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Cynthia Thurlow on How To Take Control of Your Health Through Intermittent Fasting

In this episode of the Passion Struck podcast, host John R. Miles sits down with Cynthia Thurlow, a functional nutritionist and nurse practitioner, to dive into the world of intermittent fasting and its impact on overall health and wellness. Cynthia is the bestselling author of Intermittent Fasting Transformation: The 45-Day Program for Women to Lose Stubborn Weight, Improve Hormonal Health, and Slow Aging.

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Questioning the dogma that we so rigidly adhere to in medicine is essential for finding new, effective solutions for our health.

Cynthia Thurlow

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Take Control of Your Health: Expert Insights on Intermittent Fasting and Hormonal Balance with Cynthia Thurlow

If you’re feeling frustrated and defeated by your efforts to improve your overall health and wellness through various methods like dieting and exercising, only to see little to no results, then you are not alone! Despite your dedication, you may be experiencing a lack of progress, struggling with weight loss, or even feeling constantly fatigued. In today’s episode, Cynthia Thurlow and I explore the transformative power of intermittent fasting for enhanced metabolic health and hormonal balance. We discuss her tips on clean fasting, managing cravings, and metabolic health.

Cynthia starts by explaining the concept of clean intermittent fasting, where only bitter coffee, bitter teas, water, and plain electrolytes are consumed during fasting periods. She also provides valuable insights on supplement intake during fasting, managing cravings, and dealing with hesitations about trying intermittent fasting. With her expertise in functional nutrition and emphasis on individual needs, Cynthia is an excellent source of information in the field of intermittent fasting. Listeners seeking to enhance their metabolic health and hormonal balance through intermittent fasting will find this episode to be a valuable resource.

By listening to Cynthia and John, you will be able to:

  • Discover the transformative power of intermittent fasting and unique nutritional approaches.
  • Learn about the profound effects of intermittent fasting on your wellness and vitality.
  • Explore the intriguing link between your gut’s well-being and your mental health.
  • Peel away the limitations of allopathic medicine and delve into the world of lifestyle medicine.
  • Harness your nervous energy and elevate your public speaking skills.
  • And much, much more!
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Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
327 | How To Take Control of Your Health Through Intermittent Fasting | Cynthia Thurlow | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Conversation With Cynthia Thurlow

Life has a funny way of making decisions for us, and it was no different for Cynthia Thurlow. As a young college graduate, she was on the brink of embracing a career in law, but life had other plans. Her journey, however, took a more decisive turn when a professor suggested she consider becoming a nurse practitioner. Initially resistant, Cynthia found herself drawn towards the prospect and thus began her journey in healthcare. But while she excelled in her role as a nurse practitioner, she began to question the limitations of traditional allopathic medicine.

Despite Cynthia’s meticulous diet, this curiosity was further piqued when her youngest son developed severe eczema and life-threatening food allergies. This led her to explore the link between food and health, prompting her to shift her focus toward lifestyle medicine and ultimately discover the health and wellness benefits of intermittent fasting.

Enhanced Metabolic Health and Hormonal Balance through Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Transformation The 45-Day Program for Women to Lose Stubborn Weight, Improve Hormonal Health, and Slow Aging by Cynthia Thurlow for the Passion Struck recommended books

Intermittent fasting is more than just a buzzword in the health industry. It forms a pivotal part of a health regimen to enhance metabolic health and hormonal balance. Why is this important? Well, metabolic health is critical to the body’s ability to use different fuel substrates effectively. Meanwhile, hormonal balance is a key driver in how our bodies function, from mood regulation to digestion and sleep patterns.

Cynthia Thurlow – a firm believer in intermittent fasting – has seen firsthand how life-changing it can be. She highlighted its significance in maintaining a metabolically healthy state and shared how this fasting methodology has historical roots in religious practices. Delving into the science and history, Cynthia emphasizes it’s not a quick fix but a sustainable lifestyle choice, offering long-term health benefits.

Misconceptions About Metabolic Health
Despite the growing popularity of health and wellness trends, many misconceptions are still looming. In terms of metabolic health, one common belief is that a fasting blood sugar level below 100 is normal – an assertion Cynthia debunks. Recent studies show that a fasting blood sugar level of 90-99 indicates a three times greater risk for developing insulin resistance.

In her conversation with John, Cynthia quickly cleared the air around the misconceptions of metabolic health. She revealed the facts about blood sugar levels and emphasized that being metabolically healthy extends beyond lab parameters. It includes aspects like the quality of one’s sleep, level of physical activity, and the avoidance of sedentary behavior.

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About Today’s Guest, Cynthia Thurlow

Passion Struck podcast album cover episode 327 with Cynthia Thurlow on How To Take Control of Your Health Through Intermittent Fasting

Let me introduce Cynthia Thurlow, a woman whose groundbreaking work on intermittent fasting transforms lives worldwide. Not just a renowned nutrition expert, Cynthia wears multiple hats, including a nurse practitioner, two-time TEDx speaker, podcast host, and author. With her wealth of professional and personal experience, she enlightens people about an individualized six-week fasting regime designed to achieve metabolic health and hormonal balance at any stage of life. With her scientific-backed advice, her audience learns about a life free from hunger, cravings, and weight plateaus. Not just weight loss, she promises therapeutic benefits, such as detoxification and relief from perimenopause symptoms.

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