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William Branum On: Why Transition Points Are Vital To Success

William Branum (@william.r.branum) is a former US Navy SEAL with 26 YEARS of service. He is now the founder of Naked Warrior Recovery. He sits down with John R Miles to talk about why transition points are vital to success.

These are the two decisions in Navy SEAL BUD/S. You can quit or keep going. And if you keep going, you can be mediocre, or you can be awesome.

William Branum

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What We Discuss With William Branum About Why Transition Points Are Vital To Success:

  • What William Branum learned through surviving Navy SEAL BUD/S training.
  • The reason it is better to suffer in the front than suffer in the rear to reach levels others only hope to achieve.
  • Why transition points are those times in life where complacency can kill your dreams and aspirations because you’re not locked on, you’re not paying attention.
  • If you see something and you want something, you have to go and work for it.
  • How he is overcoming past trauma through the use of CBD and the positive impact it’s had on his life.
  • What is an ODR and why are they vital to your success as a leader and in life.
  • And much more…

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67 | William Branum | Why Transition Points are Vital | Passion Struck Podcast
67 | William Branum | Why Transition Points are Vital | Passion Struck Podcast

More About This Show on Transition Points With William Branum

William Branum joined the Navy as a young enlisted guy. He grew up in Meridian, Mississippi hunting and was an Eagle Scout. However, he initially made some tactical errors that kept him from pursuing his goal of becoming a Navy SEAL. This is when he took matters into his own hands. He decided to take it to the top and used a visit from the Chief of Naval Operations to ask for his opportunity to go to BUD/S. He never looked back and went on to lead major combat operations ranging from protecting the interim Iraqi elected officials to Direct Action missions in Baghdad and across Ambar province.

William Branum equates transition points to mission planning. Transition points are those times in life where complacency can kill your dreams and aspirations because you’re not locked on, you’re not paying attention. They are those periods that are easy to overlook because they are not significant events. They are those moments of everyday life where you can choose comfort or stay locked in on achieving your dreams.  

As William recounts, “So there’s the mission, which is like the thing that you’re going to go do. And then there’s the planning piece of it. As the leader, you have the overall plan, but you assign different pieces of the plan, and then you break the plan. And then the people who are in charge of those pieces of the plan, break their portion of it so that everyone gets to see it.

And then the most important part before you even go on the mission, and I learned this kind of the hard way that really doing a dirt dive or practicing the transitions were the most important part of the mission planning.

And what I mean by that is, so let’s just say you’re driving into a target, and you transition from being on base to out into like, bad guy world. So there’s a transition there. So you went from like, good guy, land to the bad guy land, and now you’re on it. Now you stop and you get out and you patrol to the target, you walk to the target, well, that, that transition of getting out of the vehicles, and then walking or patrolling to the target, there is a bunch of stuff that goes like getting into a certain order.

Or, like, those times when the enemy is waiting for you. Okay, you’re just kind of like lollygagging around at night somewhere. And then the enemy hits you. That’s when the IED goes off. That’s when bad shit happens. And it’s always during that transition, where you’re being like, kind of lackadaisical, you’re being complacent. And you know, we all you know, complacency kills, because you’re not locked on, you’re not paying attention.

And, you know, the same thing is true in life.”

Listen to this episode in its entirety to learn more about the effectiveness of leadership and perseverance.

Thanks, William Branum!

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William Branum Show Notes

  • 0:00 William Branum Navy Seal Teaser
  • 1:34 Show introduction
  • 4:12 William’s unique story to becoming a SEAL
  • 10:53 The importance of asking for advice
  • 13:26 Why it’s better to suffer in the front than suffer in the back
  • 18:46 Why transition points are vital to your success
  • 24:03 Advice for Veterans who are transitioning to civilian life
  • 31:49 Using CBD to overcome his past baggage
  • 40:00 What is an ODR and how do you apply them to life?
  • 43:43 Why he believes it is failure that leads to success
  • 50:13 Hudson charity event benefiting the GI Go Fund
Quote from William Branum on why its better to suffer in the front






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About This Episode’s Guest William Branum

William Branum Passion Struck Podcast Episode Cover

After retiring from the military in 2018, William realized that he was suffering from physical and psychological symptoms that negatively impacted his well-being and quality of life. Migraines, severe anxiety, chronic pains, difficulty focusing, difficulty sleeping/falling asleep, and depression are some of the symptoms I struggled with on a daily basis. Like so many others, he used alcohol & prescription drugs to mask the symptoms he had. Then he discovered CBD and it changed his life. It had such an impact on him he started Naked Warrior Recovery to bring the highest quality products.


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