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Lori Gottlieb on Embracing Self-Compassion for a Better Life

When Lori Gottlieb was offered a substantial sum of money to write a book on happiness, she found herself at a crossroads, forced to decide between pursuing pleasure or understanding the human condition. As she explored the real stories of people in crisis, Lori discovered the unexpected power of vulnerability and connection and began her remarkable journey of self-discovery and healing. What will she find as she continues to unravel her “unfinished business” from childhood?

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Lori Gottlieb

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Transform Your Self-Compassion with Lori Gottlieb’s Insight

On Passion Struck, I sit down with Lori Gottlieb, a psychotherapist and NY Times bestselling author of “Maybe You Should Talk To Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed” to discuss self-compassion’s impact on personal development, emotional well-being, and relationship building. Gottlieb stresses the importance of examining one’s negative thoughts and beliefs, asserting that self-compassion is essential for showing empathy towards others and fostering personal growth.

Throughout the conversation, Gottlieb emphasizes the need to question and challenge negative thoughts and beliefs, suggesting that practicing self-compassion can lead to more meaningful connections with others. By promoting kindness towards oneself, individuals can improve their mindset and efficiently work towards their goals. For those interested in learning more about Gottlieb’s work, her website offers resources, including her podcast, book, workbook, and journal. The insights shared in this episode can provide valuable guidance for anyone looking to enhance their emotional well-being and cultivate healthier relationships.

Listen and learn as Lori Gottlieb and I discuss the following topics:

  • Embrace the power of vulnerability, emotional literacy, and genuine connections for personal growth.
  • Identify and break the cycle of repetitive relationship patterns through self-awareness and therapeutic insights.
  • Provide empathy, support, and validation when addressing grief and loss in others.
  • Foster emotional intelligence and resilience in children, helping them navigate life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Cultivate self-compassion to enhance personal development and form healthier relationships.
  • And much, much more!
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278 | Embracing Self-Compassion for a Better Life | Lori Gottlieb | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More from my Conversation with Lori Gottlieb

Lori Gottlieb found herself at a crossroads when she was offered a substantial sum of money to write a book on happiness. However, she couldn’t ignore the fact that true happiness was not just about pursuing pleasure but also about finding meaning, purpose, connection, and love. This realization led her to decline the offer and instead write “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone,” a book that brought readers into the therapy room to explore the real stories of people seeking guidance and support.

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed  by Lori Gottlieb for the passion struck recommended books

Drawing from her own experiences and struggles with relationships, Lori learned the importance of recognizing and processing her “unfinished business” from childhood. This led her to become more mindful of her own emotions and the emotions of others, allowing her to foster better connections and promote self-compassion in both her personal and professional relationships. Her journey taught her that embracing vulnerability and recognizing the value of all emotions, even those deemed “bad,” can lead to personal growth and healthier relationships.

The Importance of Self-Compassion and Being Kind to Yourself

Practicing self-compassion and being kind to oneself are essential components of personal well-being and growth. By questioning negative thoughts and beliefs and nurturing self-compassion, individuals can foster a better mindset and free up energy for personal growth and goal achievement. Lori Gottlieb stresses the significance of self-compassion in the interview, stating that it is key to fostering compassion for others and attaining meaningful personal growth.

Lori encourages individuals to challenge their negative thoughts and approach self-improvement with kindness and understanding, resulting in a healthier outlook on life and better relationships with others.

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Resources From The Show With Lori Gottlieb

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  • Read Lori Gottlieb’s book Maybe You Should Talk To Someone to gain insights on mental health and therapy.
  • Reflect on your own life and identify any outdated stories or faulty narratives that may be holding you back.
  • Consider seeking therapy or counseling to help process your emotions and work on personal growth.
  • Be mindful of the relationships you form and ensure they are healthy and supportive rather than replicating negative patterns from your past.
  • Practice setting boundaries in both personal and professional relationships to maintain a healthy balance.
  • If you are a parent, focus on fostering love, connection, meaning, and purpose in your child’s life instead of solely focusing on their happiness.
  • Read Lori Gottlieb’s column in The Atlantic called Dear Therapist for more insights and advice on mental health and relationships.
  • Explore other resources related to mental health, such as podcasts, books, and articles, to further educate yourself and support your own well-being.
  • If you’re considering a career change, reflect on the aspects of your current job that resonate with you and align with your passions, and consider how you can pivot to a more fulfilling role.
  • Share your own experiences and stories with others, whether through writing or conversation, to help promote understanding and empathy around mental health and personal growth.
  • Listen to Lori’s podcast Dear Therapists with Guy Winch

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About Today’s Guest, Lori Gottlieb

Passion Struck podcast album cover episode 288 with Lori Gottlieb on self compassion

Lori Gottlieb is a highly respected psychotherapist, New York Times bestselling author and columnist for The Atlantic. Having made a mid-life career change from journalism to therapy, Lori has a unique perspective on self-compassion and personal growth. Her bestselling book, “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone,” gives an inside look at her therapy sessions, both as a therapist and a patient, highlighting the importance of emotional connection and meaning in our lives. Lori’s expertise in relationships and emotional health has made her a sought-after media guest, appearing on shows like the Today Show, Good Morning America, and NPR’s Fresh Air.

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