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Seth Godin on Why We Need Systems Change to Save the Planet
It's not to late to tackle the climate crisis

Seth Godin (@thisissethsblog) is a teacher, entrepreneur, marketing Hall of Fame inductee, daily blogger, host of the Akimbo podcast, and the author of over 20 international bestsellers. His latest is The Carbon Almanac: It’s Not Too Late.

Seth Godin joins me on the Passion Struck podcast to discuss the Carbon Almanac and why tackling climate change requires changing the system. One of the things that we need to understand about the climate crisis is that we cannot simply reduce our way out of this problem. We have a systems problem. And the system problem is very simple: carbon extracted from the ground in the form of concrete, combustion, and cows is underpriced. We have been stealing from our future by burning stuff way too cheap.

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The purpose of this Carbon Almanac is not to persuade someone who doesn’t want to be persuaded. The purpose of the Carbon Almanac is so that you can make a decision. So you can look your family or co-workers in the eye and say, ‘Look at this. You can look it up.’ Let’s decide what to do about it. Because we’re not here to argue. We’re here just to tell people what is actually happening.

Seth Godin

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In this episode, Seth Godin and I Discuss the Climate Crisis and Why Systems Change is Needed to Save the Planet:

Seth Godin and I discuss why the carbon almanac has become the most important project of his life. The four horsemen that are causing the apocalypse and which one takes the most priority. Why Seth believes we need to act over the next decade or face irreversible consequences. We then devote most of the episode to discussing systems change, prioritizing what we need to do first, measuring the changes, fostering public-private partnerships, and keeping global stakeholders accountable.

  • What Exxon knew in 1982 that they kept hidden from the world
  • The purpose of the Carbon Almanac
  • The Impact of Coal, Combustion, Cows, and Concrete
  • How we move away from fossil fuels
  • Why cows are such a big threat to the planet and how to address the problem
  • Why the next ten years are vital to our survival
  • How we initiate systems change and where to prioritize the efforts
  • Why we need to move away from the global blame game and institute leadership to tackle this issue
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
187 | Why We Need Systems Change to Save the Planet | Seth Godin | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
187 | Why We Need Systems Change to Save the Planet | Seth Godin | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Seth Godin quote from the passion struck podcast: "A memo from the chief engineer at Exxon in 1982 described in detail exactly what would happen to the climate, and he was right. The fact is that this is happening. But we don't need everyone to agree. We just need to do something about it."

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More From My Interview With Seth Godin on the Consequences of Not Tacking a Systems Change approach to Climate Change

During the Passion Struck podcast interview, I asked Seth why it is so critical we do something about the crisis over the next ten years and the consequences if we do not.

The Carbon Almanac by Seth Godin and collaborators for Passion Struck podcast book list

Seth Godin explains, “Well, the simple answer is this once ice caps melt, they don’t unmelt. And when you melt the ice caps, many significant things happen. For example, under the ice caps near the North Pole is an enormous amount of buried methane. And when that methane thaws out, it will be released into the atmosphere worse than any herd of cattle could make a difference.

So you end up with the ocean changing direction, you end up with the ocean not being able to absorb any more carbon dioxide, and you end up with flooding and heat waves. And guess what happens when there’s flooding and heatwaves, people turn on their air conditioning even more. And they say, Well, I have to spend money on this, and this and this because it’s an emergency. And all of those things are like burning your house for more heat, which will not solve the problem in the long run. It’s just going to be an emergency reaction.

So this little window that’s left to create new systems opens the door for us to say, Okay, now we can take a breath and start if you want to explore nuclear, but we can’t wait. Because that’s what the fossil fuel industry wants us to do. They just want us to wait till they retire. And I think deep down, the people in that industry know that it’s too late for that strategy, and they’re starting to wake up.

You will hear people from Shell talking about the urgency of this problem for the first time ever, and you will see that Exxon no longer denies that this is a real problem. So if the oil industry is now starting to understand it, that should be a symptom that the rest of us really need to show up.”

Thanks, Seth Godin!

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About Today’s Guest Seth Godin

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For more than 30 years, Seth Godin has inspired people and taught them how to level up. He is the author of 20 bestselling books translated into 40 languages. Books like Tribes, Linchpin, The Dip, and This is Marketing. He is the coordinator of the Carbon Almanac, which he considers the most important project of his career.

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