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Turning ordinary service into extraordinary experiences

Coming from two different worlds, a young man discovers the power of hospitality during the extraordinary experiences of fine dining at the Four Seasons. With his mentor-like father by his side during this pivotal meal, he is inspired to pursue the world of fine dining. Little did he know that he would soon take part in creating a magical world of his own with his own restaurant. However, his journey is not without challenges, as he must make a difficult decision between the business side and the creative side of the restaurant industry. The stakes are high, and his future is uncertain. Will he make the right choice?

“Service is table stakes. Hospitality is everything.” 

Will Guidara

Little did twelve-year-old Will Guidara know that his life-changing encounter with hospitality at the Four Seasons in New York would lead him on a journey of leadership and connection, inspiring him to create unforgettable experiences for others. Through his unwavering dedication to connecting people and his passion for hospitality, Will has discovered a career transcending mere service.

Who is Will Guidara?

Will Guidara is a renowned hospitality expert who has dedicated his career to fostering human connections and creating extraordinary customer experiences. With over two decades of success in the restaurant industry, Will’s journey began at the young age of 26 when he took over a struggling brasserie, Eleven Madison Park, and transformed it into the top restaurant in the world. Will is the author of Unreasonable Hospitality, available from major online book retailers.

Will’s unique approach to hospitality centers around offering deeply personal and magical moments for guests, extending this same philosophy to his staff as well. As the co-founder of the Welcome Conference and the Independent Restaurant Coalition, Will continues to inspire restaurateurs and professionals alike to prioritize exceptional hospitality.

How do you stand out in the crowd?

The secret to standing out in the crowded restaurant business is providing exceptional experiences through unreasonable hospitality. To achieve this, it’s vital to view every customer interaction as an opportunity for creating meaningful connections and exceeding expectations. Restaurateurs who embrace this mindset understand the importance of fostering a team-oriented approach, prioritizing staff involvement in every customer’s experience, and utilizing creativity to solve everyday problems. 

By doing so, not only will you cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and generosity in your establishment, but you’ll also be well on your way to creating extraordinary customer experiences that keep patrons coming back time and time again.

What are the five steps to go from ordinary service to extraordinary experiences?

Here are the steps to achieve extraordinary customer experiences through unreasonable and intentional hospitality:

Understand the difference between service and hospitality.

To implement a hospitality-driven approach, businesses must foster a culture where employees are empowered and their efforts are recognized and appreciated. This begins with hiring individuals with a genuine passion for providing exceptional customer experiences and training them on the intricacies of delivering unparalleled hospitality. 

Companies should also consistently invest in the ongoing development and growth of their team members, providing them with cutting-edge tools, resources, and knowledge to stay ahead of customer expectations. Furthermore, recognizing and rewarding team members for their commitment to hospitality and creating memorable experiences for clients will instill a sense of pride, accountability, and motivation to raise the bar consistently. 

285 | Mastering the Art of Unreasonable Hospitality | Will Guidara | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

Mastering the art of hospitality is essential for businesses that aim to thrive in an increasingly competitive, customer-focused market. By understanding the difference between service and hospitality, cultivating a culture that prioritizes memorable customer experiences, and nurturing a passionate and dedicated team, businesses can build a strong foundation for lasting success. By continually striving to exceed expectations and provide exceptional moments of connection, businesses can forge deep, lasting relationships with their clients, fueling a sustainable cycle of customer loyalty and advocacy that stands the test of time.

Focus on creating meaningful human connections.

Creating meaningful human connections in the hospitality industry contributes to a positive company culture, boosting employee morale and satisfaction. When employees recognize the significance of fostering genuine relationships with customers, they are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and take pride in their work. In turn, customers will perceive the employees’ passion and authenticity, which can enhance their overall experience. 

By encouraging staff to prioritize human connections, businesses can foster a work environment where employees feel valued and fulfilled, which ultimately leads to a higher level of hospitality and customer satisfaction. To successfully cultivate meaningful human connections in the hospitality industry, businesses should continually invest in staff training and development, emphasizing the importance of empathy, active listening, and adaptability. 

Additionally, empowering employees to take the initiative and make small but impactful gestures — much like Guidara’s decision to purchase and present New York City hot dogs to his customers — can make a significant difference in customers’ experiences. By committing to an organizational culture that values human connection at its core, businesses in the hospitality industry can solidify their reputation for going beyond expectations, ensuring long-lasting connections with customers, and earning their unwavering loyalty.

Prioritize intentionality in every customer interaction.

