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Why Average Choices Lead to Being Mediocre
If You Want a Remarkable Life, You Need to Stop Chasing a Normal One

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In last week’s episode, I argued that mediocrity achieved as an end result of all our best efforts is not bad. But, it is when we intentionally practice habits that lead to being mediocre.

The truth is no one wants the title of being mediocre. Everyone desires to be unique, outstanding, and gifted. However, until you create an environment around yourself that fosters excellent choices, you will persist in making daily choices that make you average at best. 

The reason that people stay stuck in this state of mediocrity is ultimately the result of their choices. In a nutshell, average choices lead to mediocre results.

John R. Miles

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What is the main reason people experience mediocre results?

Mediocrity is not simply a state we arrive at. Instead, being mediocre is determined by the choices we continually make over the course of our days, weeks, and years. Creating an extraordinary life isn’t a secret only a few can attain. It is simply making consistent choices that support behaviors that expand your life. If you want break-out success, you must establish practices and routines that lead you closer to that goal.

In This Week’s Episode, John R. Miles Explores Why Average Choices Lead To Being Mediocre

If you discovered this episode of Passion Struck, you have likely wondered why most people live with mediocrity. In today’s Passion Struck podcast Momentum Friday episode, I will highlight habits most commonly found in those who pursue being mediocre. I will then provide you with eight things you can do to start making choices that lead to living an intentional life so that you can achieve your best in all areas of life.

I will do this by sharing the story of famous American neurosurgeon Ben Carson, whose achievements prove that anyone can become excellent in what they do if they choose to.

  • Why are we what we repeatedly do?
  • How Ben Carson overcame mediocrity
  • Why is being mediocre a choice?
  • What are the habits of mediocre people?
  • Eight vital ways to unlock a remarkable life
  • Why exceptional choices deliver exceptional results
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Questions For You And Your Friends Or Family Members To Discuss This Episode

  • Why do so many people make average decisions that lead to mediocrity?
  • Why do we have a hard time accepting the idea of being mediocre?
  • How did Ben Carson alter his life’s direction?
  • What is your biggest takeaway from the story of Ben Carson you can apply in your own life?
  • What are the consequences of making the choices that carry us closer to being mediocre?
  • Why is mediocrity not a state we should want to pursue?
  • What are your key takeaways from today’s episode?
  • How can you apply them to your life?
  • How will you approach your choices in the future?
166 | Why Average Choices Lead To Mediocre Results | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
166 | Why Average Choices Lead To Mediocre Results | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Quote from John R. Miles on being mediocre: "The reality is nobody desires the label of being mediocre. You want to feel that you are unique, exceptional, and talented. However, until you create an environment that sets you up for excellence, you will continue to make daily decisions that take you further away from your goals."

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Passion Struck with John R. Miles episode 166 on being mediocre and achieving mediocre results

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