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Elise Micheals on How to Gain Back the Power of Being a Man

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Elise Micheals is a trauma-informed Men’s Mental Health coach who helps men find purpose and passion again by healing subconscious trauma. Originally a coach for women, she has dedicated her practice specifically to helping men after realizing their lack of support in the mental health space and has been doing it ever since.

From a very early age, men are taught not to feel, which creates disconnection with themselves, disconnection from their desires and their true passion.

Elise Micheals

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What I Discuss With Elise Micheals About Men’s Mental Health

Elise Micheals joins us to discuss how she is helping men overcome their mental trauma and bring back their power of being a man by being mentally stable and emotionally free. We discuss how she helps men to connect with their divine masculinity and live life with passion and purpose.

  • Why it was a risk for her to create a business coaching men and why this is the area she decided to focus on.
  • Why she feels it is important to focus on subconscious trauma and men’s mental health.
  • The common mental health issues she finds with her male clients and why these issues are only compounding.
  • How you can connect with your inner self. We both provide our tips for doing so.
  • The four pillars of men’s mental health.
  • Why LinkedIn has become her primary platform for social outreach and how she has amassed a significant following.
  • We end by discussing her favorite books and the best advice she has ever received.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
156 | How to Gain Back the Power of Being a Man | Elise Micheals | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
156 | How to Gain Back the Power of Being a Man | Elise Micheals | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With Elise Micheals on How to Gain Back the Power of Being a Man

During my interview with Elise Micheals, we discussed why so many people in society right now, both men and women, are experiencing hopelessness and disengagement. We talked about how this is especially problematic with men because it’s difficult for us to discuss many of these things. I asked Elise if this that something that she finds is common amongst her clients and, if so, how she helps men open up about these things.

Quote by Elise Micheals from the Passion Struck podcast about overcoming trauma

Elise explains, “absolutely. I agree 100% with what you’re saying. Women are strongly encouraged to talk with their friends. Being emotional is okay for us. It’s okay for us to talk about things. For men, it is shamed. From a very early age, men are taught not to feel, which creates disconnection with themselves, disconnection from their desires, and from their true passion. And they’re trained to go into a career that makes a lot of money, but they might not like to just do what they must do.

And they become somebody that they don’t like. That’s why they have these midlife crises. I can have them open up to me because I’m pointing it out. I’m saying listen, this is what’s happening. Do you resonate with it? The men who resist that are the men who are hiding behind the fruits of their labor and not enjoying them. I coach the men who want to enjoy the fruits of their work and no longer hide behind it. If you’re ready for that, you’re gonna see okay; something is not right here.

Many of the men I work with are usually high executives or business owners. So what happens is they do everything themselves, and they’re burned out. They’re always taking care of others and not themselves. They’re never a priority. They have trouble in their personal relationships when it comes to connecting and genuinely being intimate. It’s kind of like they just get stuck at a certain point. They don’t ever have a really great time. It’s like, okay, winning, what’s next? What’s next, what’s next? The focus is always usually on achieving something. Because it’s all external validation, as opposed to internal validation, the burnout, the feeling of not really ever being good enough.”

Thanks, Elise Micheals!

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About Today’s Guest Elise Micheals

Passion Struck with John R. Miles Album cover for episode 156 with men's mental health coach Elise Micheals

With her own exploration of trauma therapy, relationship science, Neuroscience, NLP, and therapy of my own, Elise was able to pinpoint the cycles and behaviors that ultimately always led to my demise.

Now she helps men, as many men are silenced when it comes to emotions. This causes their struggles to be compounded and makes them even more difficult to process.

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