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Sharon Rolph On How to Find Your Essence in Retirement

Sharon Rolph (@sharon_queenofcourage) is a behavioral scientist and author who works as a retirement and essence coach. She sits down with John R Miles to discuss finding your essence in retirement and empowering everyone to win satisfaction. We discuss why finding your essence is vital regardless of age and unlocks an intentional life. 

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When people learn to live from their essence, their inner spark, it feels so good because it’s in alignment with how we are made and built.

Sharon Rolph

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What We Discuss With Sharon Rolph On Finding Your Essence:

  • Why growing up Sharol Rolph felt invisible and why being invisible played an important role in her growth and becoming the queen of courage.
  • Her retirement from Boeing and how she found her calling as an essence and retirement coach.
  • Why your essence is so vital to you developing passion and purpose in your life.
  • Her book released in October 2021 Fresh Courage In Retirement: Finding purpose, essence and fulfillment.
  • Her goal to help people to live, grow and give from a passion that produces stronger neighborhoods and communities.
  • The retiring Baby Boomers globally and how they still can potentially change the world.
  • When we live from our heart, life has meaning and is seemingly effortless.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
92 | How to Find Your Essence in Retirement | Sharon Rolph | Passion Struck Podcast
92 | How to Find Your Essence in Retirement | Sharon Rolph | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About This Show On How to Find Your Essence in Retirement With Sharon Rolph

During our interview, John asked Sharon Rolph how does she help her clients build mental strength.

Sharon explains, “So the first thing we learned in coaching school was to write your essence statement. And mine starts out with ‘I am precious jewel of wisdom.’ So since I love wisdom, and love collaborating, I then go on to say, ‘I am precious jewel/ I am colorful collaborator, motivator and learner. I am tranquil, authentic, and pure inspire. I light fires, in people and help them remember who they are.’

Fresh Courage in Retirement by Sharon Rolph on finding your essence

So one of the things I learned is that you are still the dynamite trombone player that you were in high school, you’re still that educated person that performed lots of dynamic things at work in the tasks that you did. You’re still that trustworthy, and loyal person. But just because you don’t have a job doesn’t change you. You’ve made experiences and grown your talents. So all of that goes with that you been the things that you enjoy doing – your values, your guiding principles. All of this goes into writing your essence statement.

We use then we assess and reflect. I’m often surprised at how much we don’t reflect on life, and put it into a metaphor. I often think of a metaphor in this regard is kind of like the stories in the Bible, the parables. And because a metaphor, will will say different things to us at different times. So my metaphor was taking a set of jewelry that I had described myself as and how do I contribute to my team at work? And how am I valuable and all that, and then I use it. In my essence to describe myself as a jewel of wisdom.

So my process with the thing, John, about having this essence statement is, it’s who I know myself to be on the inside. Nobody teaches us how to really describe ourselves to our bosses on our interviews, and, you know, is this a fit or not a fit, because we haven’t been trained how to how to describe our inner spark, kind of like our DNA. And so when people live from their essence, their inner spark, it feels so good, because it’s in alignment with how we were made and built.”

Thanks, Sharon Rolph!

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Sharon Rolph quote on how to find your essence from the passion struck podcast


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 4:03 Why growing up Sharon Rolph felt invisible
  • 9:48 Why it is important to plant seeds that pay off in the future
  • 15:28 Always have the next thing in mind
  • 20:25 Her fascination with building mental strength
  • 25:17 The importance of finding your essence statement
  • 30:34 How Louise Hay’s mirror work is similar to essence work
  • 33:14 Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • 36:07 Keeping the main thing the main thing
  • 40:38 Regardless of age, there is a problem worth solving
  • 42:04 Sharon discusses her new book Fresh Courage In Retirement
  • 49:32 What it means to live effortlessly


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About This Episode’s Guest Sharon Rolph

Passion Struck podcast album cover with Sharon Rolph on finding your essence

Sharon Rolph is a retirement, essence and longevity coach, collaborator and motivator who empowers people to find their new purpose in life that gives them energy, freedom, joy and ease. Beat back isolation & depression & boredom by becoming the Director of You: become curious again, look for possibilities and give back for more vitality. Find a meaningful life intentionally – that’s your new job in retirement!

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