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Discover Your Place In The Passion Struck Continuum: Are You a Subsiter or a creative Amplifier?

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456| Use the Power of Hope to Overcome Adversity | Jesse Bradley | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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Learn The Proven Tactics + Pioneering Philosophy To Ignite Your Passion, Boost Your Performance, Maximize Your Productivity, Forge A World-Class Career and Craft a Life that Matters.

Live Life, Passion Struck.

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Passion Struck!!

Are you living a life that sets your soul on fire, or are you merely existing, moving through each day like a ship without a sail? 

Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short List Passion Struck by John R. Miles

The truth is, we all have our challenges—the invisible barriers that confine us and block our path to greatness. But what if you could leap over those hurdles, break free from self-doubt, and tap into that reservoir of belief that anything is possible?

Imagine a life where you connect with your true self, igniting a spark within that transforms life from mere existence into an exhilarating journey filled with purpose, passion, and untapped possibilities. This is the essence of Passion Struck.

Non-Fiction Book Awards Gold Winner badge for Passion Struck by John R. Miles

Are you ready to answer the call? Are you ready to live a life that truly matters? The time has come to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Let Passion Struck be your guide, and watch your life unfold in ways you never thought possible. The adventure awaits!

Passion Struck isn’t just a book—it’s a roadmap to a life of significance.

First Horizon Award Finalist 2024 Passion Struck by John R. Miles
20 The Best Business Book Award winner 2024 Passion Struck

Most books are meant to be read, but this one is meant 


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What we do

At Passion Struck, we believe everyone has a unique purpose. Through our high-caliber educational and captivating content, we guide you towards recognizing your true value. Our goal? To spark real change, steering you towards a life where you don’t just exist, but profoundly matter. Dive into our vision and see the transformation unfold:

Inspire Passion, Purpose, and Resilience in Your Team

Boost your organization’s momentum with John’s dynamic keynotes and tailored sessions: cultivate excellence, inspire resilience, and create meaning at work. John combines impactful storytelling with practical insights, inspiring teams to evolve with passion and purpose. His sessions are not just about learning; they’re about empowering through stories that resonate and transform.

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John R. Miles!!

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Thanks to fans like you, Passion Struck  has become one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the world.  Thank you for all your support!

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