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7 Ways to Stop Playing the Victim to the Circumstances You Created

Do you know anyone who believes everything is out of their control and everyone is conspiring against them? Do you find yourself worn out seeing them unsatisfied all the time? Perhaps they are playing the victim.

Reversals, disappointments, and pains are a natural part of life’s mystery. How you approach these failures will decide how content you are with your life. Although you have no influence over your environment, you do have control over how you react to it.

But, too often, we allow our psyche to control our lives. We become prisoners of our own minds and victims of our own circumstances. In this episode, I’ll review a few telltale signs to help you recognize if you or someone you know are playing the victim so we can better understand what a victim mindset is. It’s a common perspective that we all can get stuck in, which can be really damaging. I will teach you seven techniques to eliminate the victim mentality.

How Do you Know Someone is Playing the Victim?

Those who are “playing the victim” frequently experience some form of dysfunction or issue in their lives. They adore venting about their issues to get sympathy and support from others. They update their sob tales constantly on Facebook, which they regard as their best friend. The trouble is, no matter how much support or sympathy they’re given, their difficulties NEVER stop!

Genuinely struggling people are typically quite picky about who they confide in about their issues. They frequently hold back and remain more private. They frequently reserve asking for assistance until the most terrible of circumstances. I am aware of this.

If you remain in the past, you will only continue to think like and play the victim in the present.

John R. Miles

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What I Discuss In This Episode About Playing the Victim

In this Momentum Friday episode, I’ll explain what causes us to play the victim, why we develop a victim mentality as a coping mechanism, how to recognize we or others have a victim mindset, ways to overcome this mentality, and how to escape being a prisoner of your own mind.

By nature, nobody is a victim. Playing the victim is not a psychological feature but rather a learned behavior. Most of the time, those with victim mentalities go through trauma or difficult situations without developing better coping skills. In fact, this is referred described by psychologists as “learned helplessness,” a condition in which people who have experienced terrible events feel helpless to get out of their predicament.

Disclaimer: If someone is truly in a victim mindset, it’s crucial to use your best judgment. Some people experience difficulties that are real, even though they are difficult to comprehend. This episode aims to raise awareness of a topic that could be exploited to harm and manipulate others, not to discount or minimize the worth of others’ experiences.

I will delve into the following topics on playing the victim:

  • Why do you play the victim
  • The story of a young man who was playing the victim
  • How do you develop a victim mentality?
  • Why a victim mindset comes with an arsenal of excuses
  • Six symptoms of a victim mentality.
  • Seven steps to break free of a victim mindset
  • How to not be the prisoner of your own mind
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229 | 7 Ways to Stop Playing the Victim | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
229 | 7 Ways to Stop Playing the Victim | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

Questions For You And Your Friends Or Family Members To Discuss What it Means to Play the Victim

  • Why is it important to recognize if someone is displaying a victim mentality?
  • What are some of the signs when someone has a victim mindset?
  • Why is it natural to use this mentality as a coping skill?
  • Who was Sean Stephenson?
  • What will you do to avoid being a prison of your mind?
  • How will you apply today’s episode to your life?

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