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Why Hustle Culture Is Toxic (And How to Break Free From It)

You have a boss who expects you to work the same hours or more hours than they put in if you desire success. You feel the hustle culture’s toll on you, and you don’t know how to escape the constant pressure. It is a critical topic that John R. Miles considers to be one of the main culprits plaguing over 85% of the world’s workers into becoming disengaged and complacent in their jobs.

He discusses the hustle culture, why it is toxic, and, more importantly, what you can do to break out of it. He also researched that 55 hours or more a week creates a 35% higher risk of stroke and a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease.

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It’s funny when they call hustle culture a lifestyle. I don’t see any life in it. It provides you with the most lifeless lifestyle.

John R. Miles

On This Week’s Momentum Friday, John Discusses Why Hustle Culture Is Toxic:

  • Why do the majority of people believe that not hustling symbolizes weakness?
  • How social media and many well known influencers like Gary Vee and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk give toxic advice that the hustle culture is the only way to get ahead.
  • Why proponents of the hustle culture believe that only through long hours is the only way to get ahead and earn respect.
  • Why CEOs because of their insecurities can unknowingly create a hustle culture within their organizations.
  • How the hustle culture is fueled by greed and makes one’s life miserable.
  • How social media glamorizes the hustle culture and tricks you into believing it is the path that you have to take.
  • The hustle culture creates an illusion of equivalent exchange that researches have proven is a fallacy.
  • Why the harmful effects caused by hustle culture are unimaginable if they were counted.
  • and so much more!!!

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70 | Why Hustle Culture Is Toxic | Passion Struck Podcast
70 | Why Hustle Culture Is Toxic | Passion Struck Podcast

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