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Claude Silver on: Using Heart Leadership to Create Emotional Optimism

Claude Silver (@claudesilver) is the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerX, the host of the emotional optimism podcast, and a pioneering world leader in the power of heart leadership.

This conversation serves as a sort of “masterclass” on the science of emotional optimism and strong-hearted leadership, which impacts passion, purpose, and performance.

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Misery, cynicism, and gossip will always be loud, and it’s going to find other loud voices. However, it’s not more powerful than love, possibility, warmth, compassion, and generosity.

Claude Silver

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What We Discuss With Claude Silver About Emotional Optimism and Heart Leadership

  • Her role as the Chief Heart Officer and how it differs from a typical chief human resources officer.
  • What it means to lead from the heart and why great leaders know how to blend the emotional with the analytical.
  • Why misery attracts misery, but, simultaneously, the right kind of company can help heal misery.
  • What it means to have emotional optimism and its role in someone having a positive and purposeful life.
  • Her Emotional Optimism: Living in The Silver Lining Podcast which is a collection of exploratory thoughts and conversations to help tap into emotional optimism and heart leadership.
  • Claude Silver reveals her favorite things about working with Gary Vee and so much more.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
101 | Using Heart Leadership to Create Emotional Optimism | Claude Silver | Passion Struck Podcast
101 | Using Heart Leadership to Create Emotional Optimism | Claude Silver | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About This Show On The Importance of Heart Leadership and Emotional Optimism With Claude Silver

During our conversation, John R. Miles asks Claude Silver about the human-to-human connection that heart leadership is all about.

Claude explains, “Heart leadership is all about connection, kindness, and treating people as not only do you want to be treated but how they want to be treated. Someone told me about, there’s the golden rule. And then someone told me about the platinum rule: do unto others as you think they want you to do to them.

A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink

The thing is, in the absence of anything that we’ve just talked about, there will be suffering. Because this is not my way, this is a world where human beings are meant to connect. We are intended to be in belonging with one another. And that’s from the dawn of time. We’re designed to be in a community, and we’re meant to be in cultures and subcultures where we are figuring out the subsequent cultures.

So that is what I think helps foster these human-centric, heart-centric, whatever you want to call it, cultures, where people feel like they can thrive that they can be greater than they are today. This doesn’t just apply to the HR team, but my managers, bosses, and leaders want me to be the best I can possibly be.

That, for me, is what it’s about. The more we can pour that water into the system, the quicker we will solve retention and stop people bailing out of work and people having mental and emotional health issues right now. Not only in the workplace but overall. This is how we solve the connection issues.

What is Emotional Optimism?

In our discussion, Claude Silver explains that “emotional optimism is actually the opposite of another buzzword called toxic positivity. Toxic positivity is: you had a terrible morning, but it’s all good, it’s gonna get better. Toxic positivity is yes, we just had to let 20 people go. But don’t worry, you’re safe. But toxic positivity is devoid of reality.

What are the keys to applying emotional optimism?

We all have emotions that are going through our bodies and our minds. And emotions are data. They’re literally signposts for us to say, mayday, mayday. I’m getting triggered up here. Mayday. Mayday. I’m getting angry over here. I feel happy over here. The emotional part is when we say emotional optimism, it’s not to negate or to shove your emotions away, or to pretend that that never happened.

It’s to identify what your emotions are telling you as data, as information. And then also be able to see the hope, the positivity, the possibility.”

Thanks, Claude Silver!

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Claude Silver quote on emotional agility


  • 0:00 Show Introduction
  • 1:40 4x4x48 Challenge
  • 2:56 Introducing Claude Silver
  • 4:28 BetterHELP 6:22 What is a Chief Heart Officer?
  • 9:13 Confronting employee disengagement
  • 12:48 Defining heart leadership
  • 14:40 Importance of relationship building
  • 18:00 Importance of emotional intelligence
  • 22:42 Importance of empathy
  • 23:30 Emotional optimism
  • 31:00 It’s not about being right, it’s being better
  • 36:31 Importance of emotional agility
  • 38:45 Can’t achieve success without pain
  • 40:44 How a company can build a heart culture
  • 44:05 Speaking with your feet
  • 47:01 The Yes virus
  • 52:31 What is Gary Vee like as a boss
  • 56:20 Rapid Round of Questions

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A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink

Broken Horses: A Memoir by Brandi Carlile

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About This Episode’s Guest Claude Silver

Passion Struck Podcast episode with Claude Silver Chief Heart Officer VaynerX

At VaynerMedia, Claude Silver oversees anything and everything that has to do with people, including but not limited to: talent management, employee experience & retention, learning & development, coaching, culture, internal communications, and recruitment. Claude is an emotional optimist, coach, manager, and mentor. As the first-ever Chief Heart Officer, it is her great honor to lead at VaynerMedia and be with the heartbeat of every single person in the company. Her role is to infuse the Agency with Empathy. It’s her purpose. She is also the host of the Emotional Optimism podcast.

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