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2 | Mac Brazina | Fascinating Mindset Strategies: The Other 23 Hours, Personal Empowerment, and Why Your Biggest Competitor is Yourself

Passion Struck Podcast
Passion Struck Podcast
2 | Mac Brazina | Fascinating Mindset Strategies: The Other 23 Hours, Personal Empowerment, and Why Your Biggest Competitor is Yourself


In today’s show, we have a chat with human building coach, Mac Brazina who shares with us her thoughts on cultivating mental toughness, self-care, and women’s empowerment.

When Mac first started Human Builder, she was focusing solely on physical training. However, she soon found her true calling which was helping her clients cultivate a stellar mindset. 

Be it the boxing ring, business, or life in general, you will learn that your biggest competition is with yourself. 

John reveals the mosquito principle from his Passion Struck Framework at this juncture and shares how you swat out the people, habits, and influences that are holding you back.

The comfort of a safety net, mounting anxiety, and the resulting negative self-talk pull us down and prevents us from leading a purpose-filled life.

In today’s show, Mac encourages one and all to have an open discussion on mental wellness.  We share some great self-care tips so that forge ahead instead of internalizing your pain.


Some of the Questions that I Ask In This Show

  • How did you find and unlock your hidden potential?
  • How did you develop the right mindset to excel at a daunting sport like boxing?
  • How do you train your clients and help them build a tough mindset?
  • How do you conduct a mosquito audit of your life? 
  • Why are most people afraid to lead a purpose-filled life?
  • How did you become interested in the brain’s impact on human performance?
  • How has the meaning of female empowerment, strength, and masculinity evolved over time?

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How to unlock the power of your mind
  • Actionable self-care tips and coping strategies
  • The mosquito principle, and how to swat out all the things that are pulling you down
  • Her principle called the Other 23 Hours
  • The way to approach the impact of trauma in your life
  • And so much more…


“In order to see the power of the grenade or the mind, you need to be willing to pull the pin”.

“The opponent that you are fighting is not the one in the ring. They are one in the mirror”.

“When we look at the brain as a muscle, there are so many ins and outs and intricacies”.

“There are negative emotions that need to be processed or they will be felt and hide in your body elsewhere”.

“Are there mosquitos or ants in your life that are keeping you from doing things?”

“So many people are caught up in what is urgent versus what is important”.

“You can be the biggest, baddest motherfucker in the gym but still be small on the inside”.

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