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Self Love: Where We Invest Our Love We Invest Our Life

“In these bodies, we will live. In these bodies, we will die. And where you invest your love, you invest your life.” – Mumford & Sons. This line is one of the most potent lyrics the band has ever written, inspiring this podcast episode on self love.

I believe this quote is about self-love and finding out about yourself and who you are. When we learn to love ourselves, we also express love to others more powerfully and intentionally. You can alter the way you see things, and it is your self-love that helps you become the best version of yourself.

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No great feat is achieved without adopting certain positive habits. Similarly, self love also demands the development of such practices that encourage it.

John R. Miles

On This Week’s Passion Struck Podcast, John R. Miles Self Love And Why It is Important.

  • I explore the Mumford & Sons lyric where we invest our love we invest our life to what self-love is and why it is essential.
  • I look at the differences between healthy and unhealthy self-love and provide several examples of self-love that you can recognize in your own life.
  • I use the stories of two women, Asiya and Melissa, to illustrate how they overcame their situations to find self love and the change that it brought about.
  • I then go into three ways to learn self-love and why it can be challenging.
  • I unpack five habits you can implement to encourage self-love.
  • How to use this information to apply self love in your life.
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104 | Where We Invest Our Love We Invest Our Life | Passion Struck Podcast
104 | Where We Invest Our Love We Invest Our Life | Passion Struck Podcast

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:30 Athletic Greens and Ten Thousand
  • 5:25 Why is self-love so important?
  • 6:56 What is self love?
  • 8:28 What are examples of healthy self love?
  • 9:05 Stories illustrating the power of self love
  • 11:19 Three ways you can learn how to self love
  • 12:13 Why is self-love so tricky?
  • 13:22 Five habits that encourage self-love
  • 15:00 Why self love is the key to finding fulfillment


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*A Theory of Human Motivation by Abraham Maslow

*The 5 am Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life.

* The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty by David G. Myers

Towards a Psychology of Being by Abraham Maslow

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