Moreover, fostering intentionality in customer interactions extends beyond just the restaurant owner or manager. It is crucial to empower and train your entire staff to embody this mindset. Every team member, from the host who greets guests upon arrival to the servers, chefs, and even the busboys, should be encouraged to create intentional and meaningful connections with customers.

Will Guidara quote from Passion Struck about extraordinary experiences

Providing ongoing staff training and emphasizing the significance of intentionality in each department will create a cohesive unit with a collective focus on exceptional customer service. In addition to creating unforgettable guest experiences, prioritizing intentionality in customer interactions has a profound effect on your team’s morale and job satisfaction. When the staff sees the positive impact their efforts have on customer satisfaction, it reinforces the importance of their role within the establishment and boosts their motivation to strive for a higher level of customer care continually. 

In turn, this results in a happier, more dedicated team, ultimately leading to increased productivity, improved employee retention, and a consistently exceptional experience for guests. In essence, prioritizing intentionality in customer interactions not only sets your hospitality business apart from the competition but also creates a positive and uplifting work environment that benefits both your employees and your customers.

Encourage staff ownership and involvement in customer experiences.

Incorporating staff feedback in decision-making processes is another essential component in fostering ownership and involvement. By involving employees in crafting and refining customer experiences, business owners convey a message of trust in their team’s expertise and judgment. This, in turn, cultivates a sense of responsibility and loyalty among staff members who are not only more likely to share ideas for improvement but also demonstrate genuine enthusiasm and commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality. 

For example, at the critically-acclaimed restaurant Eleven Madison Park, Guidara and his team routinely gathered staff feedback and insights to continuously refine their approach to service, which contributed to their ever-evolving vision and renowned excellence. Building internal development and training programs can also help empower and involve employees in creating unforgettable customer experiences. By investing in staff growth, business owners demonstrate a commitment to their team’s long-term success and satisfaction. 

These programs can range from mentorship and skill-building workshops to team-building exercises and opportunities for career advancement. Staff members who feel supported in their personal and professional growth will be more inclined to take ownership of their responsibilities and roles within the establishment. A well-trained and engaged team is more equipped to handle the unique challenges and opportunities that come with providing exceptional hospitality, translating to elevated customer experiences and, ultimately, the overall success of the business. 

It is vital for hospitality establishments to encourage staff ownership and involvement in creating memorable customer experiences. By nurturing employees who think and act like owners, actively involving them in decision-making, and nurturing their personal and professional growth, restaurants and other hospitality businesses can create a workforce that is not only invested in the organization’s success but also takes pride in delivering top-notch experiences to their customers.

Treat each customer as a unique individual.

Embracing individuality also allows you to tap into the power of personalization, which is rapidly becoming an essential component of any successful hospitality business. With advances in technology, it has become easier than ever to track, analyze, and cater to the specific preferences of your customers. By leveraging this information, you can begin to create targeted marketing campaigns, personalized outreach efforts, and dynamically tailored menus that truly resonate with your audience. 

Understanding the diverse needs, interests, and desires of each customer, you can not only exceed their expectations on a personal level but also showcase your brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality. Furthermore, taking the time to invest in truly knowing your customers fosters a culture of empathy and care within your team, which in turn influences every aspect of your business. Employees who understand the value of treating each guest as a unique individual are more likely to exhibit a greater dedication to delivering consistently outstanding experiences. 

They will be more prone to pay attention to the subtle cues, suggestions, and preferences customers provide and will prioritize creating not just a transactional experience but a transformative one. This approach to hospitality does more than impress customers; it fosters a sense of belonging, making them feel like they are part of an extended family that is genuinely committed to their happiness and well-being. By placing individuality at the core of your hospitality ethos, you can cultivate an atmosphere that keeps people coming back for the distinct, personalized experiences that only your restaurant can provide.

Put these Lessons on How to Make Extraordinary Experiences Into practice.

If you’re a restaurateur who values exceptional hospitality, then providing unforgettable customer experiences is a crucial aspect of your success. By taking heed of Will Guidara’s valuable insights and following the step-by-step instructions we’ve provided, you’ll be equipped to achieve extraordinary outcomes. It’s essential to differentiate between service and hospitality, create meaningful connections with customers, and intentionally engage with them at every opportunity. 

Additionally, you should involve your staff, adopt creative problem-solving techniques, encourage teamwork, recognize customer individuality, and continuously strive for improvement. By doing so, you’ll be able to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and generosity. Now is the time to shine- put these lessons into practice and witness the transformative power of exceptional hospitality.

Have you tried these tactics and strategies? Share your successes and challenges with us in the comments.

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