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Marshall Goldsmith on How You Create An Earned Life

In this thought-provoking Passion Struck episode featuring Marshall Goldsmith, a renowned leadership coach, and best-selling author, a fundamental question is posed: Why does a life filled with continuous achievements often leave us with a sense of emptiness? Delving into ancient Buddhist wisdom of impermanence, the answer becomes clear: true fulfillment and happiness stem not from merely meeting ambitious goals but from actively pursuing meaningful goals. Marshall is the author of The Earned Life: Lose Regret, Choose Fulfillment.

Are you exhausted by the monotonous routine of everyday life, plagued by a constant sense of unease and the fear of missed opportunities? Have you tried living in the present moment, only to find yourself still yearning for something more meaningful and satisfying? If you’re ready to break free from this cycle of discontent and embark on a journey toward a purposeful and fulfilling existence, then this episode is for you. Join us as we unlock the secrets to cultivating a growth mindset, unlocking your true leadership potential, and forging genuine connections that bring lasting joy and fulfillment. It’s time to bid farewell to regrets and embrace a life well-earned. Get ready to embark on this transformative exploration with us.

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Be happy now. Not next week, not next month, not next year. The great Western disease: I’ll be happy when I get the money, status, etc. There’s no such place.

Marshall Goldsmith

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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Joines Me To Discuss How You Create Your Earned Life

In this episode of Passion Struck, John R. Miles sits down with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, an executive coach, business educator, and bestselling author, to discuss living an earned life. Goldsmith believes that people should focus on finding purpose and meaning in life, which will lead to fulfillment and avoid regrets. Goldsmith shares his insights on empathy, impermanence, community, and results and how they all contribute to living an earned life.

He emphasizes that happiness should be found in the present moment and not in the future. He encourages listeners to be present in their everyday lives and never to get so busy that they forget the people they love. This episode offers practical and actionable advice on how to achieve success and fulfillment by embracing empathy, impermanence, purpose, presence, community, and results.

By listening to Marshall and John, you will be able to:

  • Create an environment fostering purpose and diminishing regrets, giving rise to a genuinely earned life.
  • Elevate your leadership potential through stakeholder-centered feedback and the power of daily reflection.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset by embracing transparency, accountability, and empathy as essential components of self-improvement.
  • Uncover the secret to lasting fulfillment by concentrating on the journey, embracing change, and forging deep connections.
  • Put an end to personal and professional drama by harnessing emotional intelligence and maintaining mindfulness.
  • And much, much more!
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293 | How You Create the Earned Life | Dr. Marshall goldsmith | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Conversation With Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith’s journey in life took an impressive turn when he met Dr. Paul Hersey, a renowned teacher who had co-invented situational leadership. Inspired by Dr. Hersey, Marshall became more ambitious, leading him to work with luminaries like Francis Hesselbine, Peter Drucker, and Warren Bennett. These great teachers instilled in him the belief that he could be more, a message that transformed his life. Embracing this newfound sense of purpose, Marshall embarked on a mission to make the biggest positive difference he could, developing the Marshall Bot project to share his knowledge for free and creating the 100 Coaches program to pass on his wisdom to others.

“The Earned Life”

The Earned Life by Marshall Goldsmith for the passion struck recommended book list

The Earned Life is a concept that emphasizes the importance of finding purpose and avoiding regrets in life. It’s about living a life that is meaningful and intentional, where individuals pursue their aspirations, take meaningful actions, and find satisfaction in their day-to-day journey. Living an Earned Life requires a focus on self-reflection, growth, and continuous improvement both on a personal and professional level.

In the podcast, Marshall Goldsmith talks about the importance of seeking meaning and purpose in our lives to achieve long-term happiness. He stresses the importance of being honest with oneself and being present in the moment to experience the emotions and connections that add meaning to our lives. Goldsmith also advises against becoming addicted to results or tying self-worth to outcomes, as it can result in emotional distress and lack of enjoyment in life’s journey.

Calculating Risks and Opportunities
Life presents numerous risks and opportunities; however, it’s essential to weigh the potential consequences of our actions to strike a balance between pursuing exciting prospects and maintaining a sense of security. Carefully calculating risks and opportunities allows us to experience growth while avoiding unnecessary negative consequences that can set us back or deter us from achieving our true potential.

Marshall Goldsmith shares his personal story of a surfing accident that happened when he was 27 years old. In his reflection, he acknowledges that the mishap occurred because he pursued short-term gratification without considering the long-term consequences. Goldsmith highlights the importance of learning from these experiences and utilizing calculated risk-taking when faced with various opportunities in life.

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Resources From The Show With Marshall Goldsmith

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  • Check out Marshall Goldsmith’s latest best-selling book, The Earned Life: Lose Regret, Choose Fulfillment.
  • Visit Marshall Goldsmith’s website for free access to all his materials, including videos and articles.
  • Consider joining Marshall Goldsmith’s program, 100 Coaches, which offers mentorship and coaching from top leaders.
  • Watch out for Marshall Goldsmith’s upcoming custom video bot, audio bot, and metaverse bot for more personalized coaching and guidance.
  • Take action to overcome your self-defeating behaviors and avoid falling into the superstition trap, as discussed in What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.
  • Make the transition from thinking it’s all about me to it’s all about them to become a great leader.
  • Learn from the examples of successful leaders like Francis Hesselbine and Alan Mulally, who have made significant turnarounds using Marshall Goldsmith’s coaching methods.
  • Listen to Passion Struck’s interviews with New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin and Dr. Julianne Holt Lunstead.
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About Today’s Guest, Marshall Goldsmith

Passion Struck podcast episode 293 album cover with Marshall Goldsmith on how you create the earned life

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a globally acclaimed authority in the business world, acknowledged as one of the Top Ten Business Thinkers worldwide. His exceptional expertise as an executive coach has consistently earned him the top-ranking position at the prestigious Thinkers50 ceremony in London since 2011. With his profound insights and groundbreaking approach, Dr. Goldsmith has made an indelible impact on countless individuals and organizations.

Among his notable accomplishments is the publication of his book Triggers, which skyrocketed to the top of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller lists upon its release in 2015. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the compelling and transformative nature of Dr. Goldsmith’s teachings.

Additionally, he is the esteemed author of the New York Times bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal Business Book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Recognized with the prestigious Harold Longman Award as the Best Business Book of the Year, this groundbreaking work has revolutionized how we perceive personal and professional growth.

Dr. Goldsmith’s prolific contributions to the world of business and leadership have cemented his position as a respected authority sought after by individuals and corporations alike. Through his remarkable books and unwavering commitment to excellence, he continues to shape the landscape of modern leadership and inspire countless individuals to reach their highest potential.

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