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Nicole Stott on Back to Earth
Combining the Awe and Wonder of Space Exploration with the Healing Power of Art

Nicole Stott (@astro_nicole) on back to earth: combining the awe and wonder of space exploration with the healing power of art. | Brought to you by Masterworks (use code passion).

Picture of Nicole Stott in the ISS Cupola for Passion Struck Podcast

Nicole Stott is an astronaut, aquanaut, artist, polar explorer, mom, and now the author of her first book “Back to Earth ~ What Life In Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet – And Our Mission To Protect It.”  She creatively combines the awe and wonder of her spaceflight experience with her artwork to inspire everyone’s appreciation of our role as crewmates here on Spaceship Earth.

She is a veteran NASA Astronaut with two spaceflights and 104 days as a crew member on both the International Space Station (ISS) and the Space Shuttle.  She is also a NASA Aquanaut. She was a crew member on an 18-day saturation dive mission at the Aquarius undersea laboratory in preparation for spaceflight.

SPACE FOR ART FOUNDATION: Space, Art, and Healing

Nicole believes that the international model of peaceful and prosperous cooperation we have experienced in the extreme environments of space and sea holds the key to the same kind of peaceful and successful cooperation for all of humanity here on Earth.

On her post-NASA mission, Nicole is a co-founder of the Space for Art Foundation — uniting a planetary community of children through the awe and wonder of space exploration and the healing power of art. 

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Every astronaut floating around the dinner table in space discusses that if my president and your president could be up here talking about all these problems while looking out the ISS window, they might come to different conclusions and want to take action.

Nicole Stott

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What I Discuss With Nicole Stott About Back to Earth

  • Nicole Stott and I discussed her unique journey to NASA and then her selection as an astronaut in 2000.
  • Why she believes that sharing the orbital and inner space perspectives has the power to increase everyone’s appreciation of and obligation to care for our home planet.
  • How she combines her artwork and spaceflight experience to inspire creative thinking about solutions to our planetary challenges.
  • Nicole talks about how she wants to raise awareness of the surprising interplay between science and art.
  • She strives to promote the fantastic work being done every day in space to improve life right here on Earth.
  • Her passion in creating the Space for Arts Foundation which helps and inspires sick children around the world.
  • Lastly, we discuss her experience as an astronaut, aquanaut, and polar explorer.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
131 | Back to Earth | Nicole Stott | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
131 | Back to Earth | Nicole Stott | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Nicole Stott Discusses Her Book: “Back to Earth

During our interview, I asked Nicole Stott why she wrote “Back to Earth,” and what she hopes readers will take away from it.

Back to Earth, by Nicole Stott for Passion Struck with John R. Miles

Nicole explains, “I love that you’ve asked about the book I really am proud about the way that it turned out. It’s not a memoir. It’s called “Back to Earth.” It’s really meant to be a story of how, (and I think you’ve probably heard this through your conversation with Chris Cassidy, Wendy Lawrence, And Kayla Barron, we’ve built this mechanical life support system in space. The space station mimics what Earth does for us naturally. We know that we have to have these things in place on a spaceship just so we can survive there.

Before we can do any of the science that we want to do there, we have to have these basics of life support in place. It is the same thing on a submarine or in that Aquarius habitat. The reality is, we’re not meant to be in those places, right? So we have to put the things in place for us to survive. And somehow, for over 20 years now, with representatives from over 15 different countries, we’ve managed to peacefully and successfully work in that place and acknowledge the needs of human life.

Every day you have to be aware of how much CO2 is in our atmosphere. How much clean drinking water we have, the integrity of our thin metal hole, and the health and well-being of all of our crewmates. From my work with NASA, and my time and space, it became clear to me that that is just a really wonderful example of how we should be living like a crew down here on spaceship Earth.

And so that’s what I try to bring out in the book. The chapters are broken out by these ways of living, things we learn, and that we live by as crewmates on this spaceship. And, how we can do those same things together here on Earth. And it also showcases a lot of the science that’s happening on the space station, but also the work of really wonderful people down here on earth that are already behaving like crewmates, there are so many. But you know, things that are going on are ultimately all about improving life on earth.

Thanks, Nicole Stott!

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About Today’s Guest Astronaut Nicole Stott

Passion Struck with John R. Miles album cover episode 131 with Astronaut Nicole Stott

Nicole Stott is a veteran NASA Astronaut with two spaceflights and 104 days as a crewmember on both the International Space Station (ISS) and the Space Shuttle. Personal highlights of her time in space include performing a spacewalk (10th woman to do so), flying the robotic arm to capture the first free-flying HTV, painting a watercolor (now on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum), working with her international crew on science that is all about improving life on Earth, and of course the life changing view of our home planet. She is also a NASA Aquanaut. In preparation for spaceflight she was a crew member on an 18-day saturation dive mission at the Aquarius undersea laboratory.

As an Artist, & now retired from NASA, Nicole combines her spaceflight experience & artwork to inspire creative thinking about solutions to our planetary challenges, to raise awareness of the surprising interplay between science & art, & to promote the amazing work being done every day in space to improve life right here on Earth.

Nicole was invited to join the Spacesuit Art Project when it first began in 2015 & since then it has been an amazing journey of space, art, & healing. She knows that the time she spent in space has led her to the work she’s blessed to do now as a founding director with the Space for Art Foundation.



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