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Kate Schutt On: The Best Gift You Can Possibly Give

Kate Schutt (@kateschutt) is an award-winning songwriter, singer, guitarist, and producer. She is also a life coach. In 2018, Schutt gave a TEDx talk, “A Grief Casserole.” Kate Schutt is the rarest of combinations: brilliance and humility, wisdom and curiosity, creativity and intellect. Each on its own is a gift; in combination, extraordinary.

Our conversation ranged far and wide, covering everything from the background on why NPR calls her voice “glassily clear and glossily sweet,” the secrets to true fulfillment in life, understanding mortality, to the best gift you can possibly give someone. ”

“Kate’s newest album Bright Nowhere is the ultimate reveal with storytelling so emotionally raw and honest, yet, truly inspirational in its humanity and musicality.” -Kevin Killen, eight-time Grammy-winning producer.

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I am so attuned to the preciousness of every single moment. Truly, in a way that my friends and my partner say reminds them constantly of how it all could change in a moment. How precious this present moment is in this time together.

Kate Schutt

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What We Discuss With Kate Schutt About The Best Gift You Can Possibly Give

  • What it was like for Kate to grow up with two older brothers and how that impacted her direction in sports and music.
  • How she became a two sport division 1 athlete at Harvard and the life lessions she learned about intentionality.
  • Her experience attending the Berklee School of Music and how that experience shaped her music career.
  • The influce of Tina Turner and other music pioneers on her life and music career.
  • We discuss the TEDx Talk she gave titled “grief casserole” about her experiences taking care of her mom who had stage 4 ovarian cancer.
  • Her life advice about overcoming grief or trauma and coming to grips with our own mortality.
  • Kate Schutt’s new album titled Bright Nowhere which is dedicated to her mom.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
105 | The Best Gift You Can Possibly Give | Kate Schutt | Passion Struck Podcast
105 | The Best Gift You Can Possibly Give | Kate Schutt | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About This Show On The Best Gift You Can Possibly Give with Kate Schutt

During our conversation, John R. Miles asks Kate Schutt about the influence behind her new record Bright Nowhere.

Bright Nowhere album by Kate Schutt on Passion Struck

Kate explains, “We live in a culture that doesn’t want to deal with or acknowledge or learn how to be ok with mortality. Right. And that’s, that’s what this record explores. That’s actually what sort of, by default, my life has come to be about. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, looking at, and really be learning to be with death and mortality. It actually makes your life so much better because you can’t have the dark without the light.

So when you go to that place of really learning how to be with it and hold that space. And just be able to say, I don’t know what to say, but I’m here for you. You start to understand “my ability to do that gives me so much more in my life.”

We also discussed the small gift a friend gave me during a time of need and how that related to Kate Schutt’s TEDx Talk.

Kate discusses her TEDx, “It takes courage to walk into someone else’s house and set down a bag of groceries and walk out the door. It takes courage to step up to somebody and give them something. We’re all afraid of rejection. But you will never know the impact of just deciding to act and using your heart to say, what would really help them right now that I don’t even need to ask them to do.”

Thanks, Kate Schutt!

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Kate Schutt quote on the preciousness of life


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:12 Kate Schutt Introduction
  • 3:20 Nutrafol and Grammarly
  • 6:19 What it was like for Kate to be the little sister
  • 9:26 Importance of exposing kids to music
  • 13:00 Tina Turner’s influence on Kate’s passion for music
  • 19:35 Pink and other musical influences
  • 25:54 Kate’s TEDx Talk called “Grief Casserole.”
  • 33:18 Learning how to handle mortality
  • 37:36 The importance of action to help others
  • 42:02 Helping people make potent changes
  • 45:49 The preciousness of cherishing every moment
  • 49:29 How as a “death coach” Kate teaches mortality awareness
  • 52:48 Generational trauma
  • 56:26 How division one sports taught Kate Schutt intentionality
  • 104:00 Lightning round of questions

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Kat Schutt Album Broken for passion struck

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About This Episode’s Guest Kate Schutt

Passion Struck Podcast album cover with Kate Schutt

Kate Schutt is an award-winning songwriter, singer, guitarist, and producer whose voice NPR calls “glassily clear and glossily sweet.” She studied poetry at Harvard and guitar at Berklee College of Music. Kate’s most recent project is the album Bright Nowhere, made with legendary producer/arranger Rob Mounsey. It maps the landscape of loss around her mother’s diagnosis and death from ovarian cancer.

Kate spent four years as her mom’s primary caregiver, along the way writing songs about life, loss, and (to use Christopher Hitchens’s potent phrase) “living dyingly.” Kate’s TEDx talk, “A Grief Casserole — How to help your friends & family through loss,” has been called “nothing short of life-changing” for people struggling with grief.


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