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Lisa Honig Buksbaum on How You Heal by Soaring Into Strength

On this episode of Passion Struck, I’m joined by Lisa Honig Buksbaum, Founder and CEO of Soaringwords, to discuss her latest book, “Soaring into Strength: Love Transcends Pain” and how it can support your path towards healing. As a trailblazing figure in the fields of self-improvement and positive psychology, Lisa’s leadership has inspired millions.

Discover how “Soaring into Strength” can guide you towards finding your direction, purpose, and reclaiming your inner power. Don’t miss this illuminating interview with Lisa Honig Buksbaum as she shares her wisdom on how to soar into strength and transform your healing journey!

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There are so many ways that we could show up and be heroic to someone in our life, lowercase h. And we saw that a lot during the global pandemic, which is still very much with us, helping someone with groceries or just calling and checking into someone, just taking that extra 30 or 60 seconds to be kind. And that’s one of the benefits that’s come out of this has three years, I believe.

Lisa Honig Buksbaum

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In This Episode, Lisa Honig Buksbaum And I Discuss Her Book “Soaring into Strength.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to possess the inner fortitude to “Never give up” and to motivate your loved ones and friends to face challenges head-on with courage, humor, and grace?

Ever since she was a young girl, my guest today Lisa Honig Booksbaum had a strong desire to help others. Whether it was rescuing a blind duck at a park or standing up for her younger brother during his asthma attacks, she always found herself as a helper during times of crisis. However, her life took a dramatic turn as an adult when a phone call in the middle of the night sparked a series of traumatic events. In just ten months, Lisa lost her brother to an asthma-induced heart attack, watched her father battle lymphoma, and saw her son become critically ill.

The overwhelming pain and grief left her feeling as if she had been permanently damaged. But amidst her darkest moments, Lisa found her calling on a sunrise walk along the beach during her son’s illness. She heard the word “Soaringwords” and instantly knew her purpose in life. She channeled her passion and resilience into creating a global movement that would inspire millions to never give up hope. Her experiences with tragedy and loss led her to dedicate her life to helping others who were going through similar struggles, becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.

In our interview, Lisa offers a valuable guide for living a life filled with kindness, wisdom, and humor at a time when the world is in great need of hope, faith, and inspiring role models. Her words are particularly relevant given the current challenges of our times. Lisa Honig Buksbaum’s unwavering determination, boundless courage, and immense heart enable her to transcend the difficulties and hardships of life, and she discusses how you can too.

268 | How You Heal by Soaring Into Strength | Lisa Honig Buksbaum | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With Lisa Honig Buksbaum

Soaring into Strength by Lisa Honig Buksbaum for the Passion Struck recommended book list.

During our interview, I asked Lisa what the impact of ordinary people doing extraordinary things is.

Lisa Honig Buksbaum explains, “It’s enormous. And I think it’s what fuels the world. It just takes a nanosecond to be kind or gracious or considerate. And I think these everyday heroes are the fuel that drives civility and kindness, and connectivity. We all have that opportunity to be that one caring, loving adult, whether that’s a teacher, a neighbor, a school crossing guard, or librarian, or someone who’s a coach or someone mentoring people, but we always have that opportunity—unity to be that caring presence for others.

There are so many ways that we could show up and be heroic to someone in our life, just taking that extra 30 or 60 seconds to be kind. And that’s one of the benefits that’s come out of this through the years, I believe.”

Thanks, Lisa Honig Buksbaum

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About Today’s Guest, Lisa Honig Buksbaum

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Lisa Honig Booksbaum is a passionary: a visionary driven by great passion and action. An author, intuitive healer, well-loved inspirational speaker, and expert workshop leader and facilitator, Lisa has shared her wisdom with thousands of people worldwide. Three experiences with death and illness in her family during a ten-month period motivated her to launch Soaringwords, a not-for-profit organization devoted to inspiring children, families, adults, seniors, and health care professionals to take active roles in self-healing to experience greater physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Since 2000, Lisa has shared Soaringwords’ SOARING into Strength Positive Health Initiatives with more than 500,000 people. She is the author of SOARING into Strength: Love Transcends Pain, her debut memoir.

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