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Kara Robinson Chamberlain on Be Vigilant About Your Safety
Surviving a kidnapping by a serial killer

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Kara Robinson Chamberlain was 15 years old when she was approached by a man in her friend’s front yard in Columbia, South Carolina. At first, the gentleman appeared friendly, but then he drew a gun, shoved it against her neck, and forced Kara into the back of his car into a storage bin.

Over the next 18 hours, Kara was held and sexually assaulted before she miraculously escaped her capture. Kara’s quick action and extensive information she provided law enforcement unveiled that her kidnapper was not only a pedophile but a serial killer who had murdered three other female victims in Virginia: 16-year-old Sofia Silva in 1996 and a year later, sisters 12-year-old Kati Lisk and 15-year-old Kristin Lisk.

I immediately had an intuition that this man was not only going to harm me, but he was most likely assaulting me. I somehow already knew that this was not something that had been discussed with me necessarily or that I had been prepared for it anyway. But I also had an intuition that this person would be complacent at some point, and I would be able to escape from him.

Kara Robinson Chamberlain

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What I Discuss With Kara Robinson Chamberlain About Her Kidnapping, Trauma Recovery, and Advice For Other Trauma Victims

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Kara Robinson Chamberlain’s story is nothing short of remarkable. Not only did Kara Robinson Chamberlain heroically escape her kidnapper, but her bravery was instrumental in aiding the police in catching a serial killer before he could murder another victim.

I thought her story and her long recovery of overcoming the trauma it caused needed to be told. I invited Kara to be on the Passion Struck podcast to narrate her account in her own words. In addition to discussing what happened in 2002, we also discuss why outwardly showing strength can hide how a victim is dealing with their trauma. Kara explains how her coping with trauma started to take over her life and the steps she took to overcome it. She describes how she is now using her ordeal and years of work in law enforcement to communicate to groups worldwide.

Kara tells her account as a tool to help train those who work with victims. She also wants to empower people to become their best version regardless of their past.

  • Her harrowing story of survival
  • The lessons she learned from her ordeal.
  • Her guidance to others on how to protect themselves from similar situations.
  • How she learned to overcome her trauma.
  • Her advice to other trauma suffers.
  • Her recommendations on how you stay vigilant for your safety.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
165 | Be Vigilant About Your Safety | Kara Robinson Chamberlain | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
165 | Be Vigilant About Your Safety | Kara Robinson Chamberlain | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With Kara Robinson Chamberlain

During our interview, I asked Kara the biggest takeaway you would want the audience to have is?

Kara Robinson Chamberlain explains, “I think the biggest takeaway is that we all go through difficult things in our lives. And we get to decide after something difficult happens, what we take from that situation, and how we can move forward. So one of the things that have always stuck with me is I am not defined by what happened to me. I do not choose to let that person continue to control me by defining me by what decisions he made.

So I choose to be refined by what happened. I choose to take only the things that make me stronger from that situation. And that is something that’s within everyone’s power when you go through difficult things, to choose the parts that make you stronger.”

Thanks, Kara Robinson Chamberlain!

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Quote by Kara Robinson Chamberlain from the Passion Struck podcast:   "Who in the world as a human gets through life without experiencing some type of trauma. It may not be some big capital T traumatic experience, but we all go through difficult things. And healing is not some linear journey with a beginning and an endpoint. It is this ongoing experience that some days it goes up, some days it goes down some days, it goes backward, some days it goes forward."

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About Today’s Guest Kara Robinson Chamberlain

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Kara Robinson Chamberlain is a public speaker and survivor advocate. In 2002, at 15 years old, Kara was kidnapped by and escaped from what she would later find out to be a serial killer. Following her experience, Kara formed relationships with law enforcement and worked with Richland County Sheriff’s Department as a school resource officer, investigator, and victim’s advocate. Kara now uses her experiences to spread awareness, education, and inspiration.

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