepreneurs, including billionaires, Victoria’s Secret models, and New York Times best-selling authors. Her expertise has been featured in Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global, and she has contributed to national media outlets such as USA Today, E! News, and Extra! Entertainment Television. Tune in to gain valuable insights from Hilary’s remarkable journey and her profound understanding of personal branding and content creation.

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