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Bronnie Ware on Harnessing Joy in the Little Things

In this episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles interviews Bronnie Ware, author of “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” Bronnie shares insights from her work in palliative care, emphasizing the importance of courage in living a fulfilling life. The discussion delves into facing the fear of death, making courageous choices, and learning from past experiences to shape personal growth.

The episode highlights the significance of small choices and moments in shaping one’s life, as well as the impact of meaningful relationships in combating loneliness. Bronnie’s reflections on regrets of the dying and the power of intentionality provide valuable guidance for listeners seeking to lead a purposeful and authentic life.

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“Life is happening now. It’s in the small moments and choices. The more present you can be, the more you’ll enjoy your life as it unfolds.”


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Bronnie Ware’s Guide to Seizing Joy: Embracing Mortality for an Authentic, No-Regrets Life

In this podcast episode, Bronnie Ware discusses the importance of courage in facing fears and making choices that align with one’s true self. She emphasizes the significance of taking action and making small choices that lead to personal growth. Bronnie highlights the impact of past experiences on shaping individuals and the need to confront and heal from past traumas. Additionally, she touches on the value of real-life connections and relationships in finding joy and fulfillment in life. Through her insights from working with the dying, Bronnie emphasizes the importance of courage, self-awareness, and meaningful connections in living a fulfilling life.

Key Highlights

  • Courage as a Superpower: Bronnie emphasizes the significance of courage in overcoming fear and making life-changing decisions.
  • Facing the Fear of Death: Using death as a tool for living, Bronnie discusses how acknowledging mortality can lead to a more intentional life.
  • Importance of Small Choices: The episode delves into how micro choices and moments shape our lives more than we realize.
  • Lessons from the Past: Bronnie reflects on the value of confronting and embracing past experiences for personal growth and healing.


This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance on living a more intentional and fulfilling life. Bronnie Ware’s profound insights on courage, personal growth, and the power of real connections offer valuable lessons for listeners looking to make positive changes in their lives. Her experiences with the dying provide a unique perspective on regret, courage, and the importance of living authentically.

This episode offers a rare opportunity to glean wisdom from Bronnie Ware’s profound experiences and reflections on mortality. By confronting taboo topics surrounding death and regret, listeners are prompted to reevaluate their own lives, cultivate deeper connections, and pursue authenticity with newfound vigor. Whether you seek inspiration to live more intentionally or crave solace amidst life’s uncertainties, Bronnie’s insights serve as a guiding light towards a regret-free existence filled with purpose and joy.

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Thought-provoking quote by Bronnie Ware from her Passion Struck Podcast episode with John R. Miles

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The Importance of Real Life Connection and Avoiding Loneliness: Insights from Bronnie Ware

In the heartwarming Passion Struck Podcast dialogue, Bronnie Ware delved into the profound significance of real-life connections amidst today’s digital landscape. Rooted in her transformative experiences shared in “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying,” Bronnie illuminated the invaluable role of genuine human bonds in fostering happiness and fulfillment.

Bronnie highlighted the joy and fulfillment that real-life connections bring, emphasizing that the dying individuals she cared for found solace and happiness in the presence of loved ones. She noted that despite the advancements in technology and the prevalence of social media, true joy and connection stem from face-to-face interactions and meaningful relationships.

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware for the Passion Struck recommended books

She shared poignant stories from her time as a palliative care nurse, where terminally ill patients expressed regrets about not spending enough time with loved ones or nurturing meaningful relationships. These experiences underscored the importance of investing time and energy into building and maintaining genuine connections with family, friends, and community.

Drawing from her observations and research, Bronnie echoed the sentiments of longevity coach Marcus Pierce, emphasizing that true well-being and fulfilling life are rooted in social connections. While healthy habits are essential, Bronnie and Marcus both stress that real-life connections play a pivotal role in overall happiness and longevity.

By delving into the topic of real-life connection and loneliness, Bronnie Ware offers valuable insights and recommendations for individuals to prioritize meaningful relationships, foster genuine connections, and avoid the pitfalls of isolation in order to lead a more fulfilling and enriched life.


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About Today’s Guest, Bronnie Ware

Passion Struck album cover with Bronnie Ware Episode 449 on Harnessing Joy in the Little Things

Bronnie Ware, celebrated globally as the author of the acclaimed memoir “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying,” extends a warm embrace, inviting you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. With her book read by millions in 32 languages,

Bronnie’s insights, honed through years as a palliative care nurse, resonate deeply, transcending cultural boundaries. Through engaging presentations and heartfelt storytelling, Bronnie imparts invaluable wisdom, guiding individuals to live authentically and cherish the gift of life.

Drawing from her own quest for a regret-free existence, Bronnie embodies courage and compassion, illuminating the path toward liberation. From the tranquil landscapes of Anaiwan Country in rural Australia, she extends her love and support, encouraging you to embrace self-kindness, courage, and liberation. With each word, Bronnie inspires you to seize the present moment and cultivate a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

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