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Kris Carr on How To Find Strength To Face Life’s Challenges

Joining me today is Kris Carr, a renowned speaker, wellness activist, and bestselling author whose life took an unforeseen turn when she faced a rare stage four cancer diagnosis at the age of 31. But the unexpected twist of her adoptive father’s battle with pancreatic cancer ignited a profound journey of emotional growth and transformation. Kris’s upcoming book, “I’m Not a Mourning Person,” releasing on September 19, 2023, beautifully captures her experiences. Her remarkable story serves as a poignant reminder that unexpected twists can pave the way for remarkable opportunities for growth and healing.

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Our big, messy emotions help us when we are willing to embrace them.

Kris Carr

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The Power of Emotions: Kris Carr Shares How to Find Strength in Life’s Challenges

In this powerful episode of Passion Struck, Kris Carr delves into the importance of embracing vulnerability and harnessing the strength that lies within our emotions. Her personal journey serves as a poignant reminder that unexpected twists can unexpectedly pave the way for profound opportunities for growth and healing. Through her story, Kris Carr inspires readers to navigate the complexities of life with courage and resilience, encouraging them to see adversity not as a barrier but as a catalyst for personal evolution.

Having lived with a rare and incurable cancer for 20 years, Kris Carr knows all too well the importance of embracing vulnerability and emotions as a source of strength. When her adoptive father, who had been her rock through her cancer journey, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Kris was forced to confront her own buried emotions and grief. This experience inspired her to write a book that tackles the often taboo subject of loss and emotional pain, using humor and personal anecdotes to guide readers through their own healing journeys.

By openly sharing her story and experiences, Kris has become a beacon of hope for those facing their own challenges and a powerful reminder of the importance of vulnerability and emotional growth.

By listening to Kris and John, you will be able to:

  • Unlock the potential of resilience and self-care for navigating life’s hurdles.
  • Absorb the importance of emotional openness and vulnerability in personal development.
  • Realize the impact of self-love, healing, and boundary-setting in living fully.
  • Unravel the process of confronting trauma and identifying life’s sense of purpose.
  • Recognize the need for mental well-being and find the right resources in difficult situations.
  • And much, much more!
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Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
309 | How To Find Strength To Face Life’s Challenges | Kris Carr | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Conversation With Kris Carr About Her Book I’m Not a Mourning person

When Kris Carr was first diagnosed with a rare stage four cancer at the age of 31, she embarked on a difficult journey to take control of her health. As she learned to navigate the uncertainties of her diagnosis, Kris discovered that embracing her emotions and vulnerability was a source of strength. Throughout her 20-year battle with cancer, Kris has learned to live with the disease and dedicated her life to teaching others about the importance of wellness and self-care. In her new book, Kris explores the topic of grief and loss, using humor and her own personal experiences to help others navigate their own emotional healing process.

Increased resilience and self-care through embracing vulnerability

Embracing vulnerability can lead to increased resilience and improved self-care, as it allows individuals to confront and work through difficult emotions. Vulnerability is often seen as a weakness, but it can become a powerful tool for personal growth when embraced. By being open and honest about their feelings, individuals can better understand themselves and their emotional triggers, leading to better emotional regulation and healthier coping mechanisms.

I'm Not a Mourning Person by Kris Carr for the Passion Struck book list.

Kris Carr’s cancer diagnosis profoundly impacted her life, ultimately leading her to embrace vulnerability as a source of strength. Instead of succumbing to fear and denial, she confronted her emotions head-on and sought support from others. This openness allowed her to tap into her inner resources, develop resilience, and prioritize self-care in the face of adversity. Her journey highlights vulnerability’s transformative power when we face our emotions with compassion and courage.

Healing Isn’t Linear: Navigating Life’s Challenges with Resilience and Authenticity
Whether emotional or physical, healing is a complex process that doesn’t follow a set path. It’s essential to recognize that the journey toward healing is full of ups and downs and that being patient and kind to oneself during this time is crucial. Resilience and authenticity are vital in accepting the non-linear nature of healing and fostering personal growth.

In the podcast, Kris Carr explains how orbiting through the same themes and emotions throughout our lives helped her understand that healing, grief, and recovery are not linear processes. She stresses the importance of practicing self-love, defined as a commitment to compassion, curiosity, and kindness towards oneself.

By being honest about her emotional struggles, Carr became more resilient and better equipped to cope with challenges and setbacks, highlighting the power of authenticity in navigating life’s difficulties.

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  • Pre-order Kris Carr’s latest book, I’m Not a Morning Person, releasing on September 19, 2023.
  • Explore Kris Carr’s five pillars of wellness, which include being mindful, optimizing what you eat and drink, managing your thoughts, and resting and renewing. Stress reduction is the foundation of these pillars.
  • Practice a whole food, plant-based diet to nourish your body and support your health.
  • Remember that stress can have a major impact on your health and take steps to manage it.
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About Today’s Guest, Kris Carr

Kris Carr album cover from the Passion Struck podcast episode 309 on I'm Not a Mourning Person Braving Loss, Grief, and the Big Messy Emotions That Happen When Life Falls Apart

Kris Carr is a renowned speaker, wellness activist, and bestselling author whose inspirational journey battling a rare stage four cancer has touched the lives of millions worldwide. Through her incredible experiences, Kris discovered the power of embracing vulnerability and emotional growth as a source of strength. Her wholehearted approach to living, as well as her plant-based diet, and transformative lifestyle practices, has become a beacon of hope to countless individuals seeking a vibrant and fulfilling life.

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