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Paul Rabil on How You Master the Way of a Champion

Welcome to another compelling episode of the podcast! Today, we have the privilege of diving into the world of sports mastery with none other than lacrosse icon Paul Rabil. Renowned for his prowess on the field and his insightful off-field contributions, Paul joins us to discuss his latest book, “The Way of the Champion: Pain, Persistence, and the Path Forward”.

From his experiences as a professional athlete to his journey as an entrepreneur, Paul offers invaluable insights into what it takes to master the game of greatness. Get ready for a riveting conversation filled with wisdom, inspiration, and practical advice on achieving success both in sports and in life.

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“Competitive compromise becomes very underrated, is often misunderstood, and it’s a key to success.”

paul rabil

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Interview with Paul Rabil on Achieving Greatness in Sports and Business

Paul Rabil, a legendary lacrosse player and entrepreneur, shares insights on achieving greatness in sports and business in the new episode of the Passion Struck podcast. The episode delves into Paul’s journey from a determined athlete to a visionary entrepreneur, highlighting the importance of dedication, skill development, and competitive compromise.

Drawing from his illustrious career, Rabil delves into the mindset and strategies that have propelled him to the top of his game. From his encounters with sports icons like Bill Belichick to his experiences as a professional athlete and entrepreneur, Rabil offers invaluable wisdom for anyone striving for mastery in their endeavors.

Key Highlights

  • Curiosity and Growth: Rabil emphasizes the role of curiosity in the journey toward greatness, highlighting how the best performers across various fields are characterized by their insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding.
  • The Power of Process: Reflecting on his interactions with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, Rabil underscores the importance of focusing on the process rather than fixating solely on outcomes. By prioritizing incremental improvement and attention to detail, individuals can achieve sustained success.
  • Unseen Hours and Skill Development: Rabil shares insights into the concept of unseen hours, emphasizing the significance of relentless practice and skill refinement behind the scenes. Mastery, he suggests, is built through dedicated effort and deliberate practice, often away from the spotlight.
  • Competitive Compromise: Exploring the balance between competitiveness and empathy, Rabil introduces the notion of competitive compromise. He discusses the importance of collaboration and partnership in both sports and business, highlighting the value of finding common ground while pursuing excellence.
  • Climbing New Mountains: Paul shares his goal of making lacrosse a top-five sport in North America, focusing on grassroots participation and accessibility to drive growth in the sport.


This episode offers a rare glimpse into the mindset of a true champion, providing listeners with actionable strategies and profound insights for achieving mastery in their pursuits. Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, or simply someone striving for personal growth, Paul Rabil’s wisdom and experiences offer invaluable guidance on the path to greatness. Tune in to gain inspiration, motivation, and practical advice from one of the most respected figures in sports and entrepreneurship.

This is a must-listen for individuals aspiring to achieve greatness in their respective fields, whether in sports, business, or personal endeavors. Paul Rabil’s insights on dedication, skill development, and competitive compromise offer valuable lessons on how to navigate challenges, build resilience, and strive for success. The episode provides a unique perspective on the intersection of sports and business, highlighting the importance of passion, perseverance, and collaboration in reaching new heights of achievement.

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Unveiling Mastery: The Crucible of Unseen Hours and Competitive Compromise

Throughout the fascinating conversation on The Passion Struck Podcast, Paul Rabil shared valuable insights on two key concepts: the unseen hours and competitive compromise. These concepts are central to his approach to success in sports, business, and life as discussed in his book, The Way of the Champion: Pain, Persistence, and the Path Forward.

The Way of the Champion by Paul Rabil for the Passion Struck recommended books

The Unseen Hours: Paul Rabil emphasized the importance of the unseen hours in skill development and performance excellence. He highlighted the necessity of putting in countless hours of practice in empty stadiums, away from the limelight, to hone one’s craft. Rabil stressed the significance of focusing on the fundamentals, mastering the ordinary before attempting the extraordinary.

Drawing parallels to athletes like Steph Curry, who start close to the basket to perfect their form before moving to longer shots, Rabil underscored the value of starting small and building up gradually. The dedication to the unseen hours, the repetitive drills, and the meticulous attention to detail are what ultimately lead to success on the grand stage.

Competitive Compromise: In discussing the concept of competitive compromise, Paul Rabil delved into the balance between competitiveness and empathy in various aspects of life. He highlighted the shift in mindset required when transitioning from the competitive world of sports to the collaborative nature of business and partnerships.

Rabil emphasized the importance of compromise in fostering successful relationships and achieving long-term goals. He shared how the competitive spirit that drives athletes to excel on the field needs to be tempered with a willingness to collaborate, negotiate, and find common ground in other arenas. The ability to find a middle ground, negotiate effectively, and work towards mutually beneficial outcomes is key to sustained success in both sports and business.

In conclusion, Paul Rabil’s insights on the unseen hours and competitive compromise offer valuable lessons for individuals striving for excellence in their respective fields. By dedicating time to the unseen hours of practice and embracing the spirit of competitive compromise, individuals can enhance their skills, build strong relationships, and achieve their goals with a balanced approach.


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About Today’s Guest, Paul Rabil

Passion Struck album cover with Paul Rabil Episode 451 on master the game of greatness

Paul Rabil is a renowned lacrosse player, entrepreneur, and sports personality. Rabil has earned numerous accolades as one of the most accomplished lacrosse players in history, including being named the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) Most Valuable Player twice and earning All-Star honors multiple times.

Off the field, Rabil is a successful entrepreneur and innovator in lacrosse. He co-founded the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), a professional lacrosse league that has revolutionized the sport and elevated its profile. Rabil’s vision for the PLL has helped bring greater attention and excitement to domestic and international lacrosse.

In addition to his athletic and entrepreneurial pursuits, Rabil is a sought-after speaker and thought leader on topics such as resilience, preparation, and the athlete mindset. He shares his insights and experiences through speaking engagements, interviews, and his own podcast appearances. With his passion for lacrosse and his commitment to excellence on and off the field, Paul Rabil continues to inspire athletes and enthusiasts worldwide.

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