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Dr. Jud Brewer on Breaking Anxiety Shackles and Rewiring Habits

Are you ready to break free from anxiety’s grip and pave your way to a life of resilience and purpose? Join us in this captivating episode of Passion Struck, where host John R. Miles dives deep into the labyrinth of the human mind alongside the brilliant Dr. Jud Brewer, Head of Behavioral Health at Sharecare and the author of “Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind.

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Anxiety is the fear of the future, and it can make it harder to think and plan. But by learning to work with our anxiety, we can break free from its hold and develop mindful habits.

Dr. Jud Brewer

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Dr. Jud Brewer’s Method: Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety-Driven Behaviors

In this episode of the Passion Struck podcast, Dr. Jud Brewer joins host John R. Miles to delve into the topic of breaking the cycle of anxiety-driven behaviors. Dr. Brewer, a renowned psychiatrist and addiction psychiatrist, brings his expertise and research to the conversation. He shares how anxiety can be driven by negative reinforcement and habitual behaviors, shedding light on the impact of worrying and stress eating on anxiety levels.

Dr. Brewer introduces his app, Unwinding Anxiety, which has proven to be highly effective in reducing anxiety, surpassing traditional clinical care. He emphasizes the role of daily choices in breaking free from anxiety and empowers listeners with practical strategies to manage anxiety effectively. The episode provides a fresh perspective on anxiety treatment and offers valuable insights for individuals struggling with anxiety and looking for alternative approaches to regain control of their lives.

In this episode, you will discover how to:

  • Learn about the direct correlation between mindfulness and behavior change, and how it paves the path towards personal growth.
  • Gain insight into anxiety-driven patterns that disrupt normal routine, and techniques to disengage from such cycles.
  • Recognize the manifold faces of anxiety disorders, fostering a deeper understanding and empathy towards sufferers.
  • Comprehend how the information deluge can exacerbate anxiety, and the necessity of unplugging for mental health.
  • Embrace the practice of mindfulness and its essential role in anxiety abatement.
  • And much, much more!
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Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
339 | Breaking Anxiety Shackles and Rewiring Habits | Dr. Jud Brewer | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From Our Guest, Dr. Jud Brewer, on How to Unwind from the Shackles of Anxiety

Unwinding Axiety by Dr. Judd Brewer for the recommended books by John R. Miles

As an ambitious young man, Dr. Jud Brewer found himself captivated by the intricacies of chemistry and the intriguing world of molecules. He was fascinated by how distinct molecules could influence our senses and thoughts. Enamored by the fundamental science, he thought about pursuing a PhD in chemistry. However, realizing that scientific discovery didn’t always translate instantly into helping people, he sought a more direct path to impact lives. As if on cue, his then-girlfriend introduced him to the MDPhD program – a chance to conduct medically relevant research and simultaneously train to be a physician. Dr. Brewer made the switch and embarked on this new journey.

Around the same time, he began meditating, finding solace amid the stress of a breakup and the demands of medical school. Little did he know his interest in understanding the human mind and his personal meditation practice would converge, shaping his future career trajectory. During his MDPhD program, Dr. Jud Brewer began to draw parallels between his meditation training and his growing understanding of the human mind. Initially, he never imagined becoming a psychiatrist. Yet, the more he delved into psychiatry, the more he appreciated its relevance to mind training. He was intrigued by how habits formed, how they influenced behavior, and how they could be altered.

This keen interest resulted in a shift from basic science research to studying neuroscience and exploring pragmatic ways to help people train their own minds. In time, Dr. Brewer found his calling in psychiatry. As he navigated this unexpected path, he discovered the powerful impact mindfulness could have on breaking unhealthy habits. Bringing mindfulness into his practice proved to be transformative, offering a fresh perspective on treating disorders such as overeating and smoking, and even dealing with anxiety. This was a turning point, forever altering not just his career, but also the lives of countless patients he would help in years to come.

Mindfulness and Conscious Choices

Finding a more peaceful, anxiety-free life is as much about the choices we make as the habits we form. Therefore, it is critical to break destructive habits and make more mindful and conscious decisions. Sit up, straighten up, and focus on the present. Often, Dr. Jud Brewer found in his experience we make choices out of habit rather than intent. During our chat, he emphasized the need for individuals to step back and reflect – to realize how each choice could either feed or starve our anxiety. He said that we need to become active participants in our decisions, consciously choosing healthier ways of thinking and reacting.

Daily Choices and Breaking Free from Anxiety

Living a less anxious life doesn’t require monumental changes overnight. Sometimes, it is the small, daily choices we make that enable us to slowly break free from the chains of anxiety and welcome more calming experiences. This is at the heart of Dr. Jud Brewer’s podcast discussion. He expressed the importance of simple, day-to-day choices in managing and ultimately conquering anxiety. Every decision we make can either trap us in a vicious loop or set us on a path to an anxiety-free life. As per Dr. Brewer, slow, small, yet focused steps toward mindful choices are the way to bust these stress cycles for good.

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Resources From The Show With Dr. Jud Brewer

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  • Visit Dr. Jud Brewer’s website to learn more about his work as a thought leader, New York Times bestselling author, psychiatrist, and doctor.
  • Instagram:
  • Check out Dr. Jud Brewer’s best-selling book, Unwinding Anxiety, for a blueprint to map your brain’s triggers and diffuse them through the power of curiosity.
  • Download the free Habit Mapper PDF to learn how habits are formed and how you can change them yourself by mapping them out, step by step — whether they’re around anxious thoughts, eating, or other unwanted behaviors.
  • Download the Unwinding Anxiety app to access tools and techniques to reduce anxiety. Experience a 67% reduction in anxiety with this evidence-based app.
  • Discover Dr. Jud Brewer’s research-backed app, Craving to Quit, designed to help you quit smoking. Experience five times the quit rates of gold standard treatment by bringing your smoking habit into conscious awareness.
  • Learn more about the power of mindfulness in behavior change. Dive into the research paper by Dr. Jud Brewer and David Vago, exploring the impact of mindfulness on behavior change.
  • Gain insights into the connection between mindfulness and our conscious and subconscious mind. Understand how mindfulness can help us make conscious choices and break free from unconscious habits.
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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Jud Brewer

Passion Struck album cover episode 339 with Dr. Jud Brewer on breaking anxiety shackles

Dr. Jud Brewer, our remarkable guest, has dedicated his life to the study of our mind and its intriguing intricacies. A leading expert in the field of psychiatry, he brings over two decades of experience fueled by his passion to help those struggling with anxiety. As an associate professor and director of both Research and Innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center and the executive Medical Director of Behavioral Health at Sharecare, he is no stranger to the intricacies of our minds and the power they hold. Blessed with curiosity and profound understanding, he shares an innovative approach to address anxiety, backed by his bestselling book, Unwinding Anxiety.

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