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Jason O’Mara on Finding Strength in the Face of Setbacks

In this episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles interviews actor Jason O’Mara. Jason shares insights into his acting career, discussing how he approaches getting into character and handling rejection in the industry. He also discusses his involvement with Movember, a charity organization focused on men’s health issues.

Jason reflects on the importance of vulnerability and connection, especially in addressing mental health challenges. Additionally, he discusses his voice acting role in “Blood of Zeus” and the upcoming season.

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“I think all art if it’s deep enough and specific enough, has the power to change the person who’s witnessing the art.”

Jason O’Mara

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Unveiling the Power of Storytelling and Resilience with Actor Jason O’Mara

Jason O’Mara, a talented actor known for his roles in various films and TV series, shared insights on how he approaches rejection in the acting industry. He emphasized the importance of resilience, persistence, and staying motivated despite facing setbacks.

Jason also discussed his involvement with Movember, a charity organization focused on men’s health issues and mental health. He highlighted the significance of vulnerability and connection in addressing these issues. Overall, Jason O’Mara’s experiences and perspectives shed light on finding strength and resilience in the face of challenges.

Key Highlights

  • Acting Journey: Jason discusses his early experiences with acting, the role of sports in developing life skills, and the challenges of portraying complex characters.
  • Impact of Art: He reflects on the transformative power of storytelling and how art, when deep and specific, can inspire change in individuals.
  • Personal Transformation: Jason shares his personal journey of getting sober and how it influenced his life and career choices.
  • Role of Zeus: Exploring his voice-acting role as Zeus in “Blood of Zeus,” Jason reveals his approach to bringing mythical characters to life.
  • Involvement with Movember: Jason discusses his role as an ambassador for Movember, highlighting the organization’s mission to address men’s health issues and promote mental well-being.


This episode is a must-listen for individuals interested in the intersection of art, resilience, and mental health advocacy. Jason O’Mara’s candid insights into his acting journey, personal struggles, and commitment to supporting men’s health initiatives offer a compelling narrative of growth, vulnerability, and the power of storytelling.

Listeners will gain valuable perspectives on overcoming rejection, embracing vulnerability, and the importance of connecting with others in times of need.

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Jason O’Mara: Voice Acting, Mental Health Advocacy, and Movember

During the inspiring conversation, Jason shared some of his experiences in voice acting, portraying iconic characters like Batman and Zeus. He discussed how he approached bringing these mythical characters to life, starting with a focus on physicality and then finding the right voice to match the character’s demeanor.

Poster of Netflix's

Jason also mentioned drawing inspiration from actors like Jeremy Irons to embody the stoic and powerful presence of Zeus. His dedication to his craft and ability to infuse strength and vulnerability into his characters have made his voice acting performances truly impactful.

In addition to his successful voice acting career, Jason is also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and men’s health issues. Since 2015, he has been an ambassador for Movember, a global charity organization dedicated to changing the face of men’s health. Jason shared his personal connection to the cause, having experienced the loss of loved ones to cancer and suicide.

He highlighted the importance of promoting vulnerability and open communication among men, challenging societal norms that discourage emotional expression. Through his involvement with Movember, Jason continues to support initiatives that address mental health and promote positive habits for men’s well-being.


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About Today’s Guest, Jason O’Mara

Passion Struck album cover with Jason O'Mara Episode 444 on Finding Strength in the Face of Setbacks

Irish actor Jason O’Mara is a force to be reckoned with. After graduating with a drama degree from Trinity College Dublin, he honed his craft on prestigious stages like the Royal Shakespeare Company. His talent soon translated to the screen, with leading roles in acclaimed British series like “The Agency” and “Monarch of the Glen.”

Jason then took the leap across the pond and made his mark on American audiences. The powerful miniseries “Band of Brothers” showcased his talent for portraying complex characters, and he went on to captivate viewers in diverse roles on shows like “Terra Nova,” “Vegas,” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” He’s not just a live-action star, either – his voice acting brings iconic figures to life, with a notable performance as the mighty Zeus in Netflix’s “Blood of Zeus.”

Jason’s career is a testament to his dedication and resilience. The world of acting is filled with rejection, but Jason has used those setbacks as fuel to keep pushing forward. He’s also a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and a strong supporter of organizations like Movember. Jason O’Mara is an inspiration to aspiring artists, proving that perseverance and embracing challenges can lead to incredible success.

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