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Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Sauna Benefits to Increase Health Span

On Passion Struck, I am joined by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a Doctor of Biomedical Science, renowned scientist, researcher, public speaker, and researcher. In this episode, Dr. Rhonda Patrick and I discuss the incredible benefits of regular sauna baths and their increase in popularity, as well as the crucial link between vitamins and minerals, stress, and aging. Dr. Rhonda Patrick, the Found My Fitness Podcast host, explained the importance of balancing nutrient consumption, consistent heat stress, and exercise to keep the brain sharp as humans age.

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It’s very apparent that the sauna or heat stress itself should be added to the list of healthy lifestyle habits that people can do to improve their aging process, the way they’re aging, their health span, and to improve their disease risk profile.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

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In This Episode, Dr. Rhonda Patrick And I Discuss Sauna Benefits and Their Link to Longevity and Cardio Health.

Sauna bathing has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to reset the body’s homeostatic tendencies. Dr. Rhonda Patrick explains how regular sauna bathing can increase lifespan and reduce chronic diseases. Rhonda breaks down a study conducted in Finland, where sauna benefits are monitored in middle-aged men. This study shows a significant link between consistent heat stress and decreased all-cause mortality rates. Sauna bathing leads to a reduction in long-term adverse health effects and generally longer and happier lives.

Rhonda also teaches us the advantages of properly balancing our vitamin and mineral intake. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Omega Fatty acids, which are crucial to cell health, brain function, and overall wellness.

Listen and learn as Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and I discuss the following topics:

  • Strategies we can employ today to ensure healthy aging
  • The most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • The importance of exercise, particularly vigorous exercise
  • How vital Omega 3 fatty acids are to brain health and function
  • How Vitamin D functions in the body, and how it is labeled as more than a micronutrient
  • Why Magnesium is one of the most underrated supplements
  • Common negative stresses and our body’s response to them
  • The benefits of healthy stresses, including heat and cold stress
  • A deep dive into sauna bathing, the advantages of regular heat stress, and how the body responds after these activities are completed
  • And much, much more!
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected]!

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More From My Conversation With Dr. Rhonda Patrick

During our conversation, I highlighted that exposure to extreme temperatures has become overwhelmingly popular today. Exposure to acute temperatures creates periods of intermittent stress that trigger thermoregulatory processes in the body, ultimately aiding in optimal homeostatic functions.

Dr Rhonda Patrick quote from the Passion Struck podcast about the benefit of sauna on hypertension

Dr. Rhonda Patrick dives into the concept of intermittent stress, explaining, “The idea behind exposing ourselves to intermittent stress, it is beneficial in many ways because we have all these genes in our body that are waiting to be pressed, the buttons are waiting to be pushed. They’re stress response genes, they react to stress…

… it’s something that throughout human history, we’ve pushed these buttons, you know, from the times of our physical exertion hunting, trying to get food for our families, or running from a threat. So that was the physical activity type of intermittent stress exercise, right?…so that’s another type of intermittent stress, periods of not eating right.

And also, we’ve, throughout our human history, eaten plants. These are plants that have compounds in them, like sulforaphane present in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and broccoli sprouts, or resveratrol present in the skin of grapes, or curcumin in the turmeric root. These compounds are produced by plants to ward off insects to ward off fungi, and they’re there. They’re toxic to those animals, but when humans ingest them, they activate stress response pathways. So we have a whole host of genes in our body that are just sitting around waiting to be turned on by some types of what’s called intermittent stress. These are actually good forms of stress.”

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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Passion Struck podcast album cover episode 275 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick on sauna benefits, longevity, and advice on multi-nutrients

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Doctor of Biomedical Science who received her Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. Rhonda is a renowned scientist, researcher, public speaker, and researcher. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is the founder of Found My Fitness and the host of the Found My Fitness Podcast.

After completing her PhD, Dr. Patrick worked as a postdoctoral fellow under the guidance of Dr. Bruce Ames at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. Her research focused on the impact of micronutrient deficiencies on metabolism, inflammation, DNA damage, and aging, as well as exploring the potential of supplementation to reverse these effects. She also investigated the role of vitamin D in brain function, behavior, and other physiological functions, and published a paper in FASEB in February 2014 on the relationship between vitamin D and serotonin synthesis in autism.

At the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, Dr. Patrick continued her research on aging, specifically studying the role of insulin signaling in protein misfolding, a common factor in neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Patrick is committed to educating the public on various health topics, such as the impact of micronutrient deficiencies on age-related diseases, the interplay between genetics and nutrients on a person’s health, and the benefits of hormetic stressors, including exercise, fasting, sauna use, and cold exposure. She also emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, stress reduction, and sleep as preventative measures for optimal health and longevity. Ultimately, her goal is to challenge conventional thinking and inspire individuals to adopt a proactive approach to their health.

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