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Dr. Amy Shah on How You Can Control Your Food Cravings

Get ready for a groundbreaking conversation about the connection between your brain, gut microbiome, and food! On today’s episode of the Passion Struck podcast, Dr. Amy Shah shares her groundbreaking insights on health and wellness. As a double board-certified doctor and nutritional expert with degrees from Cornell, Harvard, and Columbia University, Dr. Shah is highly qualified to provide valuable information. She is also the author of the new book, “I’m So Effing Hungry.” Tune in to learn about the fascinating link between your gut biome and your mind.

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The gut bacteria kind of acts as an army. And they are communicating with our brains. They communicate with our hormones and our immune system, and they help us digest. They’re helping us make decisions. They are helping us create cravings for the right things. And the sad thing is that we didn’t really understand this, and 97% of Americans are starving that gut bacteria.

Dr. Amy Shah

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In This Episode, Dr. Amy Shah And I Discuss Why We Crave What We Crave and What to do About It

Today’s interview with Dr. Amy Shah tackles the new understanding of why we crave what we crave and what to do about it. During this fast-paced hour, Dr. Shah uncovers many mysteries about gut health, the brain-gut-bacteria connection, and other essential aspects that can help you feel and live better.

Join us as we explore Dr. Shah’s new book, “I’m So Effing Hungry,” and address the following topics.

  • How did your hunger get so screwed up?
  • What is the difference between hunger, cravings, and appetite?
  • What are the hunger hijackers?
  • How is most modern food engineered?
  • What is your gut microbiome, and how can it control your hunger?
  • How can thinking of yourself as a healthful person actually help you become one?
  • We will even tackle topics such as circadian rhythm and its effect on hunger and how to best time your workouts to balance hunger and promote sleep.
  • The connection between fermented foods and bacterial dopamine
  • How food cravings are linked to our memories
  • Six superfoods you should consume daily
  • The impact of processed foods on your mood
  • Why protein is critical for peak health
  • The right and wrong ways to fast and their link to circadian rhythms
  • And much, much more!
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
261 | How You Can Control Your Food Cravings | Dr. Amy Shah | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With Dr. Amy Shah

During our interview, I asked Dr. Shah what is one of the primary reasons that we experience hunger.

I'm So Effing Hungry by Dr. Amy Shah Passion Struck podcast book list

We are programmed to eat food during the day to rest our brain and digestion during the night to exercise in daylight hours. Because if you think about it for 1000s of years, that’s how we evolved, moving and eating during the day, resting, fasting sleeping at night. Now, what’s happened, and it’s this has gotten especially worse during the pandemic, is that we’re doing things at all hours.

Dr. Amy Shah explains, “One of the major reasons I think this is something people may not know much about, and I think that’s why I want to bring it up. It is circadian rhythms. So, we give our bodies mixed signals when we eat, sleep, and wake at the wrong times. So what I mean is there is a clock in every single one of our cells. There is a central clock in our hypothalamus that when we see the sun, through our retina, it goes directly to that center and sends signals to all of our genes,

Now we can access Uber Eats or microwave meals right at midnight, and then we can stay up all night or all day. We don’t get sunlight. And we realize that a lot of psychiatrists actually had been talking about how so much of this rise in depression is just circadian rhythm misalignment, meaning that you’re not sleeping enough, you’re not getting enough light during the day. You’re eating at all hours, not moving when your body is meant to move. And so all of the signals that go into these cells are not getting there. And these clocks are damaged or broken.

And that’s really thought to be a big reason for the rise in depressive symptoms and anxiety symptoms during the pandemic and because of modern life. So that’s one thing. There’s a whole chapter on it in the book because I feel like these are simple things like today, if somebody is listening, watching, they can get 20 minutes of sunlight during the day, get some movement, get a good night’s sleep like couple nights this week. You will already see a rise in your mood.

I mean, you and I both anecdotally know, but this has been shown in studies that you can absolutely see a difference in your health, and that has nothing to do with the food that you’re eating is the big lever, but like this is the easiest thing you could do today to actually change the trajectory of both your disease, your aging and also your mental health.

Thanks, Dr. Amy Shah

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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Amy Shah

Passion Struck podcast album cover episode 261 with Dr. Amy Shah

Dr. Amy Shah is a double-board-certified medical doctor and nutrition expert with training from Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard Universities. Drawing from her background in internal medicine and allergy/immunology, as well as her own wellness journey, she has dedicated her practice to helping her patients feel better and live healthier through her integrative and holistic approach to wellness.

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