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Dr. Lucia Aronica on the Impact of Personalized Nutrition on Epigenetics – Order a copy of my new book, “Passion Struck: Twelve Powerful Principles to Unlock Your Purpose and Ignite Your Most Intentional Life,” today! Picked by the Next Big Idea Club as a must-read for 2024.

In this episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles sits down with Dr. Lucia Aronica, a lecturer at Stanford University and an expert in the field of epigenetics. Dr. Aronica shares her insights on the profound impact of our daily choices on our genes and overall well-being. She discusses the concept of epigenetics, which challenges the notion that our genetic blueprint is fixed, and reveals how our lifestyle choices can influence our genetic destiny.

From the importance of nutrition to the role of exercise and muscle mass, Dr. Aronica provides practical advice for personalized epigenetic health. Tune in to discover how you can unlock the potential within yourself and rewrite your genetic story.

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“Protein is very important not only from an epigenetic standpoint but also for muscle growth, a much neglected nutrient.”

Dr. lucia aronica

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Decoding Longevity: Dr. Lucia Aronica on the Epigenetic Blueprint

In this captivating episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles sits down with esteemed guest Dr. Lucia Aronica, a lecturer at Stanford University and expert in epigenetics. They delve into the fascinating world of epigenetics, discussing how our daily choices, including nutrition and lifestyle, can profoundly impact our genes and overall well-being. Dr. Aronica emphasizes the importance of individualizing epigenetics and personalizing our diets based on universal principles and individual preferences.

They explore the concept of biological age and the use of epigenetic clocks to measure it, while also highlighting the limitations and complexities of these tests. The conversation touches on the Mediterranean diet, the ketogenic diet, and the role of protein and strength training in supporting epigenetics and longevity. Dr. Aronica also shares insights into her upcoming course on epigenetics and nutrition. This thought-provoking interview offers practical advice and a deeper understanding of how we can harness the power of epigenetics to lead healthier, fuller lives.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Epigenetics is the study of molecular tags that sit atop our DNA and regulate the expression of genes. These tags can be influenced by lifestyle factors such as diet, environment, and emotions.
  • Epigenetic changes can be measured using epigenetic clocks, which estimate biological age based on the modifications to our epigenome. However, it’s important to note that these clocks may not be precise at the individual level and should be considered alongside other functional biomarkers.
  • Personalizing nutrition based on epigenetics involves starting with universal principles, such as an epigenetically complete diet that includes both animal and plant foods. From there, individuals can personalize their diet based on their preferences, conditions, and metabolic health.
  • The Mediterranean diet and ketogenic diet have both shown positive effects on glycated hemoglobin and glucose levels. However, it’s important to consider the specific variations of these diets that were tested in studies, as they may differ from popular conceptions of these diets.
  • Strength training and maintaining muscle mass are important for longevity. Muscle is not only a structural component but also produces hormones and molecules that impact metabolism. Protein intake, especially in each meal, is crucial for muscle growth and overall health.
Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
384 | the Impact of Nutrition on Epigenetics | Dr. Lucia Aronica | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Unlocking the Secrets of Biological Age: Dr. Lucia Aronica Explores Epigenetic Clocks and Personalized Health

During The Passion Struck Podcast, Dr. Lucia Aronica explained the concept of biological age and how it can be measured using various tests and biomarkers. Biological age refers to how old our body appears and functions, rather than just our chronological age. It takes into account factors like lifestyle, genetics, and overall health.

Dr. Lucia Aronica Publication on Epigenetics

Dr. Aronica emphasized that there are different ways to measure biological age, including molecular clocks, functional clocks, and epigenetic clocks. Molecular clocks, such as epigenetic clocks, look at the epigenetic modifications on our DNA to estimate our biological age. These modifications can be influenced by lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and stress.

Functional clocks, on the other hand, measure biomarkers like blood lipids, C-reactive protein, and even facial aging to assess our biological age. These biomarkers can provide insights into our overall health and well-being.

Epigenetic clocks, which Dr. Aronica specializes in, are a type of molecular clock that measures the epigenetic modifications on our DNA. These modifications can be influenced by our environment and lifestyle choices. For example, a healthy diet rich in epigenetic nutrients like animal protein and plant foods can nourish our epigenome and potentially slow down the aging process.

However, Dr. Aronica also cautioned that while these tests and clocks can provide valuable information, they should be taken with a grain of salt. The results may not always be precise at the individual level, and they should not be the sole basis for making health decisions. It’s important to consider other factors, such as functional biomarkers and personal preferences when developing a personalized approach to nutrition and overall well-being.

In conclusion, biological age tests and biomarkers offer insights into our overall health and aging process. They can help us understand how our lifestyle choices and environment impact our biological age. However, it’s important to approach these tests with caution and consider them as part of a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Thanks, Dr. Lucia Aronica

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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Nicole LePera

Passion Struck album cover with Dr. Lucia Aronica episode 384 on the impact of nutrition on epigenetics

Dr. Lucia Aronica, a distinguished lecturer at Stanford University, is an expert in the field of epigenetics and nutrition. Her academic journey has been marked by groundbreaking research and teaching at the intersection of genomics and personalized health. With a passion for advancing scientific understanding,

Dr. Aronica explores the intricate connections between lifestyle choices, epigenetics, and overall well-being. Her insights, shared through lectures and podcasts, inspire individuals to harness the power of epigenetics for healthier, fuller lives.

As an advocate for personalized health interventions, she continues to make significant contributions to the fields of genomics and nutrition.

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