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M.T. Connolly on How You Build the Measure of Your Age

On this episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles interviews M.T. Connolly, an elder justice expert and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient. In their conversation, they delve into the complexities of aging and the challenges that come with living longer lives.

M.T. Connolly shares insights from her book, “The Measure of Our Age: Navigating Care, Safety, Money, and Meaning Later in Life,” and discusses the need for better infrastructure and support systems for aging individuals and their caregivers. They also explore the importance of purpose, social connection, and creativity in maintaining a fulfilling life as we age.

Tune in to gain valuable insights on elder justice and how we can improve the quality of life for older adults.

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“We don’t just want time, we want to be able to live that time well. And we’re really undermining our own quality of life.”

M.T. Connolly

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Revolutionizing Elder Justice: M.T. Connolly’s Blueprint for a Compassionate Future

In this transformative episode, join the visionary M.T. Connolly on an expedition into the heart of elder justice and the profound transformation of aging. With a resolute commitment to reshaping the narrative surrounding the later stages of life, Connolly unveils a blueprint for a compassionate and empowered future.

Key Insights

  1. A Vision for Tomorrow: M.T. Connolly shares her groundbreaking vision for the future of aging, emphasizing the need for innovative approaches, policies, and community-driven solutions. Her insights challenge societal norms, presenting a future where aging is a time of enrichment and purpose.
  2. Empowering Caregivers: The episode delves into the crucial role of caregivers in the aging journey. Connolly advocates for comprehensive community support structures that recognize and uplift the invaluable contributions of caregivers, ensuring they are equipped with the resources needed for their noble endeavors.
  3. Age-Friendly Communities: Uncover the significance of age-friendly communities and the elements that contribute to their creation. Connolly explores the importance of fostering environments where seniors can age with dignity, surrounded by inclusivity and respect.
  4. Bridging Healthcare Gaps: The conversation extends to healthcare policies tailored to meet the diverse needs of seniors. Connolly articulates the necessity of intergenerational connections, highlighting their potential to bridge gaps in healthcare and provide a holistic approach to aging.
  5. Unlocking Creative Aging: M.T. Connolly introduces the concept of creative aging, challenging conventional perspectives. Discover the transformative power of embracing creativity in the later stages of life, unlocking a path to purposeful living and fulfillment.

Build the Measure of Our Age

As M.T. Connolly navigates the intricate landscape of elder justice, her vision extends beyond a compassionate blueprint—it’s a glimpse into a future where aging becomes a tapestry woven with threads of dignity, respect, and profound societal transformation. In this envisaged future, seniors are not merely recipients of care but active contributors to a community that values and cherishes the wisdom and experiences they bring. Connolly’s odyssey challenges us not only to envision this future but to actively participate in shaping it, igniting a compassionate revolution that echoes through generations.

Why does this episode matter?

This episode is a rallying call for those passionate about elder justice, caregiving, and the creation of age-friendly communities. M.T. Connolly’s insights inspire a paradigm shift, inviting listeners to contribute to a future where aging is embraced with compassion, dignity, and a commitment to justice.

Join the Revolution: If you’re ready to be part of a movement that envisions a future where every individual ages with grace and purpose, hit play now. M.T. Connolly’s blueprint for elder justice is an invitation to revolutionize how we perceive and navigate the journey of aging.

389 | How You Build the Measure of Your Age | M.T. Connolly | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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The Unseen Heroes: The Impact of Caregiving on Aging Adults

Caregivers as Pillars of The Measure of Our Age

The Measure of Our Age by M.T. Connolly for the Passion Struck recommended books

In the book “The Measure of Our Age: Navigating Care, Safety, Money, and Meaning Later in Life,” author M.T. Connolly delves into the complexities of aging and the challenges that come with living longer lives. One significant aspect she explores is the role of caregivers and the high personal costs they often bear while providing care for their loved ones.

Caregivers play a crucial role in supporting older adults, whether they are family members or professional caregivers. However, the demands of caregiving can take a toll on their physical and mental well-being. Connolly highlights the staggering statistics that reveal the immense burden caregivers face. More than 41 million people provide care to individuals aged 50 and older, dedicating an average of 24 hours per week over four years. The estimated value of this unpaid care is around $600 billion annually, with caregivers experiencing lost income amounting to approximately $522 billion annually.

The impact on caregivers’ health is significant. Caregivers often experience physical health issues such as cardiac problems and compromised immune systems. Mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety, are also prevalent among caregivers. The toll on their well-being can even lead to hastened mortality.

Despite caregivers’ vital role, society often overlooks their needs and struggles. Connolly emphasizes the importance of providing support and resources to caregivers. This includes offering respite care to give caregivers much-needed breaks, establishing community resources such as adult daycare centers, and creating caregiver support groups to combat isolation. By recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by caregivers, we can alleviate their burden and improve their overall well-being.

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About Today’s Guest, M.T. Connolly

Passion Struck album cover with M.T. Connolly Episode 389-2 on how you build the measure of your age

Meet M.T. Conolly, a visionary advocate committed to transforming the landscape of elder justice. With a profound dedication to reshaping societal perspectives on aging, Conolly emerges as a trailblazer, challenging conventional narratives surrounding the later stages of life. Her insightful conversations transcend the ordinary, emphasizing compassion, empowerment, and dignity for seniors. Through an unwavering commitment to societal change,

Conolly inspires a renewed outlook on aging, debunking stereotypes and championing the holistic well-being of elders and their caregivers. She unveils a comprehensive blueprint in each transformative dialogue, fostering a future where seniors thrive with dignity and empowerment.

Join M.T. Conolly on this enlightening journey as she pioneers change and advocates for a compassionate and empowered aging experience.

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