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Sally Jenkins on How to Master Your Own Agency for Success

In a captivating episode of the Passion Struck podcast, Sally Jenkins, a renowned sportswriter, shares insights from her new book, “The Right Call.” Through her research and observations, Jenkins unveils the shared characteristics of athletes and successful individuals. Inspired by her father’s wisdom, she came to understand the unwavering dedication and relentless drive of champions.

Sally’s exploration reveals that greatness is not inherent but a product of continuous improvement. By embracing small steps of progress and rejecting mediocrity, she empowers readers to take charge of their lives and pursue their aspirations. Sally’s uplifting message reminds us that excellence is attainable for anyone willing to master their own agency.

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Athletes don’t take the hack. They don’t cheat the grind.

Sally Jenkins

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Sally Jenkins Discusses Her New Book The Right Call

In this episode of Passion Struck, Sally Jenkins, a celebrated sports columnist, and author, joins John R. Miles to discuss how athletes can teach ordinary individuals to elevate their performance and achieve extraordinary results. Jenkins shares critical insights into the decision-making processes and successful practices of athletes and coaches. Her discussion centers on the importance of hard work, great habits, and being fully invested in one’s chosen profession, offering valuable lessons about agency and the pursuit of success.

Jenkins’s unique perspective on sports and its applications to everyday life in her book The Right Call makes it a must-read for people who want to excel in all areas of life. This episode is perfect for individuals seeking inspiration and guidance on how to improve their decision-making and learn from successful athletes and coaches.

By listening to Sally and John, you will be able to:

  • Discover how to utilize sports strategies for your daily routine.
  • Learn the significance of conscious choices for overall success.
  • Uncover the shared qualities among prosperous athletes and mentors.
  • Grasp techniques to thrive even during high-pressure situations.
  • Develop appreciation towards sportspersons and their societal impact.
  • And much, much more!
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Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
303 | Use Your Own Agency to Create Success | Sally Jenkins | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Conversation With Sally Jenkins about How to Master Your Own Agency for Success

From observing champions like Peyton Manning and Steph Curry, Sally Jenkins learned that successful athletes work tirelessly to improve every aspect of their game. They focus on making incremental improvements, never settling for mediocrity or searching for shortcuts. Throughout her career as a sports journalist, Sally has continued to explore the decision-making processes used by athletes and coaches, seeking to understand the neurological processes behind their split-second choices.

The Seven Principles of Mastering Your Own Agency for Success

The Right Call by Sally Jenkins for the Passion Struck recommended book list

Success in sports and other areas of life can be achieved by adhering to a set of principles that help guide our actions and decisions. Sally Jenkins discusses seven such principles in her book, which are based on her interviews with extraordinary athletes and coaches. These principles include conditioning, practice, discipline, attitude, focusing on the process, making intentional decisions, and cultivating a positive outlook. By integrating these principles into our lives, we can elevate our performance and achieve remarkable results.

Throughout the podcast episode, Jenkins shares examples of athletes embodying these principles, such as Michael Phelps’ intense conditioning regimen, Tom Brady’s dedication to practice, and the positive outlook exhibited by Bill Belichick’s teams. By studying the stories of these sports figures, we can gain valuable insights and inspiration to adopt similar values in our own lives, empowering ourselves to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

Reinventing Yourself
Reinventing oneself is a powerful strategy for personal growth and development. By facing our weaknesses, learning from past mistakes, and adapting to new situations, we can overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than before. Adopting a mindset of constant self-improvement can lead to an extraordinary transformation in our lives. During the podcast, Sally Jenkins discusses stories of athletes and coaches who have successfully reinvented themselves, such as Andre Agassi.

Jenkins specifically highlights the story of Peyton Manning, who once led the league in interceptions. Under the guidance of coach Tony Dungy, Manning worked diligently on improving his decision-making and ultimately shifted his career trajectory towards becoming a Hall of Fame quarterback and Super Bowl champion. By learning from athletes like Manning, we can inspire ourselves to embrace change, confront our weaknesses, and strive for continuous growth in our own lives.

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About Today’s Guest, Sally Jenkins

Passion Struck podcast album cover episode 303 with Sally Jenkins on How to Master Your Own Agency for Success

Sally Jenkins is an acclaimed sports journalist and New York Times bestselling author with more than two decades of experience as a columnist and feature writer. In her latest book, Sally shares insightful stories from some of the world’s top athletes, uncovering the qualities that drive their extraordinary success. From Peyton Manning’s meticulous study of failure to Steve Kerr’s incredible resilience, Sally demonstrates how harnessing one’s own agency can lead to remarkable results, both in sports and in everyday life.

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