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Steve Bowen on Pioneering the New Dawn of Space Exploration

In this episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles interviews astronaut Steve Bowen, a distinguished United States Naval Submariner turned NASA astronaut. Steve shares insights into his journey from childhood dreams of engineering to becoming an astronaut, highlighting pivotal moments and challenges he faced along the way.

The episode delves into the parallels between life on a submarine and aboard the International Space Station, exploring the teamwork, adaptability, and resilience required for space exploration.

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“We can solve problems when we all work together. We actually can take care of this incredible planet as long as we challenge ourselves to understand it and understand how to make it work.”

astronaut steve bowen

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A Journey from Submarines to Space: Astronaut Steve Bowen’s Inspiring Story

Passion Struck podcast episode 448 features an extraordinary guest, Captain Steve Bowen, a distinguished United States Naval Submariner turned NASA astronaut. With a remarkable journey from the depths of Earth’s oceans to the vastness of space, Captain Bowen shares insights into his experiences, challenges, and triumphs in space exploration.

From installing antennas on the space station to witnessing meteorites entering the Earth’s atmosphere, his spacewalk experiences are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Join host John R. Miles as he delves into Captain Bowen’s reflections on teamwork, adaptability, and resilience in the captivating world of space exploration.

Key Highlights

  • Space Station Antenna Installation: Steve recalls a unique experience of installing an antenna on top of the space station and reflecting on the civilization’s ability to work together for space exploration.
  • Training and Preparation: The rigorous training and preparation process for spacewalks and missions, emphasizes the importance of focus and discipline in a challenging environment.
  • Overview Effect: Steve discusses the profound impact of seeing Earth from space, highlighting the fragility of the planet and the interconnectedness of life.
  • Spacewalk Experiences: Memorable moments from Steve’s spacewalks, including witnessing a meteorite entering the atmosphere and unique perspectives of Earth from space.


This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes of space exploration and the personal journey of an astronaut. Steve Bowen’s story offers valuable insights into the challenges, triumphs, and reflections of a career spanning from submarines to space. Listeners will gain a deeper appreciation for the teamwork, training, and dedication required for space missions. Steve’s perspective on the overview effect and the future of space exploration provides thought-provoking insights for all.

This episode provides a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from an astronaut about their experiences, challenges, and reflections on space exploration. Steve Bowen’s journey from submarines to space offers valuable lessons in teamwork, adaptability, and resilience, making it a compelling listen for space enthusiasts and those interested in personal growth and exploration.

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Inspirational quote from Astronaut Steve Bowen said during his Passion Struck Podcast episode with John R. Miles

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Exploring the Depths of Space: Challenges and Lessons from Spacewalks

In a captivating conversation on the Passion Struck podcast, Astronaut Steve Bowen shared insights from his extensive experience with spacewalks, offering a glimpse into the challenges and lessons learned during these daring extravehicular activities (EVAs). With ten remarkable EVAs to his credit, Bowen highlighted the risks and complexities inherent in conducting spacewalks, emphasizing the crucial role of training and preparation in ensuring astronaut safety.

One of Bowen’s most memorable moments was witnessing a meteorite entering Earth’s atmosphere during an early spacewalk, underscoring the dangers posed by micrometeorites and debris in space. This experience highlighted the need for understanding and mitigating such risks during EVAs.

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Col. Chris Hadfield for the Passion Struck recommended books

Bowen also discussed the spacewalk incident involving Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, where a life-threatening situation arose as liquid began filling up Parmitano’s helmet. This harrowing event underscored the potential dangers astronauts face during EVAs and the importance of quick thinking and training in handling emergencies in space.

Bowen’s experiences shed light on the challenges of spacewalks and the lessons learned in managing unexpected situations in the harsh environment of space. These insights serve as a reminder of the meticulous preparation and continuous training required to navigate the demanding conditions of extravehicular activities.

In another aspect of the conversation, Bowen drew parallels between life on a submarine and aboard the International Space Station, highlighting the importance of teamwork and leadership in extreme environments. Reflecting on his experience as the first submarine officer selected as an astronaut, Bowen showcased the transferable skills and principles of teamwork and leadership between the two settings.

The comparison between life on a submarine and the ISS underscored the critical role of effective communication and collaboration in ensuring mission success. Bowen’s reflections on the shared experiences and operational dynamics emphasized the significance of building strong relationships, fostering trust, and working cohesively as a team to achieve objectives in challenging environments.

By exploring these parallels, Bowen provided valuable insights into the essential qualities of effective teamwork and leadership in extreme environments. The discussion underscored the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and resilience in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in challenging operational settings.


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About Today’s Guest, Astronaut Steve Bowen

Passion Struck album cover with Astronaut Steve Bowen Episode 448 0n Pioneering the New Dawn of Space Exploration

Steve Bowen, an accomplished astronaut and engineer, has significantly contributed to the advancement of space exploration. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Bowen embarked on a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy, serving aboard nuclear-powered submarines. His exceptional skills and leadership led him to NASA, where he was selected as an astronaut candidate in 2000.

Throughout his tenure at NASA, Bowen participated in multiple space missions, conducting critical extravehicular activities (EVAs) to assemble and maintain the International Space Station (ISS). His extensive experience in both engineering and space operations reflects a lifelong commitment to pushing the boundaries of human exploration. Bowen’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering passion for discovery continue to inspire aspiring astronauts and scientists worldwide.

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