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Jason Feifer on Build for Tomorrow by Embracing Change

Jason Feifer (@heyfeifer) is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, author of Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career, and host of the Build for Tomorrow podcast,

We often hear that to grow and develop requires embracing change. But what does embracing change mean exactly? Do you do that by embracing ALL types of change to pursue personal growth? If you’re going to become your best self, are there particular areas of your life where you should focus on change relative to others? And most importantly, how do you determine how you adapt quickly to the change?

We should always be pushing ourselves, not just in moments of significant disruption, but all the time. We should constantly be pushing ourselves to reconsider the impossible.

Jeff Feifer

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What I Discuss With Jason Feifer About His New Book Build For Tomorrow

The future is not predictable, but one thing is for sure: your job today isn’t the same as it will be done five years from now. Instead of resisting the unavoidable changes already proceeding, being able to adapt quickly and embrace changes is what will future-proof your career and overall happiness in the coming world, according to Entrepreneur magazine editor-in-chief Jason Feifer in his book Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career.

Jason Feifer shows us how to navigate these decisions on our journey to becoming passion-struck through the lens of his new book Build for Tomorrow. During our conversation, we discuss how to chase the gains that come with change while avoiding the gaps, achieving long-term success in our world, why we should reconsider the impossible, and so much more.

  • Why he believes the secret to public speaking is interlocking parts
  • The secret to Entrepreneur Magazine’s recipe for success
  • How to create a sizeable personal brand while doing your day job
  • The common trait Jeff Feifer found in all successful entrepreneurs
  • The keys to future-proofing your career
  • The four phases of embracing change and which is most important
  • Why do we extrapolate the loss and its importance to our success
  • Why should we be Living in the gain, not the gap
  • Understanding the importance of the what and the why
  • How to take charge of your distractions
  • Importance of playing the long game
  • Jim McKelvey’s advice on finding your But, Really
  • Why you should constantly reconsider the impossible
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
186 | Build for Tomorrow by Embracing Change | Jason Feifer | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
186 | Build for Tomorrow by Embracing Change | Jason Feifer | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With Jason Feifer.

During the Passion Struck podcast interview, I brought up Benjamen Hardy’s Book The Gap and the Gain, where he says that unsuccessful people focus on the gap, but successful people focus on the gain. Basically, we all have an ideal which is a moving target that is always out of reach, and when we measure ourselves against the ideal, we’re in the gap However, if we measure ourselves against our previous selves, we’re in the game. I asked Jason if he could explain his concept of loss concept and gain.

Build for Tomorrow by Jason Feifer for the Passion Struck Podcast Recommended  Book List

Jason Feifer explains, “As I watch people navigate change. It’s a natural psychological phenomenon. It’s been a kind of a mainstay of psychological research for decades now called loss aversion theory. And what it shows us is that we are naturally more concerned about loss, we focus more on loss, and we frame things as a loss than we are in gain.

I’ll give you a personal example. A friend told me to buy Bitcoin when Bitcoin was $4,000. I said, Ah, this thing sounds stupid, but I guess I’ve heard of it enough. And I trust my friends, so I’ll buy two of them. So I invested $1,000 and Bitcoin, then it went up, and I was excited. And then it went down. And it stayed down for quite a while.

And I said, I shouldn’t have done this, and then it came back up. And when Bitcoin got to $16,000, I decided to sell because I thought it couldn’t possibly go any higher than this. Now, we all know that that turned into a very poor financial decision. But I sold, and then as Bitcoin went up, and up and up and up, I mean, obviously, as we talk right now, it’s down quite a bit, but who knows, was at least in the 50s, or maybe $60,000.

I gotta tell you. I could not stand it. I could not I didn’t want to hear about it. I do want to talk about it. I used to text friends about crypto and didn’t want to do it. Why? Because to me, that sale felt like a loss. It wasn’t, it was a gain. I made money. But it felt like a loss because I was comparing it against the profits I could have had if I had done something else. I think this is what we do way too much. We constantly compare ourselves against what could have been rather than looking at what is and why.

Thanks, Jason Feifer!

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About Today’s Guest Jason Feifer

Passion Struck with John R. Miles album cover episode 186 with Jason Feifer, editor of entrepreneur magazine

Jason Feifer is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, a startup advisor, and host of the podcasts Build for Tomorrow and Problem Solvers. He has worked as an editor at Fast Company, Men’s Health, and Boston magazine. Jason is the author of the new book that was released on September 6th, BUILD FOR TOMORROW: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career.

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