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Oluneye Oluwole On: Why You Should Reach For Your Dreams

Oluneye Oluwole (@oluneyespeaks) is a serial entrepreneur, multi-sector entrepreneurship incubator, relationship builder, and administrator with a passion for economic empowerment, leadership, social impact, and sustainable development. She is the author of Dreams of a Patriot and Serve with Heart and Might.

Oluneye has had big dreams and ambitions during the last two decades, all of which have been driven by passion, unquenchable energy, and a desire to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs. She had to take risks, fail at some, and succeed. In all, she has built a portfolio of life and business experiences that bring value, systems change, and positive impact to people, organizations, and initiatives. She discusses why you should reach for your dreams and say yes to life-changing opportunities.

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And that’s how I began my journey as a politician. I became an accidental politician because I said yes to my children’s need for information about their state of origin.

Oluneye Oluwole

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What We Discuss With Olueye Oluwole About Reaching For Your Dreams to Create Social Impact

  • The power of saying yes to life changing opportunities.
  • How to overcome personal defeat and conduct a brutal self assessment of ourselves.
  • The biggest challenge to making the decision to change and how it altered her life for the better.
  • Her personal journey to becoming an accidental politician while she lived in Nigeria.
  • Why she has written her many books and the important lessons she hopes to provide readers.
  • Her advice on becoming an entrepreneur for social change.
  • How entrepreneurs can use multimedia to create inspirational stories and events.
  • Demystifying failure and rejection, and empowering entrepreneurs to reach for their dreams.
  • How to become global business leaders and social impact change agents.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
103 | Why You Should Reach For Your Dreams Oluneye Oluwole | Passion Struck Podcast
103 | Why You Should Reach For Your Dreams Oluneye Oluwole | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About This Show On Reaching For Your Dreams With Oluneye Oluwole

During our conversation, John R. Miles asks Olueye Oluwole about what it meant for her to reach for her dreams.

Oluneye explains, “It beats my heart when I see people refusing to take on opportunities. And I believe it has to do with not knowing their potential. It has to do with not understanding who they are, and what they are capable of doing. And also, I would say, it’s about not knowing your authentic self and not being comfortable enough to know your authentic self.

Serve with Heart and Might by Oluneye Oluwole

Let me give you an example. Why do I say yes to opportunities? It’s not because I studied geography because when you study geography, you’re an outdoor person, you have to go out of your comfort zone. You have to learn about new places, new things. It’s not about that. I could have studied geography and not been an outdoor and outgoing person. It has to do with the individual, how you perceive opportunities or how you perceive challenges.

I think it has to do with our childhood or what we have been exposed to as a child. And I would put myself as a case in point. I come from a family of adventurers. My Dad was an African immigrant student in the UK in the 60s, in the early 60s. And right from that time, he documented his education, his journey in the UK, when my mom and himself got married, had my older sister, and he documented several times, you know, they would go to several places in England, and on the way back to Nigeria, on the back to Nigeria, in Sierra Leone.

And that formed my personality, of taking on challenges because I was exposed to that life. I couldn’t imagine not doing anything, doing also sorts of things in the outdoors. So for me, that formed my personality, of taking on challenges. In fact, if it’s not a challenge, I don’t feel drawn to it. I don’t feel like it’s for me. So if any opportunity comes, I see it as a challenge. And I say yes, I don’t even think about it to say, Oh, are you able to do this? Is this for you? I just go, I just take it on.

If you just stay in the comfort zone, and not do anything and not challenge yourself? You’re not growing? You’re dying! So so a lot of times, it has to do with understanding how do we unclutter those things that hold people captive? Like fear? Like, What would other people say? Are the voices in your head that say you’re not good enough? You can’t do it, you’re gonna mess up. You’ve done this and that. So it’s a change of mindset and to expose such people to the possibilities of what can be if they say yes.”

Thanks, Oluneye Oluwole!

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Oluneye Oluwole quote on reach for your dreams


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:33 Ten Thousand and Athletic Greens
  • 6:27 Saying YES to opportunities
  • 13:18 Becoming an accidental politician
  • 17:00 Not Knowing your authentic self
  • 23:26 Doing a brutal assessment of oneself
  • 30:40 Being the only woman on Executive Council in Nigeria
  • 33:28 How to value yourself
  • 36:41 Spend time with ourselves first
  • 41:01 Do an audit of your life
  • 47:15 The future of social entrepreneurship for women
  • 53:37 The biggest lesson Oluneye Oluwole learned from living in Nigeria
  • 57:40 Rapid round of questions

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About This Episode’s Guest Oluneye Oluwole

Passion Struck Podcast episode 103 with Oluneye Oluwole

Oluneye is a Congressional Recognition Award Recipient by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (U.S. Representative for Texas’s 18th Congressional District), for her exceptional communication skills, as well as a mentor to women entrepreneurs and global youth ambassador. It also gives me pleasure to share my experience as a storyteller, public speaker, author, biographer, motivational speaker, mentor, youth ambassador, enabler of ideas, and strategist. She looks forward to collaborations, partnerships, and networking opportunities in creating social impact and making our world a better place.


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