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Charlotte Burgess-Auburn on How to Recruit Yourself to Your Cause

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn, the Director of Community at Stanford University’s world-renowned Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the, joins me on Passion Struck to discuss her book “You Need a Manifesto: How to Craft Your Convictions and Put Them to Work.”

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A manifesto is a statement of purpose, and also a script for action.

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn

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In This Episode, Charlotte Burgess-Auburn And I Discuss Her Book; You Need a Manifesto.

Ever struggle with a decision? Perhaps lacked a sense of purpose or drive? Ever been challenged by a dilemma?  Right now, with the tools in our hands, creative work is more powerful than ever. It can move mountains, cure plagues, and change the world for good. Amid the complexity of your everyday life, how do you determine not just what you can do, but what you should do, what you must do, and how to do it? My guest today Charlotte Burgess-Auburn, says, “You need a manifesto.”

During our conversation, Charlotte and I explore how individuals can develop their own personal manifesto by drawing from the wisdom of others that is readily available and highly valuable. Crafting a personal manifesto can have a multitude of benefits, including boosting self-assurance in taking risks that align with your values and being persistent in pursuing your aspirations.

It can also facilitate the synthesis of new ideas and knowledge, provide a framework for responding to change in a coherent and consistent manner, guide your intuition, promote authenticity in your interactions with others, and help you avoid situations that may lead to regret. In essence, your personal manifesto can serve as a life raft to help you navigate life’s challenges and transitions.

266 | How to Recruit Yourself to Your Own Cause | Charlotte Burgess-Auburn | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More From My Interview With Charlotte Burgess-Auburn

During our interview, I asked Charlotte why a personal manifesto is the Swiss Army knife of a swath of self-awareness.

You Need a Manifesto by Charlotte Burgess-Auburn for the Passion Struck recommended books

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn explains, “I think it is a, it’s a multi-tool, right? That is sort of how I feel about it. And part of the reason why there’s a multitool is that it’s not so much the end object that is the most essential part of a personal manifesto. It’s the process of making it and remaking it.

And so the process of beginning it is a process of poking awake your self-awareness. And the more that you continue to work on it in a variety of different ways, the more you begin to know about yourself. The more you can understand yourself, and then the more you can communicate about yourself. The more you can begin to act in the ways that translate those values that you are that you believe in into the world that help others.

So yeah, the Swiss Army knife of it all really relates, I would say, most to the process, but then the actual like thing that you have, whether it’s an actual object, or it’s something on your phone, or it’s an audio piece of audio that you’re listening to, it is a thing that you can turn to, in almost any situation, right, it can help you to work your work, it can help you in moments of real difficulty, where you’re trying to make a decision.

It can help you to resist moments where you feel underpowered or you feel oppressed in some way, and can help you to stand your ground. There’s just a real variety of ways that you can utilize it. And so I guess that’s why I call it the Swiss Army Knife rakes. It’s just like the thing I can pull it out whenever I’m like. I don’t know what to do.

Thanks, Charlotte Burgess-Auburn

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About Today’s Guest, Charlotte Burgess-Auburn

Passion Struck podcast album cover episode 266 with Charlotte Burgess-Auburn

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn is a seasoned designer, artist, and educator. Drawing on her extensive experience in production for fine arts and theater and her tenure at the MIT Media Laboratory, she has served as the Director of Community at the Stanford since 2005. Alongside her administrative role, she also teaches classes on the critical role of self-awareness in creativity and design.

Born in Rome to American and Dutch parents, both of whom were educators, Charlotte grew up in a highly academic environment in Massachusetts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Oberlin College and a Master’s Degree in Art History from Tufts University. Throughout her career, Charlotte has honed her ability to translate intentions into action as a designer, stage manager, and producer in high-pressure environments, working closely with lead actors and directors. She is often found at the frontlines, where she can make a tangible impact.

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