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Joanna Grover on How To Use Choice Points To Alter Your Life
Discovering Your Inner Motivation with Functional Imagery Training (FIT)

Do you want to break free from negative thought patterns and live a fulfilling life? Are you tired of feeling stuck and unsure of how to achieve your goals? Well, I have good news for you. Our guest, Joanna Grover, is here to share the solution to help you make better decisions and reach your full potential through Functional Imagery Training. Imagine taking control of your thoughts and actions and finally achieving the life you’ve always dreamed of. You can turn your goals into reality and discover true fulfillment with the power of choice points. Let Joanna show you how.

Joanna is the co-author with Jonathan Rhoads of The Choice Point: The Scientifically Proven Method to Push Past Mental Walls and Achieve Your Goals.

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Functional Imagery Training (FIT) is a scientifically grounded approach that merges mindfulness, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy, and empowers us to expand our choice point, the critical juncture where we must choose between actions that support our success or ones that hinder it.

Joanna Grover

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The Power of Choice Points: Joanna Grover’s Guide to Using Functional Imagery Training for Life Alteration

In this episode of the Passion Struck podcast, Joanna Grover, co-author of The Choice Point, uses her expertise in Functional Imagery Training (FIT) to teach individuals how to achieve their goals and increase their resiliency. Grover explains that FIT is a method that combines visualization and cue utilization to help individuals achieve their desired outcomes. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on what individuals want rather than things outside of their control. FIT involves four key steps: commitment, cue, imagery, and slap.

Grover explains how FIT has helped Olympians, C-suite executives, and elite military forces tap into their inner motivation to shatter records in their respective fields. Grover shares stories of how FIT has helped individuals overcome their fears and reclaim their lives. This episode delves into the nuts and bolts of FIT and how Grover works with individuals to develop the skill. This episode offers an actionable roadmap to help individuals navigate life’s choices, stay motivated, and unlock their potential.

By listening to Joanna and John, you will be able to:

  • Discover the transformative power of Functional Imagery Training (FIT) for accomplishing your aspirations.
  • Uncover the hidden potential of your inner motivation and values to fuel your drive for success.
  • Grasp the influential role mental imagery plays in unlocking personal growth and development.
  • Learn how FIT contributes to building resiliency and silencing negative self-talk.
  • Hone your skills in utilizing FIT techniques within a team dynamic, fostering a shared vision and communication.
  • And much, much more!
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Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
308 | How To Use Choice Points To Alter Your Life | Joanna Grover | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Quote by Joanna Grover from Passion Struck podcast: Functional Imagery Training (FIT) is a scientifically grounded approach that merges mindfulness, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy, and empowers us to expand our choice point, the critical juncture where we must choose between actions that support our success or ones that hinder it.

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More From My Conversation With Joanna Grover About Her Book the Choice Point

Joanna Grover’s passion for equestrianism came with a heavy price – a life-changing injury. As she lay awake during her painful recovery, she searched for a way to silence the negative chatter in her mind. Luckily, as a cognitive behavioral therapist, she stumbled upon an unexpected twist in her journey – functional imagery training (FIT). Working with Dr. Jonathan Rhodes, they adapted this technique to help others overcome their negative thought patterns and achieve their goals. In their book, The Choice Point, they share their science-backed method for harnessing the power of imagination to transform lives. Discover how this twist in Joanna’s journey can help you achieve your own personal breakthrough.

FIT – Functional Imagery Training

Do you ever find yourself stuck in unproductive thought patterns, unable to move past them and achieve your goals? Functional Imagery Training (FIT) might be the solution you need. FIT is a groundbreaking method for overcoming negative thought patterns and achieving success by harnessing the power of your own mind. It combines elements of mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy, ultimately helping you make better choices that align with your values and goals.

The Choice point by Joanna Grover and Jonathan Rhodes for the Passion Struck recommended books.

Joanna Grover shared how FIT has had a significant impact on her own life and those of numerous others she works with, from Olympic athletes to high-ranking executives. She explained that by using FIT, individuals can become more resilient and better equipped to handle the pressures and setbacks they may face in life. FIT is a powerful means of tapping into your inner motivation and harnessing your imagination to make conscious, value-based decisions that propel you toward your goals.

Using Imagery to Achieve Goals
Harnessing the power of mental imagery is a key component of the FIT method. By creating vivid and detailed mental scenarios that reflect your desired outcomes, you can motivate yourself to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Engaging all five senses in your mental imagery makes it even more realistic and powerful, fueling your passion and determination to succeed. Joanna Grover shared compelling examples and anecdotes that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of using imagery to achieve one’s goals.

She explained that FIT is grounded in two decades of scientific research, making it a reliable and credible approach for transforming your thought patterns and driving change in your life. Whether you are an athlete hoping to break records or an entrepreneur striving for success, integrating mental imagery into your daily routine can greatly enhance your motivation, resilience, and overall performance.

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About Today’s Guest, Joanna Grover

Passion Struck podcast thumbnail episode 308 with Joanna Grover on how to use choice points to alter your life

Meet Joanna Grover, an esteemed therapist, and coach who has transformed countless lives by teaching the art of Functional Imagery Training (FIT). With a professional background in cognitive-behavioral therapy spanning over 19 years, Joanna has developed an unparalleled understanding of human behavior and mental chatter. Joanna provides practical guidance on using FIT to overcome negative thoughts and make empowering choices that align with personal goals through her revolutionary book, The Choice Point. Learn from an expert who has helped Olympians, top executives, and elite military forces harness their inner motivation and achieve peak performance.

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