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Dr. Lynn Matrisian on the Frontlines of Pancreatic Cancer – Education, Awareness, and Progress

In this heartfelt episode of the Passion Struck podcast, host John R. Miles engages in a deeply personal and timely conversation with Dr. Lynn Matrisian, the Chief Science Officer at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), in recognition of World Pancreatic Cancer Day. John shares the story of his sister Carolyn’s brave fight against pancreatic cancer, a battle that mirrors the experiences of many families worldwide.

This episode is a tribute to the resilience and courage of all those affected by pancreatic cancer, like John’s sister Carolyn. It is a beacon of hope and science in the ongoing battle against this silent killer.

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“In the face of pancreatic cancer, there is hope. There are things being done all the time. There are ways to navigate through the challenges, and we’re here to help you find them.”

Dr. lynn matrisian

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Igniting Hope: Dr. Lynn Matrisian Explores PanCAN’s Impactful Journey in Pancreatic Cancer Research and Advocacy

Dr. Matrisian brings her extensive expertise to the discussion, highlighting PanCAN’s pioneering research in early detection and the strides being made in treatment options. The episode places a strong emphasis on the importance of public education, particularly for those in high-risk communities, underscoring the potential life-saving power of knowledge.

Listeners are invited to explore the latest advancements in the field, understand the significance of awareness, and learn how each individual can contribute to the fight against this formidable disease.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  1. The importance of early detection in improving pancreatic cancer outcomes.
  2. Educational efforts are crucial, especially for high-risk populations.
  3. Ongoing research is opening new avenues for treatment.
  4. Personal stories like Carolyn’s highlight the human impact of the disease.
  5. Listener involvement and awareness can make a significant difference.

Join us for an insightful and compassionate dialogue with Dr. Lynn Matrisian, as we explore the intricacies of pancreatic cancer research and advocacy. This conversation goes beyond boundaries, urging you to embrace the journey with authenticity and courage.

373 | Pancreatic Cancer’s New Hope for a Cure | Dr. Lynn Matrisian | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Navigating Hope: Understanding Maria Menounos’ Pancreatic Cancer Journey

Maria Menounos PanCAN

In this segment, Dr. Lynn Matrisian sheds light on Maria Menounos’ unique case, offering insights into the challenges and discoveries surrounding her pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Exploring the specifics of Menounos’ situation, the conversation touches upon the role of whole-body MRI scans and the potential impact of such advanced diagnostic tools in early detection.

While Menounos’ case differs due to the cancer’s location, the discussion raises questions about the future accessibility of comprehensive screening methods and their potential to revolutionize cancer detection.

Join us in unraveling the nuances of Maria Menounos’ journey and the broader implications for pancreatic cancer awareness and research.

Jane Mclelland’s Revolutionary Journey: Starving Cancer and Inspiring Global Change

After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis and being told she had only a few weeks to live, Jane embarked on an extraordinary journey of survival. Her research, which included revisiting decades-old studies, led her to an unconventional approach focused not on curing cancer but on halting its growth. Astonishingly, this method not only stopped the cancer’s progression but also resulted in its complete disappearance. Jane’s groundbreaking strategy has inspired clinics worldwide, yielding impressive results in cancer treatment.

How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland for the Passion Struck recommended books

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Leading cancer researchers at prominent oncology centers now use this book as a reference. Jane has garnered a substantial following, with tens of thousands of supporters on Facebook. The book is replete with testimonials from patients who have recovered and oncologists who have adopted her methods. Jane’s pioneering work has attracted national press, TV, and radio coverage, with more attention anticipated, including two documentaries and a potential movie. She has been recognized for her contributions with the ‘Amazing Women Global’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 and the New York Big Book Award in the same year. The book also includes a new glossary and index, making it an accessible and essential read for anyone interested in innovative cancer treatments.

Thanks, Dr. Lynn Matrisian

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Resources From The Show With Lynn Matrisian

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  6. Take PanCAN’s 10-question test to learn more about pancreatic cancer risk factors and what might increase your risk.
  7. If you are a first-degree relative of someone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you may have an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Your family member with pancreatic cancer is strongly recommended to undergo genetic testing for inherited mutations. Negative results often mean you do not need to get genetic testing.
  8. Use PanCAN’s family history worksheet to better understand your risk of hereditary pancreatic cancer.
  9. Download PanCAN’s Conversation Guide and bring it with you to your doctor to help understand your risk and identify your symptoms.
  10. Mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes increase a person’s lifetime risk of developing breast, ovarian and other cancer types, including pancreatic. Ashkenazi Jews have a higher rate of BRCA mutations than the general American population.
  11. The Native American/Alaska Native community has the worst pancreatic cancer survival rate of any major racial or ethnic group, a statistic driven by a variety of factors stemming from systemic oppression and racism.
  12. PanCAN encourages high-risk individuals to know the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and learn more about genetic counseling and surveillance. Individuals with one or more first-degree relatives with pancreatic cancer should consult with a genetic counselor and consider genetic testing.
  13. PanCAN supports research to understand more about how ancestry plays a role in risk for pancreatic cancer. We also fund research focused on health disparities related to pancreatic cancer, including those experienced by the Native American/Alaska Native community
  14. A PanCAN-funded study called REGENERATE, which stands for Racial/ethnic Equity in GENetic Education, Risk Assessment and Testing, aims to assess perceptions of genetic education and testing among Black and Latino/a/x groups, with a goal to advance equitable access to genetics care.
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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Kate Bowler

Passion Struck album cover with Dr. Lynn Matrisian episode 373 -1

Dr. Lynn Matrisian is a distinguished figure in the realm of pancreatic cancer research—an accomplished scientist, advocate, and Chief Science Officer at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). With a background in molecular biology, Dr. Matrisian has devoted her career to unraveling the complexities of pancreatic cancer, aiming to improve early detection methods and advance treatment options.

In her pivotal role at PanCAN, Dr. Matrisian leads pioneering research initiatives focused on early detection, emphasizing the critical role of public education, particularly in high-risk communities. Her efforts extend to advocacy, where she works nationally and globally to influence conversations and policies surrounding pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Matrisian’s commitment to the cause goes beyond the laboratory, as she actively engages with individuals affected by pancreatic cancer. Through PanCAN’s resources, including personalized case management, she strives to empower patients with the knowledge needed to navigate their journey effectively.

With a vision of a future where pancreatic cancer is not only detected early but also effectively controlled, Dr. Lynn Matrisian stands at the forefront of the fight against this formidable disease. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication inspire hope and instill a sense of purpose in the pursuit of advancements that will impact lives around the world.

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