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Lily Walford on How to Create Compatible Love

Lily Walford (@lovewithintelligence) is an international dating coach specializing in behavioral Psychology, profiling, and body language to help clients meet a compatible partner. Lily started Love With Intelligence to help people find real, honest, and genuine love. She sits down with John R Miles to discuss how to create compatible love.

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How can you emotionally invest in someone if you feel that they’re not 110% on board with who you are and where you want to go?

Lily Walford

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What We Discuss With Lily Walford on Creating Compatible Love:

  • How she became a dating coach because of issues she discovered in her own dating experience.
  • How she first learned about the science and importance of profiling, behavior Pscyhology and body language, through Chase Hughes and how she started to use that as a way to determine compatibility on dates she would go on, and now is teaching others to do so.
  • She gives such great advice on what to ask and what questions not to ask if you want your first date to end badly.
  • How you can tell if someone is approachable just by looking at them and the body language signals they are giving off.
  • Why people struggle with how to create compatible love and why it is hard as we grow older to commit.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
87 | How to Create Compatible Love | Lily Walford | Passion Struck Podcast
87 | How to Create Compatible Love | Lily Walford | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About This Show On How to Create Compatible Love with Lily Walford

During our interview, I asked Lily Walford what are some of the most common mistakes that she sees both men and women do on these dating apps that are really detrimental to them finding love.

Lily Walford explains, “I would say it says a few different things, I like to call them insights rather than their mistakes just because it gives us so much insight into their behavior. So for example, if someone puts in their profile sheet something on the lines of don’t bother messaging if you’re x y or Zed. What we’re finding there is someone who’s number one controlling or manipulative or someone who’s not emotionally available to be able to, you know, be healthy in a relationship.

Because what we tend to find is they’ve already put their conditions in place on that relationship. The other thing is if you’re not putting a picture on there who actually looks like you, represents you, you are someone who’s not actually comfortable with yourself.

And you know, that’s something that’s really important in relationships, especially look at that collaboration piece of being accountable for yourself, your emotions, your actions, all these different bits.

Thanks, Lily Walford!

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Lily Walford quote about compatible love for the passion struck podcast


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 4:14 How she escaped a toxic relationship
  • 8:25 How she became a body language and profiling expert
  • 14:49 How she helps clients find compatible love
  • 18:28 Emotional dependency
  • 23:43 Most common mistakes on dating apps
  • 28:16 Looking at the emotional range of a person’s profile
  • 33:34 How to know if someone has an interest in you
  • 36:38 Why it’s hard for people to commit to relationships
  • 39:02 How are own body language impacts connections
  • 40:58 Importance of a personal brand to dating
  • 43:42 What you should not ask on a first date
  • 46:05 Why it all boils down to the level of identity
  • 48:13 Love languages and their importance
  • 52:18 Importance of date nights
  • 55:33 Rapid round of questions


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*Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Dr. Carol Dweck

*The Ellipsis Manual: analysis and engineering of human behavior by Chase Hughes

*Six-Minute X-Ray: Rapid Behavior Profiling by Chase Hughes

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About this Episode’s Guest Lily Walford

Passion-Struck-Podcast-Episode-87-with-Lily Walford

Lily Walford is an international dating coach who has been focused on how busy professionals can date safely and successfully when the relationship and dating industry has been focused on manipulation techniques, scripts, and dating apps that often create short-term and superficial relationships. 

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