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D.J. Vanas on Unleashing Your Warrior Within
Own Your Power to Serve, Fight, Protect, and Heal

In today’s episode of Passion Struck with John R. Miles, I interview D.J. Vanas about his new book, which launches today, The Warrior Within: Own Your Power to Serve, Fight, Protect, and Heal. | Brought to you by Masterworks (  promo code PASSION.

D.J. Vanas is an internationally-acclaimed speaker for Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of tribal nations, and over 7,000 audiences nationwide. An enrolled member of the Ottawa Tribe of Michigan and a former U.S. Air Force officer, he inspires others to practically apply the power of the warrior spirit in business and life. He is the author of The Tiny Warrior and Spirit on the Run and was featured in the PBS film The Warrior Tradition. He hosted the Discovering Your Warrior Spirit show on PBS. He lives in San Diego.

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Our warriors weren’t in it for the day; they were in it for the long haul. And you can’t be a warrior if you’re falling apart. It just doesn’t work.

D.J. Vanas

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What I Discuss With D.J. Vanas About His Book The Warrior Within

Drawing inspiration from Native American philosophy and tradition, D.J. discusses how The Warrior Within showcases a new standard of personal power in the face of overwhelming disorder. A genuine warrior is not the most formidable or most courageous person in the room. A real warrior is committed to self-proficiency, knows how to navigate life’s transitions and disruption, converts setbacks into possibilities for accomplishment, refuses to give up, and most importantly, always fights for something more significant than the self.

  • How going through the Sundance Ceremony transformed his life and image of being a warrior.
  • D.J. discusses his experience at the Air Force Academy and what led him to serve the country.
  • The definition of what a warrior is and what a warrior is not.
  • What is the difference between a fighter and a warrior?
  • If you have an intentional desire to serve, you have to have an equally strong desire to serve in the right way.
  • The importance of each of us finding our own tribe.
  • Why can’t we be a warrior when we’re falling apart inside?
  • Apathy is the biggest threat to delivering service to others.
  • Reframing our perspective is vital to becoming a warrior.
  • The topic of perfectionism and how you can apply the warrior within to overcome it.
  • Why Humility is the great equalizer.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
170| Unleashing Your Warrior Within | D.J. Vanas | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
170| Unleashing Your Warrior Within | D.J. Vanas | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With D.J. Vanas About The Warrior Within

During our interview, D.J. Vanas and I discuss why we should all establish a legacy of good.

The Warrior Within by D.J. Vanas curated by John R. Miles for the Passion Struck podcast book list

D.J. Vanas explains, “I think it’s why we’re here. Why are we here at all if we’re not here to do that? And that’s one of the things that beating heart of that warrior role. Coming back to service. One of the other reasons why that’s so critically important to understand is because service, the way we contribute to the world we live in, is the thing that outlives us.

It’s the legacy we leave behind, when our elders in our tribal communities have our ways and still do today, collect as much good stuff as they possibly can, as much wisdom, as many stories as they can. So they can share it with others so that everybody benefits. They don’t collect that information, those ideas to store them away, hoard them, or use them as a tool to manipulate or control someone else.

I mean, our elders and our tribal communities are precious. They are the corporate knowledge of our native communities. And that’s why I shared that lesson because it’s relevant outside of our native communities to in any setting where you are surrounded by people you actually care about you love that you want to see do better, we can play a role in that when we contribute to their growth and development.

They collect that stuff to share and empower their people. And so that’s why that elder role is so valid today. It’s about passing on our wisdom. It’s about sharing ideas. It’s about active mentorship, taking somebody under our wing, helping them avoid some of the pitfalls we fell into in our lives and careers, and being a benevolent source in other people’s lives. And that’s what that elder role was all about. It still is today.

Thanks, D.J. Vanas!

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D.J. Vanas quote from Passion Struck podcast, "Nature teaches us where the green and growing are ripe and rotting. And we can stay green and growing for a lifetime, if we don't get entrenched in our perspective. We do it by keeping our eyes open, keeping our hearts open to new ways of doing things."

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About Today’s Guest D.J. Vanas

Passion Struck with John R. Miles album cover episode 170 with D.J. Vanas

D.J. captivates audiences by introducing them to the Native American warrior spirit. The tribal principles that led the first cultures in America can be applied today to lead organizations with courage, find clarity in chaos, and serve at their best regardless of circumstances. Organizations like Intel Corporation, P&G, Subaru, Accenture, USAA, Walt Disney, and NASA have relied on D.J.’s unforgettable stories, humor, and practical, easily-implemented lessons. His specialty? Creating a valuable experience for audiences of any size or background, from youth in poverty to senior leaders in national associations and Fortune 500 companies.

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