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The Real-Life Indiana Jones: Forrest Galante on Exploring the Edge of Extinction

In this episode, host John R. Miles interviews Forrest Galante, an adventurer, wildlife biologist, and host of Shark Week. Forrest shares his journey from growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe to becoming a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation. He discusses the challenges and risks he has faced in his career, including searching for extinct animals and encountering dangerous predators. Forrest is the author of “Still Alive: A Wild Life of Rediscovery.

Forrest emphasizes the importance of taking calculated risks and staying focused on one’s goals, even in the face of fear and adversity. He also highlights the significance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals and staying true to one’s core values. The episode showcases Forrest’s incredible adventures and his dedication to making a lasting impact on the natural world.

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“If you have that passion for anything… figure out a way that you can spend your time working on that every day… Even if you’re not making a lot of money… you’ll feel like you’ve made a difference because you’re pursuing your passion.”

Forrest galante

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Exploring the Edge of Extinction with Forrest Galante: The Race to Save Disappearing Species

Forrest Galante, a wildlife biologist and conservationist, shares his inspiring journey of pursuing his dreams against all odds. Despite facing fear, uncertainty, and financial struggles, Forrest has created a successful career in wildlife communication and conservation.

Forrest also talks about his TV shows, such as “Extinct or Alive” and “Face the Beast,” where he searches for extinct animals and investigates mysterious animal attacks. Overall, it offers valuable lessons and inspiration for anyone looking to pursue their dreams and positively impact the world.

Here are some key takeaways from his story:

  1. Confront Fear: Forrest believes that bravery is not the absence of fear but rather being scared of something and doing it anyway. He encourages individuals to take calculated risks and be willing to face their fears to pursue their passions.
  2. Be Laser-Focused: To achieve success, Forrest emphasizes the importance of being laser-focused and giving 100% of your time, energy, and effort to your goals. He believes that if you are not fully committed, you may do something you don’t truly want to do.
  3. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People: Forrest advises surrounding yourself with people who share similar aspirations and passions. Having a supportive network of individuals who understand and support your goals can provide motivation and inspiration.
  4. Embrace Intentionality: Forrest stresses the significance of aligning your actions with your core values and long-term goals. By being intentional in your pursuits, you can stay true to yourself and make meaningful progress towards your dreams.

Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
413 | Exploring the Edge of Extinction | Forrest Galante | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Inspirational quote from Forrest Galante for The Passion Struck Podcast with John R. Miles

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Navigating the Wild World of Television: Forrest Galante’s Journey to Producing Quality Shows

Still Alive by Forrest Galante for the Passion Struck recommended books

Forrest Galante’s path to success in producing quality television shows has been as adventurous and unpredictable as his expeditions into the wild. Starting out as a wildlife biologist with a passion for exploration, Forrest found himself drawn to the world of television as a means to share his experiences and promote wildlife conservation on a broader scale.

In the early stages of his television career, Forrest encountered numerous challenges, including navigating the complex dynamics of working with producers and networks. Despite facing skepticism and resistance from traditional media outlets, Forrest remained steadfast in his commitment to producing authentic and compelling content.

One of the key lessons Forrest learned during this time was the importance of maintaining creative control and staying true to his vision. While working with producers and networks, Forrest advocated for the integrity of his projects, ensuring that they accurately reflected his passion for wildlife conservation and exploration.

As Forrest continued to hone his skills as a television presenter and producer, he recognized the limitations of traditional media formats and the need for more creative freedom. Fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit, Forrest took matters into his own hands and sought alternative avenues to share his content.

This journey led Forrest to launch his own successful YouTube channel, where he could produce and distribute content independently, free from the constraints of traditional media. By funding his projects and building a loyal audience directly, Forrest regained control over his creative process and amplified his impact in promoting wildlife conservation.

Through his experiences producing quality shows and navigating the television industry, Forrest has learned valuable lessons about perseverance, creative autonomy, and embracing new opportunities. Today, he continues to inspire audiences worldwide with his captivating adventures and unwavering dedication to protecting our planet’s most precious ecosystems.


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About Today’s Guest, Forrest Galante

Passion Struck album cover with Forrest Galante 413-1 on Exploring the Edge of Extinction

Forrest Galante is a renowned wildlife biologist, conservationist, and television personality, best known for his captivating expeditions in search of rare and elusive species. With a passion for adventure and a commitment to wildlife conservation, Forrest has dedicated his life to exploring the world’s most remote and endangered ecosystems.

Through his groundbreaking work, he has uncovered numerous extinct or critically endangered species, shedding light on the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Forrest’s dynamic personality and fearless approach to exploration have earned him recognition as one of the leading figures in wildlife conservation and exploration.

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