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Amy Malin On: Living Life From a Place of Love

Amy Malin (@wearetrueheart) is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and survivor of domestic violence and human trafficking who’s been at the intersection of Hollywood and philanthropy for the last two decades connecting celebrities and purpose-driven brands, to team up to raise millions of dollars for good causes through her company Trueheart.

Most people do not have disposable income to donate to charity. So, my husband and I thought, let’s harness the power of Tech for GOOD and create a free and easy tool where anybody can give back without taking one dollar out of their wallet.

Amy Milan

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What We Discuss With Amy Malin About Living Life From a Place of Love:

  • How she is a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking and found herself in one long cycle of being stuck in interpersonal violence, and toxic and abusive relationships.
  • How everyone’s healing journey is different and unique and why you shouldn’t compare yours to anyone else.
  • How the most transformative healing tool in her life was acts of service and why she dedicated her life to giving back and making a difference in the world.
  • Human trafficking awareness and the essential things all parents need to know and pass on to their kids.
  • How her traumatic experiences impacted her life but more importantly, how she did not let them define her and built the resilience to overcome them and do social good for world impact.
  • She discusses her unique dating approach of 100 dates in a month that led to her meeting her husband Scott.
  • How Trueheart is doing good for so many around the world through its unique model of supporting charities while you search the web
  • How Amy Malin and her husband Scott developed a unique way to democratize philanthropy and make it more inclusive.
  • And much more…
79 | Live Life From a Place of Love | Amy Malin | Passion Struck Podcast
79 | Live Life From a Place of Love | Amy Malin | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About Living Life From a Place of Love with our Guest Amy Malin

During our interview, I spoke to Amy Malin about True Heart, the company she co-founded, and how it is disrupting both philanthropy and the search market by creating a search engine that powers social causes through its use.

Amy Malin explains, “So, after working at the intersection of Hollywood and philanthropy for the last two decades and connecting celebrities and purpose driven brands, to team up with us to raise millions of dollars for good causes. My husband, Scott, and I were thinking, how do we help democratize philanthropy and make it more inclusive? We’re big believers that billions of people in the world with big hearts want to transform their local communities. But most people do not have disposable income to donate to charity. So we said, let’s harness the power of Tech for Good and create a free and easy tool where anybody can give back without taking $1 out of their wallet.

So something as simple as searching the web every day. Now you can do it and know that your searches are powering donations to the six amazing charity partners that we support: Smile Train, Action Against Hunger, Global Green, for Paws for ability, PFLAG national, and variety Boys and Girls Club. And these are organizations that work tirelessly on the frontlines to save lives, feed the hungry, protect the planet, promote animal welfare, fight for equality, and support our youth.

So we’re donating 80% of our net profits to our charity partners. And we fund very specific what we call funded dream projects. So rather than donate the money to a general fund as part of our community, you get to see where every dollar goes to make a difference. So with our friends at Global Green, we’re planting healthy saplings in the Amazon rainforest, to combat the devastating wildfires there and to fight climate change. So you literally get to be a part of saving the planet.

With our friends at Action Against Hunger, we’re providing meals and essential services to families in over 46 countries around the world. With our friends at Smile Train, we’re providing free cleft surgeries and essential treatment to children in need in countries around the world. So those are just three of our six projects that we’re funding.

And I think most people don’t realize that this global search engine industry makes hundreds of billions of dollars a year. And there’s just a few big companies that are accumulating all of that wealth. So we thought, well, why not create a way where we can redistribute some of that wealth to these charities that are changing the world. And, you know, the more our community grows, the more charities that we can support and the more pillars we can add to our platform. And so the more impact we can make, and the more lives we can save and transform.”

Thanks, Amy Malin!

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Living a Life of Service quote by Amy Malin


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 4:41 Living a life of service
  • 8:17 A long cycle of being stuck
  • 12:02 Creating the life she deserved
  • 20:00 Everyone’s healing journey is different
  • 28:03 Addressing the hurt inside
  • 30:37 Confronting your brutal reality
  • 34:43 Always be on the alert
  • 44:08 Putting 110% in your personal life
  • 50:06 Creation of Trueheart





*Smile Train

*Action Against Hunger

*Global Green

About This Episode’s Guest Amy Malin

Passion Struck Podcast album cover with Amy MalinAmy

As a social entrepreneur, Amy Malin has worked tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for worthy causes such as Adoption and Foster Care, Animal Rescue, Cancer Research, Children’s Healthcare, Climate Change, Disaster Relief, Domestic Violence, Gender Equality, HIV/AIDS, Homelessness, Human Trafficking, Hunger, LBTQ Rights, Marriage Equality, Poverty, Racial Equality, The Arts, The Environment, Women’s Empowerment and more.

Amy is the co-founder of Trueheart, a full service creative agency that works at the intersection of Hollywood and philanthropy. They connect celebrities and purpose-driven brands with deserving charities and help raise millions of dollars for important causes.


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