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Six Ways Patience Is an Important Virtue and How You Build It
Understanding the role of patience in creating a fulfilling life

Six Ways Patience Is an Important Virtue and How You Build It. | Brought to you by Masterworks. Go to and use code passion to start.

Today, we live in a fast-paced world where we desire results at the speed of thought. We consume our fast foods, get our groceries and meals delivered to our house, drive our fast cars, and respond to the constant instant messaging, all of which can make us prone to impatience.

Now, it is okay for some things to be done faster. For example, using automation at factories to increase production speed will lead to more available goods for the public, and some other fast processes help save time for other essential things. Hence fast can be very good and beneficial. But not for everything. And that is why it is vital to understand the importance of patience.

Patience is an important virtue and may be the key to creating a blissful life. When we understand the importance of patience, we can calmly weather hindrances or adversity.

John R. Miles

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In This Week’s Episode, John R. Miles Explores the Six Ways Patience is an Important Virtue

If you discovered this episode of Passion Struck, it might be because you understand that patience is an important virtue, but you may be struggling with balancing it with life’s demands. It indeed causes me sadness to see that patience has become a lost art. Part of it is because this trait does not come naturally to most today in our fast past environment. In my opinion, patience is a critical component of success. Ambitions are great things to have, but if they go uncontrolled, they can lead to adverse effects like depression, burnout, and anxiety. Today I will discuss six ways you can keep your ambition in check with an equal amount of patience to balance it out. 

  • What makes us prone to impatience?
  • What is the definition of patience?
  • The parable of the Chinese Bamboo Tree
  • Three reasons we often lose our patience
  • The six benefits of practicing patience?
  • The six steps you can take to discover and practice patience?
  • Why patience is an important virtue
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Questions For You And Your Friends Or Family Members To Discuss This Episode

  • Why do we put so much focus on the quick wins?
  • Why can patience feel counterintuitive to the big goals we set for ourselves?
  • What did you find most inspiring about the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree?
  • What can you learn from the farmer’s dedication?
  • Are you experiencing any hindrances to being patient?
  • What three things can you do to alter how you approach impatience?
  • What have you come to understand about why patience is an important virtue?
  • What steps will you take after hearing today’s episode to change your approach to how you combine speed and patience?

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151 Six Ways Patience Is an Important Virtue and How You Build It | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
151 Six Ways Patience Is an Important Virtue and How You Build It | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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