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Dr. Jud Brewer on How to Break Out of Your Food Jail

In this episode of Passion Struck, we dive into the fascinating world of our eating habits with Dr. Jud Brewer, a renowned psychiatrist, mindfulness trainer, and neuroscientist. Dr. Brewer shares insights from his groundbreaking book, “The Hunger Habit,” and discusses how we can break free from our unhealthy eating patterns.

From understanding the science behind our cravings to cultivating self-awareness and intentionality, Dr. Brewer provides practical advice on transforming our relationship with food and becoming more mindful eaters.

Join us as we explore the path to breaking out of our food jail and creating healthier habits.

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“We often lose the ability to really check in with ourselves, to ask, am I actually hungry? That’s what habit is all about, is automatic behavior.”

dr. jud brewer

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Unlocking Mindful Eating: Dr. Jud Brewer Explores How You Break Out of Your Food Jail

In this episode, Dr. Jud Brewer and I explore why so many people have entered a food jail and how to break free. Dr. Brewer explains that our eating habits have shifted from an evolutionary mechanism that helps us survive to a modern-day behavior driven by stress, boredom, emotions, and the availability of food. We have become disconnected from our bodies and often eat without even checking if we are truly hungry.

The traditional approaches of willpower and self-control have proven ineffective in breaking these unhealthy habits. Instead, Dr. Brewer emphasizes the importance of awareness and mindfulness in changing our eating patterns. By becoming aware of our behavior, asking ourselves why we are reaching for food, and understanding the rewards we seek from eating, we can start to break the cycle.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Understanding the Habit Loop: Recognize triggers, behaviors, and rewards to break unhealthy patterns and create new ones.
  • Leveraging Awareness: Cultivate mindfulness to interrupt automatic eating habits and make conscious choices about food consumption.
  • Finding Better Offers: Substitute unhealthy food choices with more nourishing alternatives to satisfy cravings and promote overall well-being.
  • Building Self-Trust: Develop confidence in mindful eating through personal experience and consistency, fostering a deeper connection with your body’s needs.

Why Is This A Must-Listen?

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand and transform their eating habits. Dr. Jud Brewer provides valuable insights into the science behind our eating behaviors and offers practical strategies to break unhealthy patterns. By exploring the connection between our brains, bodies, and food choices, listeners can gain a deeper understanding of their habits and learn how to cultivate a healthier and more intentional approach to eating.

Whether you struggle with emotional eating or stress eating or simply want to develop a more mindful relationship with food, this episode offers valuable guidance and actionable steps to help you on your journey.

Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
408 | How to Break Out of Your Food Jail | Dr. Jud Brewer | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Breaking Unhealthy Eating Habits: A 21-Day Journey

In this episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles welcomes back Dr. Jud Brewer, a New York Times bestselling author, addiction psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and professor at Brown University. This episode focuses on Dr. Brewer’s latest book, “The Hunger Habit,” which explores why we eat when we’re not hungry and provides a 21-day journey to transform these habits.

The Hunger Habit Why We Eat When We're Not Hungry and How to Stop by Dr. Jud Brewer for the Passion Struck recommended books

The episode begins with a discussion on eating habits, highlighting how we often eat out of stress, boredom, or emotional triggers rather than true hunger. Dr. Brewer explains that these habits are formed through reinforcement learning, where our brains associate certain behaviors with rewards. He emphasizes the importance of awareness in breaking these habits and reconnecting with our bodies to determine whether we are hungry or eating for other reasons.

Dr. Brewer then delves into the three-part challenge outlined in his book. The first step is becoming aware of our eating habits and identifying their triggers and associated behaviors. The second step involves leveraging awareness to understand the rewards we seek from these habits and whether they truly serve us. The third step focuses on finding healthier alternatives or “bigger, better offers” that can replace the unhelpful habits.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Brewer emphasizes the power of intentionality and the need to reconnect with our bodies. He suggests techniques such as body scans and curiosity to cultivate this awareness. By paying attention to physical sensations and food taste, we can make more conscious choices and break free from automatic eating patterns.

The episode concludes with discussing the 21-day challenge outlined in Dr. Brewer’s book. He explains that this timeframe is based on the idea that habits can be formed or broken within this period, although individual experiences may vary. Dr. Brewer encourages listeners to approach the challenge with curiosity and self-compassion, using their own direct experiences to guide their behavior change journey.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the complex world of eating habits and offers practical advice on breaking free from unhelpful patterns. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the neuroscience behind habits and learn strategies to cultivate healthier relationships with food.

Thanks, Dr. Jud Brewer

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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Judson Brewer

Passion Struck album cover with Dr. Judson Brewer episode 408 on How to Break Out of Your Food Jail

Dr. Judson Brewer is a renowned psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and author specializing in mindfulness-based approaches to habit change, addiction, and anxiety. As the Director of Research and Innovation at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, he explores the intersection of mindfulness, behavior, and brain function.

Dr. Brewer is widely recognized for his groundbreaking work in developing evidence-based mindfulness programs, including the popular “Eat Right Now” program, which helps individuals overcome unhealthy eating habits.

His book, “The Hunger Habit,” offers practical insights into breaking free from food cravings and cultivating mindful eating practices. Dr. Brewer’s research and teachings empower individuals to harness the power of awareness to transform their relationship with food and live more fulfilling lives.

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