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Chrystal Rose on Why a Life Without Passion Is Like a Life Without Air
How to Love Yourself to the Core

Chrystal Rose (@xtalrose) on why a life without passion is like a life without air | Brought to you by Masterworks ( code passion)

Chrystal Rose is a serial entrepreneur, transformative coach for high achievers, and the host of two podcasts, Self Love for Breakfast and Breathwork Bestie. She is dedicated to helping business owners, coaches and corporate rockstars shift from a place of hustle to living their dream life.

When I sit with other humans, even an angry person who is angry at me and has mean things to say to me, I’m able to like really look at them with compassion and love. And I think that is such a superpower.

Chrystal Rose

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What I Discuss With Chrystal Rose

  • Why she finds herself very multi-passionate
  • Why compassion and love are her superpowers
  • When we’re seeking external validation from others, we internalize it
  • Striking a balance between self-love and unhealthy self-love
  • Why she loves working with women business owners
  • The social conditioning we face in the workforce
  • Shifting the mental paradigm around beliefs
  • Why we don’t live in our present moment
  • We discuss her two podcasts Self-Love for Breakfast and Breathwork Bestie
  • Her best tips on Breathwork
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
138 | A Life Without Passion Is Like a Life Without Air | Chrystal Rose | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
138 | A Life Without Passion Is Like a Life Without Air | Chrystal Rose | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More About Why a Life Without Passion Is Like a Life Without Air with Chrystal Rose

During our interview on Passion Struck, I asked Chrystal Rose why it is so difficult for people to find self-love.

Chrystal explains, “I think we’re so afraid to feel our feelings, we’re so afraid to feel shame or pain. Instead, we immediately just kind of like shove it to the side. And we don’t process it as we should. And so it kind of bubbles under the surface. And it’s all this like kind of yucky energy and feelings that we constantly like shoving down as opposed to sitting through it, processing through it, allowing ourselves to experience the pain or the unfortunate thing.

If I hurt your feelings. And you say, hey, Chrystal, that was I was kind of mean, and that really hurt my feelings. What can I do? I can be well, you’re just so sensitive, right? Let me just shove that back on you or let me shove it down. Because I don’t want to feel the fact that I may have said something that hurt you. Let me sit with the shame of that. And the feeling that I don’t want to be hurtful to people and feel this feeling.

And then what do I do? I’m sorry, John, that you’re right. That’s not who I want to be. But we don’t do that we avoid. We might come back and apologize. But we don’t like to be in our bodies. We do not like to feel our feelings. We like to live in our brains. People start to love themselves when they start to meet those parts of themselves that they do not like with love and with compassion. That’s where it begins.”

Thanks, Chrystal Rose!

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About Today’s Guest Chrystal Rose

Episode 138 of Passion Struck with John R. Miles album cover featuring Chrystal Rose a podcast host, transformation coach

Chrystal Rose is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and wellness coach. She is dedicated to guiding women leaders off the hamster wheel of hustle and into finding more self-love and true happiness from within. Chrystal does this through her podcast, The Self-Love Breakfast Club, her writing and her coaching program, Self-Love for Life.

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